Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 957 There are many prison cells

Ye Ye managed to coax the so-called clearing officer of the army for a few days, and then he sent people out of the Ye family village overnight. One is heading towards the county seat, and the other is heading towards Yangzhou, north of the Yangtze River.

To the county seat is the head of the second steward, Song Sanling, and to Yangzhou is Ye Fangming, Ye’s nephew. The former went to the county seat to inquire about news, while the latter went to Yangzhou to let Tanhua Lang hurry up.

Yejiazhuang is located in Huaqiao, which is dozens of miles away from Zhiyu Mountain in Kunshan County. Although the Jiangnan road is well built and wide, it is very convenient to run horses and carriages on the road, but after all, it is night and it is not going anywhere. Song San and his two servants did not enter the county until Dongfang Fangbai.

As soon as he entered the city, Song San went straight to the county government. When I arrived at the county office, I was dumbfounded. The originally lively Kunshan county office had no one except an old man who was the gatekeeper. From the half-deaf old man, Song San learned that just three days ago, the county magistrate Wang Daoling and the chief Bo Cui Youjiu and others were dismissed from office by the debt clearing officers from Fucheng due to their unfavorable debts, and they are now in Beijing. In the prison car, the weapon was sent to the Ministry of Punishment to discuss the crime. In addition to the magistrate and the chief minister, the third class and the six-room clerk and the officers in Kunshan County did not run away, and were all captured by the soldiers sent by the debt clearing department. Now the Kunshan County government office is paralyzed, and the county’s large and small affairs They were all taken over by the debt clearing division located in the south of the city.

“Is this court really moving?!”

Song San was stunned by the news. Throughout the ages, there have been changes in dynasties, some rebels and become kings, and some people call from Hu people.

Song San, who had recovered, did not dare to stay outside the county office, let alone run to the debt-clearing department in the south of the city, but went to the east of the city to befriend the Ye family and have an in-law relationship with the Lu family.

In terms of family background, the Lu family is no worse than the Ye family. Their ancestors published a book in the Hongzhi period, and they were both father and son servants in the Wanli period. The current head of the family is also a Tongjinshi in the Tianqi period, which is much stronger than that of the Ye family. Back then, when the Lu and Ye families got married, no one would say that the Ye family was high up. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Ye family had a tandem, the Lu family would not have paid attention to the Ye family’s in-laws at all.

When it comes to the relationship in the officialdom, the Lu family is also very far-reaching. If nothing else, in the current Dingwu court, there is a bachelor of the Lu family. The great scholar Huang Zongxi also received a lot of favors from the Lu family in his early years, and even his grandfather Qian Qianyi also received a lot of “anti-Qing” secret donations from the Lu family in recent years, so if something happened to the Lu family, there must be someone in the court to act for his family. Of course, Song San didn’t know about these things, and even his master Ye Tiancheng knew very little. After all, how could the Lu family dare to let his family know about this kind of treason just based on the relationship of in-laws. What’s more, the Ye family is still a Tanhualang from the Qing Dynasty, a new upstart in the new dynasty, can the Lu family not be on guard?

Song San only knew that before leaving, the master repeatedly told him that if something really happened in the county, he would go to the Lu family anyway and tell the Lu family what happened to the Ye family. Ye Tiancheng’s account of this, of course, does not mean that the Lu family can help the Ye family for the sake of in-laws, but wants to use the Lu family to spread the news. On a larger scale, the officials and gentry in Jiangnan have the same spirit and support each other. They are called each family, but they are in fact one; on a small scale, everyone is a gentry from Kunshan. Stand alone, will this not come out and fight against the court, when are you waiting?

However, before Song San arrived at Lu’s house, halfway through the road, he saw a group of soldiers escorting a group of people to the Qingqing Division in the south of the city. One of the family members who came with Song Sanyi had sharp eyes, and at a glance, he saw Lu Wan Wan, the head of the Lu family, and screamed in surprise at that time.

Who is Lu Wanwan?

Those were Tongjinshi in the Tianqi period, a foreign member of the Ministry of Housing of the Chongzhen Dynasty, and Shaoqing of the General Secretary of the Hongguang Dynasty. At that time, he was a big man who surrendered to the city along with Xu Jiujie, Duke Bao, Zhu Chengbi, and Zhao Zhilong, an uncle of Xincheng. Although Lu Wanwan suddenly repented of his conscience after the fall of the Qing Dynasty, he resigned from the official position of the Qing court and returned to his hometown, but over the years, in terms of influence, who in Kunshan can compare to him Lu Wanwan? Even the Qing Dynasty did not despise Lu Wanwan for his refusal to enter office. The year before last year, Zhu Guozhi, the political envoy of Jiangning, visited Lu Wanwan himself in Kunshan, and Lang Tingzuo, the governor of Liangjiang, even handwritten the words “House of Goodness” and sent it to the Lu family.

Song San couldn’t understand why Lu Wanwan also asked the soldiers to take it. You must know that after Shunzhi became Dingwu, the Lu family took the lead in advocating Kunshan gentry to welcome Emperor Dingwu. For this reason, Nanjing sent people to Kunshan to commend the Lu family. I heard that the emperor mentioned Lu Wanwan’s name. What kind of glory is this, and what kind of credit is this, but how could the Dingwu court turn its face when it said it turned its face?

Song San repeatedly asked someone to inquire about it, and only then did he figure out why Lu Wanwan was taken by the soldiers. It turned out that, like his Ye family, the UUkanshu www.uukanshu.com Lu family was also taken by the newly established debt clearing division because they refused to pay any outstanding taxes.

The people responsible for clearing debts are very good. I heard that they are all transferred from other places. There is not a local Suzhou person. Except for the host, the following are all military men who don’t know big characters. This group of people was very unreasonable. As soon as they arrived in Kunshan, they collected all the yellow books and archives of the households in the county, and then bought a lot of local scoundrels and asked them to explore the bottom of the big households and take the fields of each household. After we figured it out, we sent troops to the door to ask people to pay taxes. If they don’t pay, they will break the door and take people, as if they ransacked their homes, making Kunshan uneasy.

After searching in the city for a long time, Song San became more and more frightened, and only felt that something big was about to happen, because everyone in the big family said that the Ming Dynasty was not as good as the Qing Dynasty. A dog can kill a bone, but this wolf won’t give up until it bites down a piece of meat. And this Ming Dynasty is really nonsense. I think Jiangnan has been occupied by the Qing Dynasty since the Hongguang period. For fifteen years, the officers and soldiers of the Ming Dynasty have not been here. , but when these soldiers arrived, they asked them to pay the taxes owed from the first year of Chongzhen, and counted the fifteen years of Qing Dynasty rule.

Song San also found out that Suzhou Prefecture has set up two debt settlement divisions, one in Kunshan and the other in Taicang. There were also two debt settlement divisions in Songjiang, one for Jiading and the other for Qingpu. I heard that the two debt settlement divisions in Suzhou are both managed by the debt clearing yamen located in Suzhou, and the person in charge of this yamen is an unqualified person named Wang Shirong. This man was very ruthless. He had only been in office for half a month, but he had arrested more than 300 Suzhou gentry, and even threatened that he owed money to the yamen, but there were many prison cells. If the big gentry in Suzhou did not pay all the taxes in a day, he, Wang Shirong, would not leave for a day.

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