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Chapter 947 North Korean peace treaty white flag family

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After Shunzhi received Darhan’s book, he was unfamiliar with North Korea, so he summoned Sony and Suksaha to ask them about North Korea and whether what Darhan’s book said was feasible.

Sony said that Emperor Taizu attached great importance to North Korea and believed that North Korea could not be put on hold to attack Liaodong first. In the first year of Tiancong, Emperor Taizong ordered Belle Amin and others to lead an army into North Korea. There was almost no decent resistance to the troops from Manzhou. Mao Wenlong, a general of the Ming Dynasty, fled to Phi Island, and the king of Joseon fled to Jianghua Island with his royal family and ministers. The Manchu army marched all the way to the south, pointing directly at Seoul. Under pressure, North Korea and Manzhou became a “brother country”.

In the first year of Chongde, because North Korea and the Ming Dynasty were still secretly colluding to support the Pidao Ming army with money and food, Emperor Taizong personally led tens of thousands of troops to go to North Korea and drove straight in. In less than a month, they arrived in Seoul. The king of Joseon fled in a hurry to Namhansanseong Fortress near Seoul. The Qing army was besieged but not attacked, but erected a fence to trap it, and defeated the Korean reinforcements such as Jeolla and Chungcheong. Dorgon led a Manchu and Mongolian coalition into the war, entered Changshan Pass, conquered Changzhou, and attacked Jianghua Island, conquered it, and captured the Korean princess and her two sons. Jianghua fell, and North Korea officially surrendered to the Qing Dynasty. Since then, the Korean boat division has been assisting the Qing army to attack the Ming army on Phi Island. After the Qing Dynasty seized the border, the Korean boat division did not help the war.

“However, the servant thinks that Emperor Taizong used the Korean soldiers in the past, not necessarily for the battle formation, because he wanted to help him to gain momentum and make it heard in China. Compared with my Qing Dynasty and the Chinese soldiers, the Korean soldiers are too weak.”

Sonny disliked the Korean soldiers a little. He had personally experienced the two battles of Bel Amin and Emperor Taizong. He knew that the Korean army was very unbearable, so he disagreed with Darhan’s performance, thinking that there was no need for those weak and weak soldiers. It is better to extort some money and grain from North Korea if they come to help them.

Suksaha, however, held the opposite opinion. He said: “The Korean state’s elite artillerymen depended on this success for the battle of Linden Island. What Darhan played, the slaves thought it was okay. In the tenth year of Shunzhi, the imperial court asked North Korea to send 100 shotgun soldiers. The name assisted Shaerhuda in attacking the Rakshasa people. According to Shaerhuda, the North Korean national shotgun soldiers were also useful. In the previous battles in the south, the Taiping Army relied on sharp firearms. Guan’s assistance in the war will definitely offset the benefits of Taiping’s weapons.”

When Suksaha said this, Shunzhi suddenly remembered the incident seven years ago when the head of Ningguta, Shaerhuda (who died of illness), reported that there were Rakshasa soldiers in the north who entered the mouth of the Songhua River, where they built boats and houses.

At that time, considering that the mouth of the Songhua River was the birthplace of Manchuria, Shaerhuda felt that the Rakshasa threat had reached his stomach and was determined to fight back. Because Shaerhuda reported that there were only more than a thousand Rakshasa soldiers, Shunzhi did not take it to heart. In addition, the Ming army in the south was advancing north under the leadership of Li Dingguo, Sun Kewang and others at that time, and Prince Jingjing Nikan died in battle. Without taking care of his hometown outside Guanwai, he asked Suksaha to deal with the matter. Suksaha then sent someone to ask North Korea to select 100 good shotgun players, led by Ting Shaerhuda from Huining House, to attack the Rakshasa people who had entered the mouth of the Songhua River, and obtained the result of killing 16 Luo killing soldiers.

If the North Korean shotgun soldiers are really useful, Shunzhi is really tempted. Ao Bai also told him about the benefits of the Taiping Army’s firearms. He believes that the reason why the Qing Dynasty lost the consecutive battles was that they did not pay attention to firearms. Pay attention, vigorously develop firearms, and fight again in the future, I may still suffer a big loss. Shunzhi also took it seriously, but since the Wuzhen Chaoha Artillery Battalion was annihilated in Guangdong, there were not many firearms troops available in the Qing Dynasty, and it would be too late to sharpen the sword. To a certain extent, it can make up for the deficiencies of the Qing army in this regard.

“Suksaha, do you say that the North Korean Congress agreed to send troops to help the war?” Shunzhi was not sure whether North Korea would send troops to help the Qing Dynasty.

“Master, don’t worry, under the power of heaven, North Korea is willing to be willing, if they are not willing, I will send a survey emissary to other countries!”

Suksaha said this confidently because there is precedent. And not once, but three times in a row. During the Chongde years, Emperor Taizong dispatched a “reconnaissance emissary” to North Korea because he suspected that North Korea was secretly conspiring to betray. Uiju on trial. In addition, Cha Buhai and other officials of the inner court were sent to Seoul to proclaim the edict, and to examine the Sandiandu monument and the Nanhan Mountain Fortress. As a result, the whole country in North Korea was silent, and no one dared to resist.

In the sixth year of Chongde, just as the Battle of Jinzhou was going on, the Korean royal court secretly communicated with the “Han Ship” of the Ming Dynasty, and provided food and food, and most of the Korean people had “dive into the Central Plains”. This situation was grasped by the Qing court, and the Qing court once again sent a “research emissary”, and North Korea was terrified. After the Qing envoy entered Seoul, he first lived in Sandiandu to inspect the monument, and then tried the case with the Korean ministers. He executed the family members of Huang Yihao and Cui Xiao who were in the Ming Dynasty on the spot, and ordered the Korean officials to “gather a hundred officials to observe their corpses”, and then went to Yizhou. He also showed the North Korean cross-border ginseng-pickers on the border. This time, the whole country of North Korea is still shivering, and no one dares to object.

In the seventh year of Chongde, Emperor Taizong dispatched the largest “research emissary”, ordering the Korean ministers headed by Choi Myung-gil, the general of the Joseon king, to **** them to Phoenix for trial. The Qing envoy Gushan Ezhenying Erdai, the household minister Cheerge, the university scholar Ganglin, the bachelor Luo Shuo and others brought the prince of North Korea to Phoenix City to carry out the interrogation. As a result, several North Korean ministers such as Cui Mingji were convicted and escorted to Detention in Shenyang. Because the high-ranking North Korean general Lin Qingye fled to the Ming Dynasty and the informer Li Gui was executed by the King of Korea first and secretly, Emperor Taizong sent Luo Shuo and others to go to Korea to investigate the whereabouts of Lin Qingye, and investigate the king’s crime of killing Li Gui without authorization.

In addition, Gang Lin and others sent the Korean royal court anti-Qing ministers to Shenyang, and Lin Qingye’s brothers and family members were also arrested and imprisoned in Shenyang. In the eighth year of Chongde, Emperor Taizong sent the head of household Qixin Lang Budan and others to Seoul to announce to the officials and the people of the capital, and to announce the results of the investigation. The envoys proclaimed the imperial edict to the Korean officials and people along the way, “to cover the meaning of the important thing in his heart”. The survey lasted half a year. Under the strong oppression of the Qing court, North Korea had to change to Daqing Zhengshuo and turned against the Ming Dynasty. Later, when the Ming Dynasty military ships approached Korea again, the Korean court ordered not to answer, not to give food, not to approach the shore, and “fight with it”, and “captured nine people” to Shenyang.

The three consecutive “reconnaissance missions” lasted for four years, which greatly shocked and pressured the Korean royal court, and the anti-Qing faction forces in North Korea suffered a heavy blow. North Korea’s “Yili faction” represented by Kim Sang Hun was either detained in Shenyang or exiled to the border areas, and the anti-Qing forces were expelled from the Joseon royal court. It can be said that the current Joseon capital is completely dominated by the pro-Qing faction. Suksaha is so confident to say that North Korea will send troops even if it does not.

Shunzhi was tempted, and he asked Suksaha, “Who can send an envoy to North Korea?”

Suksaha blurted out: “Han Juyuan, a member of the academician of Lifan, has been on a mission to North Korea, and he was the one who dispatched the North Korean shotgunner in the ten years of Shunzhi. He has a better understanding of the situation in North Korea, and he can still be allowed to go this time.”

Shunzhi asked again, “How many troops should North Korea send?”

Suksaha said: “The slaves thought that the Korean elite soldiers were only shotgun soldiers, and their country had roughly 20,000 elite soldiers, so they asked them to send 5,000 troops first, and the food and grass needed by the Koreans were also paid by themselves.”

Sending troops and preparing food by himself, without increasing the burden on Qing, and giving his life to Qing, this business is very cost-effective, and Shunzhi can’t help nodding.

Sony suddenly said, “What if North Korea refuses to send troops?”

Suksaha snorted: “If North Korea refuses to send troops, I can cure him of the crime of not being a minister, and send troops to Yizhou to force him.”

Sony frowned: “Where did the soldiers come from?”

Shunzhi also frowned slightly. Yes, the current situation in the Qing Dynasty is difficult. Although the negotiation with the thief and talented people has been successful, there is still Wu Sangui in the northwest. Heavy troops need to be stationed in the direction of Tongguan. There are soldiers to force him.

Suksaha glanced at Sony, shook his head and said, “You know we have no soldiers, but North Korea doesn’t.”

After listening to Sony, he stopped talking. Although he did not look down on the North Korean soldiers, it would be great if he could really blackmail North Korea under the pretense. At present, the emperor is raising the flag of the Han army on a large scale. The salary for this flag alone is astronomical. Sheep are undoubtedly good targets. And as Suksaha said, he Sony knows that the Qing Dynasty is now an empty shelf, but North Korea does not know!

Shunzhi thought for a while, nodded and instructed Suksaha: “This matter is approved, I will go back to promote Han Juyuan and let him go to North Korea. Tell him that as long as the errand is done, I will give him a promotion again. He’s in the flag.”


Suksaha hurriedly responded, bowed and took a few steps back before exiting the hall.

After Suksaha left, Sony hesitated a bit, but still stepped forward and said: “Master, the peace treaty has been sealed, and the family members of the two white flags of the rebels will be immediately transferred to the Taiping Army according to the agreement, this matter”

Hearing this, Shunzhi’s face was ugly for a while, and after a while, he waved his hand weakly, and said: “This matter, you can do it. As for the peace treaty, don’t leak it, and the matter of the family members of the rebels being transferred to the south should also be done. You have to be more secretive, and don’t let me be blamed on my back.”

“The slave understands!”

After Sony withdrew from the temple, the cold wind blew, and he couldn’t help sighing when he remembered the words of the master just now. At this time, the master is unwilling to take the responsibility, and completely pushes the issue of peace to him, the slave. If this matter is leaked in the future, I think the master will push himself out to be the object of venting his anger. Just like when Zhu Youjian pushed the matter of peace talks with the Qing Dynasty to his courtiers.

Sony was a little disappointed with his master, but even so, he forced himself to cheer up and make the peace treaty more beautiful and secretive. Thinking that the thief Xiucai is also very aware of current affairs, knowing that he is unable to go north, and does not want Wu Sangui to take advantage of it, so he took the initiative to negotiate with Daqing, thinking that Daqing and Wu Sangui would lose both, but never thought whether Daqing would It was as he wished, and Wu Sangui was willing to do as he wished.

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