Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 908 Plum Mountain

On the second day of the first month of the first year of Dingwu, Zhou Shixiang led a hundred civil and military officials to Meihua Mountain to worship Shi Kefa, the governor of the division.

Today, it snowed heavily.

Zhou Shixiang ordered the whole army to wear filial piety.

Under the snow, Zhou Shixiang bowed in front of the tomb.

“In the seventeenth year of Chongzhen, the late emperor hanged himself in Meishan. This is called the emperor guarding the gate of the country, and the king died in the village. Since then, the land of the Han family in China has been destroyed by the Manchu and barbarians, with smelly smells and bones everywhere. Jiashen and Manzhou entered the customs. , it is the most dramatic disaster in the history of the Han family! Shi Kefa, Chen Mingyu, Yan Yingyuan, Zhang Mingzhen, Chen Zilong, Xia Wanchun, and countless Han people with lofty ideals have come one after another, just to not lower the proud head of the Han people to the Manchus! Today, I will wait for future generations. I have come to pay homage to the Shige Department, just to tell the Cabinet Department that when the way of heaven must be asserted, we will definitely take revenge, and we will definitely take revenge! We will pay back a hundredfold for everything that Manzhou imposes on us!”

“Loyalty and solar terms are the foundation of our Han family. All the hardships we have suffered over the past ten years are due to the loss of our nation’s loyalty and solar terms! When the Manchu Qing Dynasty entered the customs, many loyal ministers and martyrs like the Shige Department. Martyrdom, the moment our Hanfu is taken off, the moment our long hair is cut off, the essence of our nation is broken. My Han family is the master of China, and our civilization is the civilization of China. If we lose our loyalty and solar terms, we don’t deserve to have the civilization that our ancestors left us! Fortunately, for seventeen years, we have never stopped fighting, and we have never yielded!”

“The national blood pain, how can we forget it! On the tenth day of Yangzhou, the three massacres in Jiading, the massacre in Nanchang, the massacre in Sichuan, the massacre in Jiangyin, the massacre in Kunshan, the massacre in Datong, the massacre in Changshu, the massacre in Guangzhou, the massacre in Chaozhou, Can we forget the slaughter of Nanxiong! Zhili can see the desolate fields as far as the eye can see, Henan is full of hazelnuts with few people, and Huguang is far from being uninhabited. Xia Wanchun, who died at the age of sixteen, Huang Gongfu, who died at the age of eighty-four; Kuang Lu, who died, Chen Bangyan, Zhang Jiayu, and Chen Zizhuang, the three loyalists in Nanming, Li Suiqiu, who died in street battles, Qu Shiti and Zhang Tongchang, who died in Guilin, Houtong and Huang Chunyao who died in Jiading, Song Yingsheng who took poison and died for the country, and Chen Zilong and Xia Yunyi who committed suicide by throwing water , Qi Biaojia, countless civil servants and military generals went forward to succeed them, either as ministers of the frontier, or as scribes in civilian clothes. When the country was in trouble, they were all fearless in the face of danger, stood up to the disaster, persevered, and killed themselves, just to prove that my Han family is not willing to give in! Their righteousness, heroic martyrdom, and unhurried sacrifice, this is the true spirit and integrity of our Han nation!”

Looking at the whiteness at the foot of the mountain and the city of Yangzhou not far away, Zhou Shixiang was excited. It is precisely because of the existence of these patriots of the Han family, and because of their unswerving national integrity, that they turned into seeds in the wind, turned into Zou Rong’s “Revolutionary Army”, and turned into Chen Tianhua’s grief and anger. It turned into Qiu Jin’s sword, turned into the oath of the Tongmenghui, turned into Xu Xilin, Wu Yue and the Huanghuagang Uprising in Guangzhou, and turned into the first shot of the Wuchang Uprising. Those loyal ministers and martyrs who died on the festival will forever be the immortal glory and banner of our Han family. Behind all the historical situation is our Han family’s unbreakable belief forever!

On the 80th, he brought allegiance to the emperor, representing the characters of the seventeenth dynasties of Taizu, and 100,000 people were united in death and righteousness, and they stayed in the Ming Dynasty for 300 miles.

Although I am a woman, I have received the grace of the country, and the country will perish, and I am righteous. If you are not a minister of a foreign country, you have not lost the kindness of the world, and you have not forgotten the teachings of our ancestors, then I can rest in the ground.

Jiangyin City is full of corpses, and it is unscented to smell. The woman bites her fingers and inscribes a poem: A message to passers-by, cover your nose, the living are not as fragrant as the dead!

Sadly the past life.

When the dehumanizing massacres and rapes, the vicious enclosures and escapes, the **** and criminal shaving of hair and changing clothes, and the tragic coastal relocations were wiped out, China was pushed into the abyss of ignorance and backwardness for hundreds of years on the basis of national oppression. Domination has become an era when many people are delighted to talk about it; when the tyranny of indiscriminately killing innocents, knocking the bones and sucking the marrow is decorated as a wise and holy martial arts; when the people are poor and stagnant, the rigid society is decorated as a glorious and prosperous world; when the banning of books is banished. Cultural identity, how pathetic this is!

While many people are familiar with the names of the chiefs, butchers and traitors of the Qing Dynasty, a few people know the names of the national heroes who sacrificed their lives to resist foreign invasions!

When the butchers, traitors and lackeys were sung, the heroic and loyal ministers and martyrs of all dynasties and the Ming Dynasty were deliberately forgotten and distorted; when the huge statues of the twelve emperors of the Manchu Qing Dynasty stood majestically on the streets of Shenyang; Defilement and slander were talked about with contempt and contempt by many self-proclaimed fools; when the magnificent Hong Chengchou Memorial Garden was built in Nan’an, Fujian; when the descendants of the butcher and executioner Shang Kexi wore zombie clothes to worship their traitor ancestors; When the tombstone of the anti-Qing hero Chen Zilong was painted beyond recognition; when Yue Fei and Wen Tianxiang were denied as national heroes by textbooks, whether this nation was Han nationality, whether they were still descendants of Yan and Huang, their loyalty, and where is their blood!

History cannot be tampered with, history cannot be fabricated, and history cannot be deliberately forgotten.

Maybe I can’t change the past life, but in this life, I will definitely change.

I’m here, and I won’t leave any regrets.

In the snowstorm, Zhou Shixiang steered his horse to the south.

Behind him is a silver makeup wrap.

In that year, plum blossoms were like snow, and they all wore filial piety for you.

When the city was broken, your fiery head was naked to the blades on all sides.

The first knife, the generals will not let you kill yourself;

The second knife, Stilwell couldn’t bear it.

When you are about to leave, which iron man does not burst into tears?

The third knife~www.mtlnovel.com~the fourth knife, the fifth knife

The city is broken, the country is broken, everything is broken.

The famous capital of Huaizuo, the best place in the west of Bamboo, there are only green mountains and hidden waters.

Hou Tu Miao Miao, the emperor is high, where can you take away your arrogance and arrogance?

The horror of Qingshi has turned to your page, awe-inspiring at the scars of the sword, the bloodstains are still dry, and the legend of the fishing woodcutter after the catastrophe.

Said that you were not killed in the rebellion, and after ten nights, the longest massacre in the city, the survivors argued over who saw you that day.

Riding on a white horse, black hat and blue robe.

Far from the back of Tianningmen, from Yingshan to Huoshan, your mighty spirit, every gust of wind, flutters with the flag, the endless wind blows the flag that does not fall, different flags point in the same direction, pointing to the precarious Beijing battlements.

Fly, fly, from Meihualing to Meishan

Forgive my two thousand words of nonsense, and spend six cents on you.

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