Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 916 Hong Chengchou passed away

“My lord, this is where Li Zicheng proclaimed himself emperor. Song Xiance made Li Zicheng’s Great Shun the King of Shui De based on his five virtues, and his clothes were still blue, but I never thought that this blue was not the age of the year… Li Zicheng came from Xi’an. When I was retreating, I wanted to burn these palaces down, but in the future they killed the Qing troops before they could start, and later they were changed to Mancheng…”

The former Li Zicheng Dashun Palace in Mancheng, Xi’an, Hu Yuxuan talked all the way, and Wu Sangui watched all the way. In this city of Xi’an, he had been in Shunzhi for two years, and he revisited his hometown today, but he has already changed from a Qing minister to a Ming minister.

Guo Zhuangtu, Hu Guozhu, Wang Zhiding, Li Rubi, Gao Qilong, Ma Weixing, Ta Xince, Shi Wen, Zhao Wu, Zhao Liangdong, Tan Yi and other generals followed. Some of these people are Wu Sangui’s direct descendants of the Guan Ning Army, some are the Ming army that Wu Sangui captured in Yunnan, and some are the newly recruited generals of the Central Sichuan and Shaanxi-Gansu Green Camps.

Under Hu Yuxuan’s explanation, the generals of the Wu army toured the imperial city. When they came out, they saw that many Manchus were being driven by the Wu army to do their work. From time to time, there were sounds of whipping and crying.

Seeing this, Wu Sangui frowned slightly, and said to Guo Zhuang unhappily: “This king said, treat Manzhou well, how can this happen.”

“My lord, I will find out at the end.”

Guo Zhuangtu secretly cursed in his heart which unsightly guy actually disobeyed the prince’s military orders, and took his personal guards to deal with the matter.

Hu Yuxuan couldn’t help shaking his head. The following idiots don’t know the purpose of the prince’s kindness to the people of Manchuria. But if you want to see the arrival of the prince’s army in the future, will the Manchus know what’s going on in Xi’an, so can they still fight to the death? The thief Xiucai Taiping Army slaughtered Manchuria everywhere to relieve his anger, but he was too naive. This move forced Manchuria to resist him to the end, and the gains outweighed the losses. Treating Xi’an Mancheng kindly is a matter of university and great wisdom.

Wu Sangui waved his hand to indicate that all the generals should return to the camp, leaving only a few of the direct descendants of the headquarters to stay. He wanted to ask about the various camps, but saw the general Gao Dejie suddenly stepped forward and said: “My lord, there are no two days in the sky, and no two in the people. Your Majesty, now that you are in Xi’an, you will invite the lord to become emperor at the end of the day, and justifiably lead us to work with the Qing Dynasty!”

This statement shocked everyone, and Wu Sangui was also shocked.

This Gao Dejie was born in the Liaodong military household, one of Wu Sangui’s generals, and he fought very bravely. It is even more loyal. Gao Dejie’s real name is Gao Dejie. It is precisely because he has won many battles and never failed, that Wu Sangui personally changed his name to “Dejie”.

“General Gao can’t talk nonsense, you want the prince to become emperor at this time, not to help the prince, but to harm the prince!” Hu Yuxuan almost angrily scolded Gao Dejie, and replied that this guy was dazed.

“Why not?” Gao Dejie was very dissatisfied, his neck held high.

Knowing that Gao Dejie was a simple martial artist, Hu Yuxuan took his temper and said to him: “Your Majesty raised the army to fight against the Qing Dynasty and restore the Ming Dynasty. Such a smooth journey from Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, and Shaanxi to Shaanxi is also the advantage of getting the banner of anti-Qing and Fuming. If the prince is proclaimed emperor at this time, wouldn’t it make the people of Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu feel that they have been deceived and ask those soldiers who responded to us? Does Ma feel cheated? In that case, how can the people in the north who are so concerned and concerned respond to us, and no one responds to us, how can it be a big deal?”

But Gao Dejie said: “Mr. Hu’s argument is pedantic! Looking at the ancient and modern people who rebelled and conquered the world, which one did not take it for one’s own family? And which one was born and died to fight for the world for others? Our prince’s war is only to rebel against the Qing Dynasty. The restoration of the Ming Dynasty is just an excuse. We didn’t have Xi’an before, so this excuse has to be used. Now that we have occupied Xi’an, the ancient capital of the Han and Tang Dynasties, we have five provinces in our hands, and 200,000 elite soldiers and generals. I said, it is only reasonable for the lord to be an emperor now, and not to be an emperor is to deceive the people of the world!”

Hu Yuxuan could not laugh or cry when he heard it, so he could only say: “When we raised our troops, we said that we were fighting against the Qing Dynasty and restoring the Ming Dynasty and supporting Zhu Youlang. Although this matter is false, it is clearly written in the letter. Even if it is false, it can only be false. If you keep it up, you will be able to keep people’s hearts intact… Now, if you want to persuade the lord to proclaim himself emperor, it is clearly contrary to the words above, wouldn’t it make the world chill?”

“What’s the matter? As the saying goes, paper can’t contain fire, and the lord launched his army in the name of anti-Qing, Fuming, and Yongli. It is better for people to expose it now! It can make the people of the world not too deeply deceived, and at the same time, it can show honesty to the world, so why not do it?”

“General Gao doesn’t know that the world is going to be difficult… He is not afraid of the ignorance of the people, but only the knowledge of the people. Since ancient times, if you want to achieve great things, you must deceive the people. The deeper the deception, the greater the possibility of success. Therefore, even if the world is Everyone knows that it is false that the prince raised the army to restore the Ming Dynasty, but as long as he does not speak out, the people of the world will not have any ideas because of this, and will still rely on the prince to respond.”

Gao Dejie was stunned: “Isn’t that hanging a sheep’s head and selling dog meat?”

Hu Yuxuan smiled and didn’t answer. Wu Sangui also laughed. He wouldn’t be stupid to call himself emperor. If he did, then Wu Sangui would be the enemy of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. He waved Gao Dejie to stop talking nonsense. At this moment, Hu Guozhu, the second son-in-law, led someone over, saying that it was someone sent by Yingxiong.

Wu Sangui sent someone to Beijing to tell his son Wu Yingxiong long before he raised his army, and told him to flee Beijing quickly. But after raising the army, he didn’t receive Yingxiong’s reply for a long time, and he didn’t know Yingxiong’s current situation. Wu Sangui was really worried. Tiger poison still does not eat offspring, but bear should be his eldest son.

Wu Sangui, the person sent by Wu Yingxiong, knew that it was the old man in Liaodong who served by Yingxiong’s side. When the man saw Wu Sangui, he first knelt down and kowtowed, and then began to undress.

Wu Sangui saw it strange, but he knew there must be a purpose, so he kept silent. After the man unbuttoned his shirt, he put on his shirt and said respectfully, “Your Highness, the letter from your son is on it!”

Wu Sangui took the shirt over to look at it, but saw that the shirt was clean and had no writing on it. He felt strange, and the man said, “My lord, you must bring a basin of water!”

Wu Sangui nodded slightly after hearing this, and someone brought water immediately. After the water arrived, the man took out a small bottle of medicinal juice and dropped a few drops into the water, and Wu Sangui put his shirt into the water. After the clothes were immersed in the water, they were taken out. As expected, dense handwriting appeared on the shirt.

Wu Sangui knew that it was his son’s handwriting~www.mtlnovel.com~ There were only a few words on it, but Wu Sangui’s brows were relieved. It turned out that Wu Yingxiong told his father in a letter that he had left Beijing secretly with his two sons, but the Qing court sent someone to arrest him and blocked the way to the south. He had to go to a family named Wang in Taiyuan, Shanxi. Wu Yingxiong also said that his wife Jianning did not leave Beijing with him.

Wu Sangui’s heart suddenly lightened when his children and grandchildren were okay, but he didn’t care about the daughter-in-law who had never met. If Ying Xiong and Jian Ning are truly in love, he will leave her alive after he breaks Beijing.

After ordering someone to reward the person who came, and ordered him to take the arrangement, Wu Sangui couldn’t help laughing. When he smiled, everyone was in a good mood and laughed.

“Go, follow this king to meet Subai.”

Wu Sangui asked everyone to follow him to see Subai. It has been two days since he entered the city, and Subai has never come to see him. He is busy with military affairs and has no time to go up to see Subai. Now that he has time, he will meet this Xi’an general. It is also a great help to persuade him to use it for his own use. At least, it has an effect that cannot be underestimated in dividing the Manchu Qing.

Wu Sangui and his party hadn’t reached the surrounded General’s Mansion, but Guiyang arrived quickly. Kuaima brought a piece of news that made Wu Sangui feel like a bolt from the blue—Hong Chengchou passed away. (To be continued.)

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