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Chapter 958 The queen mother's house should also be cleaned

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Huating County, Songjiang Prefecture, outside Xujiahui, is densely populated by soldiers.

Speaking of Huating County, we must mention Xu Jie, the first assistant scholar of the Jiajing Dynasty, and when mentioning Xujiahui, we must mention Xu Guangqi, the second assistant of the cabinet of the Chongzhen Dynasty and the scholar of Wenyuange.

Xujiahui was originally called Xujiashe. At that time, Xu Guangqi built a farm here, engaged in agricultural experiments and wrote a book. After his death, he was buried here, and his descendants thrived here. . It is named “Xujiahui” because it is located at the confluence of Zhaojiabang and Fahuajing waters. It’s just that they are not natives of Songjiang, and they are a little confused about the name of this “Xujiahui”. Outsiders come here and only know that the name of this place comes from Xu Jie, not Xu Guangqi. After all, compared to his popularity, Xu Jie, who fought against Yan Ge’s wisdom in the Jiajing Dynasty, was much more famous.

Tang Xiaoxian, who presides over Jiading Qingqing Department, didn’t know the origin of Xujiahui’s name, but only said that this place was where the descendants of Xu Jie gathered.

Tang Xiaoxian, whose ancestor was a military general who entered Sichuan during the Hongwu period, moved to Guizhou and passed it on to Tang Xiaoxian’s generation, which is the ninth generation. Tang Yuan served as the commander-in-chief of the Ming army in Guizhou. He once followed Sun Kewang to surrender to the Qing Dynasty. Later, seeing that the Ming army was strong and hoped to restore Ming, he led several people of his cronies to escape from Changsha and surrendered to the Taiping army in Hengyang. Because of his contribution to the war, he was appointed as a hundred households. Since then, he has been serving in the Huguang Aid and Suppression Corps. He has participated in the Battle of Yangzhou with the thirteen towns. .

After Zhang Changgeng, the former governor of Qing Huguang, was ordered by King Qi to preside over the debt clearing yamen in Jiangsu, due to the unavailability of local officials and staff, he invited King Qi to order a large number of competent personnel from the army to form various debt clearing divisions. Tang Xiaoxian was selected for his rough understanding of writing and ink, and was sent to Jiading to preside over the debt settlement.

There is heaven above everyone, and Suzhou and Hangzhou below. In fact, there is not one prefecture in Suzhou, but two prefectures in Suzhou and Songjiang. Speaking of which, Songjiang is more quintessential than Suzhou, so colleagues in the army were envious when they learned that Tang Xiaoxian was able to go to Songjiang to preside over debts. Tang Xiaoxian was also very grateful for the reuse of his superiors, and swore that he would rule out those evil gentry to the end. Never thought that as soon as I took office, I encountered a difficult problem.

Huating is the most important place in Songjiang. In the Ming Dynasty, Huating alone had 48 scholars, including one first assistant and one second assistant, as well as more than ten bachelors, bachelors, and six ministers. Over the past two hundred years, the relationship between the gentry here is very intricate and complicated. It can be said that if one person is moved, the whole is affected, and one moves the whole body.

What is debt? That is to let the big gentry bleed, and then take out the money that they have tried their best to escape for decades. No matter how wise you are in the world, there are always a few people who are willing to pour money to help the imperial court’s northern expedition. It seems that many gentry in Jiangnan have secretly contributed funds to contact Jinxia and Zheng Jun, and plotted against the Qing. It sounds righteous, but after all, the money is small, and the purpose of their anti-Qing is to not pay taxes to the Qing court. Now, instead of giving them back the privileges of the past, the Ming Dynasty forced them to bleed, which is unbearable.

As soon as the wind of the debt came, the gentry of Songjiang spontaneously formed an anti-debt alliance. Privately negotiated that if one family is in trouble, each family should help. Even if he loses his head, he has to push back the trend of clearing debts.

Secretly form an anti-owe alliance, and on the bright side, the Eight Immortals cross the sea, each with magical powers. Tang Xiaoxian had only been in office for three days, and the yamen received more than a dozen greeting cards, and more than 20 names of officials, including many from the Nanjing court. These greeting notes and official name letters are nothing more than one purpose, that is, to ask Tang Xiao to give face first, and it is enough to have a sense of these families. If Tang Xiao didn’t know how to praise first, then someone would deal with him.

Jiading County, Huating County, and Wujiang County were not active in clearing their debts, and officials dismissed the debts assigned by the province and the prefecture as deaf ears with the idea of ​​procrastinating and blocking. The official documents that Tang Xiaoxian sent to the counties in the name of the debt-clearing department were nothing but nothing.

The government is like this, and the big gentry do not take the clearing of debts seriously. Everyone knows that clearing debts is bad governance. In addition to boycotting debts collectively, officials and gentry incited people to gather together to make trouble, saying that these debt collectors were not only here to clear the debts of the big households, but also to clear the debts of ordinary people. As long as the big family’s home is copied, it is necessary to start clearing the debt to the commoners.

The common people are deceived and incited by this, they don’t know the real situation inside, and since ancient times, the gentry are the real “people’s hearts”. They not only control social resources, but also control public opinion. It is not a simple big family, but the people of the three counties of Songjiang.

There was no progress in clearing the debt for six consecutive days, and the officials and soldiers sent out were driven and beaten by the people, and even some tenants and rogues who knew the basics could not be bought. Tang Xiaoxian was anxious, and he wrote Songjiang directly without asking for instructions. Garrison, and transfer 700 soldiers to clear the debt.

Killing chickens to show monkeys, where is the most prosperous Huating County? Xujiahui! Where there are the most wealthy households in Huating County, Xujiahui!

On the morning of the 14th, the soldiers blocked several avenues in and out of Xujiahui from all directions. The gentry and wealthy households in the town were shrewd. When they saw that their posture was wrong, they immediately organized the people to confront the officers and soldiers at the intersection. He secretly sent his family out of the town to ask for help, but the soldiers surrounded the access roads and there were officers and soldiers patrolling by boats.

“The people gather to rush to the top of the government office, and arrest them first. If there is any resistance, it will be regarded as a rebellion!”

After another half an hour, after discussing a few words with Jiang Shijie, a hundred garrison households who came to assist, Tang Xiao first ordered the soldiers to enter the town, first detained all the people, and then went to the major households to be listed. Those who are willing to pay the arrears of taxes are ordered to prepare money and food, and those who are unwilling to pay the taxes will be taken away. As for the ignorant people who dared to resist, the consequences would be self-evident.

After all, the common people are a rabble, how can they stand up to the soldiers who are like wolves and tigers, fighting for their lives with the Manchus on the battlefield. When the soldiers rushed, the people were immediately startled, and then they dispersed with a bang, and then Xujiahui was like chickens and dogs. The people who escaped home thought they could escape the soldiers, but the soldiers turned out to be the keeper of every household.

“Father Zhuzi, do you think I painted my face with pot ashes?”


“Isn’t it a little pretty…”

“Let’s pull it, if you don’t scare the officials, it’s not bad, but you still look good? It’s just fooling me, a blind man.”


“Tie Zhu, are the door bolts tight?”

“Tighten up!”

“Old man, where is the money at home?”

“It’s hidden!”

“Where are you hiding?”

“Leave my daughter-in-law there.”

“What! Leave her there, oh, dear father, how can I get it back!”


“The shopkeeper, hurry up, the officers and soldiers are coming!”

“I know, hey, slow down, slow down, push slowly, and if you push so hard, my old bones will be scattered!”


In the bustling Xujiahui on weekdays, no one was seen almost in the blink of an eye. Wherever the debtors went, people and animals were disturbed, and there were screams everywhere.

Tang Xiaoxian rode on his horse and looked at the people who were escorted from their homes. He showed no sympathy, and only raised his hand and shouted: “Search for me, search hard! It is better to arrest thousands of wrong people than let one go! “

When the soldiers heard Shangguan’s shout, they worked even harder. They could not wait to turn the ground over. Although they worked hard to search the big households, they didn’t fall behind when they checked the common people. As evening approached, there were only three places left that had not been searched, one was the Xu family and the other was the Wang family.

The Xu family is the descendant of Xu Guangqi, the second assistant of the Chongzhen Dynasty, and it is also the largest family in Xujiahui; the Wang family is the mother’s family of the Queen Taishang. Queen Wang’s ancestral home is Suzhou, but her father Wang Lue moved his family to Huating before becoming the prefect of Guangdong. In the past, the Wang family didn’t have much fame in Huating. Even if the Wang family had an empress, after all, the Ming Dynasty was about to end, so what could a last empress have to rely on? But now Nanjing has recovered, and the Ming Dynasty has made a comeback~www.mtlnovel.com~ Although the emperor has changed, the Dingwu court still respects Yongli as the emperor, and the queen will naturally become the queen mother. It’s okay to search the Xu family. The second assistant in his family has been dead for more than 20 years, but the Queen Mother’s family also needs to be searched, which is a bit scary.

The Taiping Army, who came to assist the debt clearing division, led a team of hundreds of households. Jiang Shijie was originally from Yixing. His grandfather’s generation moved his family to Fenghua, Zhejiang. Now the Jiangsu accent has disappeared, and a Fenghua accent has been replaced.

“Mother Xie’s, let the Xu family be cleared, and the Queen Mother’s house should be kept.”

Jiang Shijie privately instructed his subordinates not to go to the Wang family first, but it is not clear that he did not have the final say in the Wang family. Although Tang Xiaoxian was a hundred households like him, the order given to him was to cooperate with the debt clearing department unconditionally. Tang Xiaoxian wanted to say search, Naturally, Jiang Shijie could not disobey his order, otherwise he would have to walk away.

Tang Xiaoxian’s deputy envoy Meng Hao also realized the existence of the Queen Mother, so he reminded Tang Xiaoxian: “Sir, do you want to withdraw the team?”

Hearing this, Tang Xiao first twisted his neck: “Why do you want to close the team?”

Meng Hao was startled: “We have searched the Xujiahui all over the size, and every big family has dispatched troops. Where else do you want to clear up?”

Tang Xiaoxian raised his hand and pointed to the east, and said coldly, “Isn’t there another Wang family that has not been cleared!”

Meng Hao was shocked: “Sir, we can’t search there!”

Tang Xiaoxian turned his head and asked, “Why can’t I find it?”

Meng Hao hurriedly said, “The Wang family is the mother’s family of the Queen Mother. We have not received the Holy Order, so we can’t search there, otherwise the emperor will pursue it, and the future of your lord may not be guaranteed!”

Tang Xiao listened first, but then he reined his horse and snorted: “I don’t care what Queen Dowager Zhao is, I only know that the commander asked me to come to Jiading to clear the debt, as long as the tax is owed, I have to make up the money for Lao Tzu. , I can’t even stop me! The order goes on, the Qing Wang family!”

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