Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 936 The wise are not necessarily unfaithful

When Shunzhi left Chengqian Palace, it was already three quarters of Hai Shi. W≈On the way back to the Hall of Mental Cultivation, Shunzhi kept thinking about Dong E’s weak body and worried that she would die in this world. But it’s useless to worry anymore, the imperial physicians have done everything they can, and it’s up to Dong E to make it through. He is the son of the emperor, and as long as the concubine Ai wants things in this world, he has a way to get them, but he can’t do anything about the concubine Ai’s illness, which makes him feel frustrated again after Yangzhou.

After returning to the Hall of Mental Cultivation, Shunzhi did not rest, but asked Wu Liangfu to go to the imperial kitchen to get some food. He was eating with Concubine Ai in Chengqian Palace just now, but seeing that Concubine Ai couldn’t even drink a small bowl of soup, how could he eat it.

The imperial dining room was prepared, just in case the emperor suddenly passed the meal in the middle of the night. Wu Liangfu led the people to show it, and a table of delicious dishes was placed in front of Shunzhi.

Shunzhi was also hungry, and he hadn’t had a safe meal for a long time. When I was in Xishan, I ate all the vegetarian food, and when I met these delicacies, my appetite increased greatly.

After eating a bowl of rice with bird’s nest chicken wing soup, Shunzhi felt very comfortable in his stomach. He wanted to add more rice, but Zhao Quan, the **** on duty at the Hall of Mental Cultivation, came to report that it was from Empress Dowager Su Malagu Feng. Yizhi came to see the emperor.

“Let Su Ma come in.”

Shunzhi put down his chopsticks and felt a little uneasy, because then he remembered that he didn’t go to greet his mother after entering the palace, and he wondered if the mother was angry with him.

Su Ma came in and asked Shunzhi for security, and then handed over Fan Wencheng’s book. Shunzhi took it to look at it suspiciously, and found that Fan Wencheng told himself last year about the reward and raising the flag.

Su Ma said: “The Queen Mother means what Fan Wen Cheng Zhezi said, the emperor should adopt it, and can no longer stick to the past. Right now, we in the Qing Dynasty urgently need the support of the Han army and Han officials, and we can no longer divide them into three, six, nine, etc. as before. , they must be truly united with our Manchuria, so that they can get more help.”

“I know, I will consider this matter, these days my mother has been worrying about me.”

Shunzhi did not clearly tell Su Ma whether he would accept Fan Wencheng’s opinion. As long as Su Ma went back first, he would go to Cining Palace early tomorrow morning to greet his mother. Su Ma naturally wouldn’t say anything else, and Shi Li backed away.

After Su Ma left, Shunzhi lost his appetite for food. He took Fan Wencheng’s book and read it carefully. His expression became very lonely and his mood was restless, as if something was missing, but he couldn’t think of anything. looks like.

Wu Liangfu stood there, not daring to make a sound. As a eunuch, he has the lessons of the previous dynasty, and he knows the reason why eunuchs cannot intervene in politics.

After a while, Shunzhi sighed and asked Wu Liangfu, “Is there a sign to hand over?”

Wu Liangfu hurriedly summoned Zhao Quan, the chief **** on duty at the Hall of Mental Cultivation, who immediately knelt in front of the emperor with a silver plate on it. There were several red cards and two green cards on the plate.

According to the rules of the palace, if the civil and military officials request an introduction or need to make a presentation, they must present a plaque during the emperor’s meal. The royal family prince Baylor uses the red head card; the civilian deputy chief censor and above, and the military deputy commander and above use the green head card; the foreign officials who come to Beijing, the civilian police officer and above, and the military deputy commander-in-chief and above, use the general pink card. Names, places of origin, family background, years of entry into office, merits, etc. are written on the cards.

The red plaques were handed over by Prince Xian Fusui, Prince Kang Jieshu, and other princes Baylor. One green plaque was handed over by the old minister Ning Wan and I, and the other was handed over by the scholar Feng Quan.

Shunzhi waved his hand and instructed: “Fu Sui and Jie Shu, I will disappear, tell Ning Wan to come in.”

Zhao Quan stepped back with the silver plate in his hand, and after a while, there was a small inner supervisor who helped me, Ning Ning, who had served three dynasties, and I entered the Hall of Mental Cultivation.

“I will see the emperor after Chen Ning!”

After Ning Wan, I made a gesture to bow down, how could Shunzhi ask him to bow down?

“Chen thank the emperor!”

After Ning finished, I took the tea cup and sat down on the felt pad, looking up at Shunzhi.

Shunzhi opened his mouth and said, “Old lady Fu saw me late at night, but has something to tell me?”

“The old minister is here for the Eight Banners to discuss politics…”

Ning Wan, I did not have many concerns in front of the young emperor, and frankly told the emperor his thoughts, hoping that the emperor would not pursue Yebushu, Ledu, and Ming Andali’s proposal for the Eight Banners to discuss government affairs, but should be appeased. They, in order to prevent the Eight Banners from being more disturbed by this incident, will repeat the two white flags.

“Your Majesty, don’t mess up now!”

Ning Wan, I’m getting older, I said so much in one breath, and I was a little out of breath.

“I depend on the old lady, and I won’t do anything to them.”

After Ning finished my request, Shunzhi was a little stunned, but he did not refute it, because he had no intention to clean up the fourth brother Yebushu and the others, and he knew that this was not the time to suppress Manchuria, the two yellow flags. In addition to shocking people who are eager to move in Beijing, the more important thing is to deal with Wu Sangui, not to fight with each other in Beijing, which will only make the situation worse.

Seeing that the emperor had no intention of doing this, I breathed a sigh of relief after Ning Wan. Before he came, he was worried that the emperor was too young to allow anyone to question his authority. At this time, if he had the upper hand, he would fight as much as he did when he dealt with the Dorgon party. He didn’t want the emperor. But I know how powerful it is, and know when to tighten and when to loosen. But aside from this matter, I have something to play after Ning.

“Do you have anything else to tell me, Master?”

“Old minister…” Ning Wan and I hesitated for a while, and said, “I really have something to report.”

“It’s okay to say it alone.”

“I want to invite the emperor to enclose the land and escape.”

“Oh?” Shunzhi raised his brows.

“Your Majesty, there has always been no way to govern the world, and the old system must be changed every day. As far as enclosures are concerned, at the beginning of the country, the people fled and the land was deserted. The people have lived in peace for many years, and if they continue to occupy them, they will inevitably disturb the people and make the whole country uneasy. Moreover, Jiangnan has fallen, the northwest has been in an emergency, and people in all parts of Gyeonggi and Zhili are panicked. Only one way of heart can save me from the decline of the Qing Dynasty… In addition to asking the emperor to dismiss the enclosure and escape, the minister also asked the emperor to reuse Hanchen…”

“Teacher, please go on.” Shunzhi listened very fascinatedly.

“According to the old ministers, Emperor Taizu hated Han scholars in Liaodong, and he would kill them when he saw them. Emperor Taizong did the opposite, reusing Fan Wencheng and the old ministers, as well as Bao Chengxian. Geng, Shang and other generals have surrendered, and it is possible for Jiashen to enter the customs! However, in recent years, the imperial court has suppressed Han ministers a lot, and this move truly makes Han officials fearful.”

“It’s not that I didn’t use Han Chen repeatedly, but how did Han Chen treat me? Zhang Changgeng and Jiang Guozhu were both high-ranking governors, but they betrayed me one after another. Then there was Hong Chengchou, I called him the five provincial scriptures. Let him do what he does, but how did he finally repay me?” Shunzhi was a little annoyed, and his voice became louder unconsciously, “In this city of Beijing, I am afraid there are many Han ministers in Siming.”

After Ning Wan I said, “Your Majesty, those who are wise are disloyal, and those who are not wise are loyal?”


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(To be continued.)

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