Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 943 World's calamity


On the official road from Xiamen to Fuzhou, hundreds of cavalry galloped past. The horse’s hooves carried a trail of dust, and the birds on the roadside kept flying, and after the dust dispersed, they refused to fall on the branches.

This team of cavalry is under the command of Zheng Jing, the son of Zheng Sen, Prince of Fujian. They are all selected from the iron armored soldiers under the vassal. There are a total of 300 cavalry, and everyone can be one of ten. It can be called the elite of the elite. When Zheng Sen personally led the army to attack Fuzhou, he ordered his son Zheng Jing to guard Jinsha. Except for Zheng Jing, no one in Jinxia could mobilize this iron armored soldier, including Zheng Jing’s fifth uncle Zheng Tai, his younger brother Zheng Xi and others. It can be said that this elite soldier is Zheng Sen’s weapon for his eldest son to maintain the country. However, now, half of this elite army is on this official road, and they are desperately rushing on their way. Judging from the situation, it seems that a 100,000 urgent event has occurred in Jinsha!

Leading this team of iron-clad soldiers was Zheng Jing’s henchman Yang Ying. Yang Ying is a young man. He is only thirty this year. He has a thick beard and a leopard nose. He looks majestic and respectful at first sight, like the heroic characters in the book. Only at this moment, Yang Ying was very anxious, because he chased northward from Siming Prefecture for four days, but did not find Huang Zhao and his party, which cast a shadow over his heart. He knew very well that once Huang Zhao went to the feudal lord to tell the story of the prince and the wet nurse, then the prince would be in great trouble.

Because they were eager to catch up with Huang Zhao and suppress the monstrous disaster, Yang Ying and his party hardly stopped during the day. The soldiers were all one pair of horses. Fortunately, these iron-clad elite soldiers are all elites from the Fujian domain, and they are not wearing iron armor, only ordinary military uniforms, which can support them. But in such a hurry, that horse is in rotation, and this meeting is also panting, but the masters turn a blind eye to this, and just shout and rush forward.

Yang Ying rode his horse in front of him, looking up at the sky from time to time. The sun in the sky was already slanting to the west, and if he couldn’t catch up with Huang Zhao before sunset, he would be delayed for another night. For the prince Zheng Jing, who was waiting for news in Siming Prefecture, that night was really like a year.

Yang Ying gritted her teeth and slammed the whip on Xinshou’s mount, but the mount was suffering from pain, so she had to step up her hooves and rush forward like a madman. After walking for more than ten miles, he entered the Fuqing boundary. When he saw the Fuqing boundary monument, Yang Ying suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

There is a river in front, and Yang Ying is also very tired after rushing for a long time. When his subordinates saw the river behind him, they all showed a look of longing. Yang Ying thought for a moment, then raised her voice to signal her subordinates to go to the river to drink to quench their thirst. The cavalrymen breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this, and rushed to the river.

When the subordinates and the horses were drinking water, Yang Ying did not go with them, but stood there vigilantly looking around, and after watching for a while, she called out to the river: “Ma Wu!”

The man who was called Ma Wu was also a big man with a full beard. Hearing Yang Ying’s call, Ma Wu quickly jumped ashore from the water and ran to Yang Ying’s side in three steps. Yang Ying gave him a slight nod, and Ma Wu immediately understood. He took out a long cylindrical object from his arms and held it up to the sky. He reached out and pulled out a wooden cork at the top of the long barrel. A piece of sparks splashed from the top, and then a “whistle” sounded, a flame of fire drilled out of the barrel and shot into the sky, and exploded in the sky with a “bang”.

When the flames exploded in the air, all the cavalrymen looked at the sky in all directions, as if they were looking for something. In less than half a moment, everyone saw a fire also drilled out from the high sky in the northwest. After seeing the flame, everyone was overjoyed, and quickly led the horses to the shore and ran towards the northwest. After a while, they saw dozens of cavalry rushing towards them from the northwest.

“But Brother Yang Ying!”

When the cavalry from the northwest saw Yang Ying and others, they shouted from a distance. There was a small school on Yang Ying’s side who responded with a loud voice. Seeing that the other party was right, he quickly turned the horse’s head and raised his hand to signal Yang Ying and his party to follow. After walking for less than half an hour, I arrived at a valley outside. From a distance, smoke curled up in the valley, dozens of tents were scattered in the middle, and a little closer, the voices of people could be heard. There were obviously people outside the valley, and when they saw Yang Ying and others appear, they immediately reported the news to the middle of the valley.

The people in the valley heard the shout, and there was a loud noise. Dozens of people ran towards the outside of the valley. Yang Ying and a group of his subordinates got off their horses.

The person who was greeted in the valley was Ye Heng, another close friend of the prince Zheng Jing. He was recommended by the prince just a few months ago as the deputy governor of Houwuchong Town, and he led the troops stationed in Fuqing.

As soon as he saw Ye Heng, Yang Ying asked anxiously, “Have you found Huang Zhao?”

Ye Heng shook his head helplessly and said in a low voice, “After I received the prince’s arraignment, I took someone to guard the place where I must pass through Fuzhou for a few days, but I never found Huang Zhao.”

“Haven’t seen anyone?” Yang Ying’s brows furrowed, “Huang Zhao went north from Siming Prefecture six days ago. He must have gone to Fuzhou. It’s impossible for you to fail to find him… Did he pass before you?” It is possible that Huang Zhao had already arrived at the camp of the feudal lord in Fuzhou, and Yang Ying’s heart couldn’t help beating ~www.mtlnovel.com~ and her face became ugly.

Ye Heng only knew that the prince Feixi told him to stop Huang Zhao, and even hinted that he could kill him on the spot, but he didn’t know why the prince wanted to trust the lord’s subordinate to this killer. Seeing that Yang Ying’s face was so ugly at this time, she couldn’t help but ask why.

Yang Ying didn’t want to talk about it, but he thought that Ye Heng was also a close friend of the prince, so he couldn’t hide this important matter, so he told him the whole thing. It turned out that His Royal Highness had just gathered the daughter of Shangshu Tang Xianyue as his wife last year, but the two could not get along. Somehow, the eldest son had an affair with the fourth younger brother’s nurse, Chen Shi, and gave birth to a son at the beginning of the year, named Zheng Kezang.

Although Chen is only a nursing mother, this matter is something that the world cannot tolerate, so Zheng Jing has been concealing it from the outside world, let alone telling his father the news of the birth of his eldest grandson. But how could Zheng Jing be able to hide such a major event? Tang Zhao soon found out about it, and he wanted to report the matter to the feudal lord.

Zheng Jing was very aware of his father’s behavior, fearing that he would abolish his son after knowing this, so he placed Tang Zhao under house arrest. Unexpectedly, Xiao Gongchen, who was originally appointed as the prince of Zheng Hongkui, released Huang Zhao privately. As soon as Huang Zhao was free, he immediately went north to report the news. By the time Zheng Jing knew the news, people had already left Jinsha. Zheng Jing quickly sent Yang Ying to lead cavalry to chase after Huang Zhao, and Ye Heng, who also flew pigeons to pass the book to Fuqing, led troops to intercept them.

“If this really allows Huang Zhao to see the lord, then the prince?”

Ye Heng was once the vassal lord’s personal soldier, and he knew the lord of the vassal as a person, so he couldn’t help shivering.

“Do your best.”

Yang Ying sighed, this was the case, and they had no choice but to continue chasing north. If the feudal lord really wants to abolish the prince, they will be helpless.

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