Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 904 Brother, tell me what to do

The ancients had to ride a crane down to Yangzhou with a waist of 100,000 kangaroos. People today are afraid of being rich enough to rival the country, and they don’t want to stay in Yangzhou for a little longer.

The thieves and scholars cheated to death, the Taiping bandits returned, Ao Shaobao was defeated again, the soldiers of Mongolia and Mongolia trembled, the emperor vomited blood in the city head and fainted…

In the middle of the night in Yangzhou City, there was silence, and I couldn’t even hear the sound of the bangzi. It seems that time has gone back to fifteen years ago, when the city of Yangzhou was like a ghost town. Now, it’s not a ghost town.

Today is the first eve of the first night. After the Manchus entered the customs, they also passed the Han customs. This is the point in the capital. The old and young of the Eight Banners are all making sachima, learning the Chinese characters and sticking the blessing characters. God, but the Manchu soldiers in Yangzhou couldn’t bring up the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year. They all gathered in the camp with their heads down and gloomy faces, while the generals looked anxiously at the direction of the imperial camp.


Shunzhi’s camp was in Wuyuan, which was built during the Wanhua period of the Ming Dynasty.

At this moment, officials of the fourth rank or above gathered outside the garden, and all kinds of top-dressed flower lings were very radiant under the lights. It’s just that the top is worn, but it has a very sad face.

After Shunzhi returned to the Wu Garden from the city, the Minister of the Interior, Soni, and the great scholar Bahana issued a ban. Inside the Wu Garden, guarded by second-class guards and above, outside the garden, there are third-class guards and the forbidden brigade of two yellow flags. Under such a blockade, no one knows what the emperor’s condition is.

Aobai is not in Wuyuan, he is guarding the city. When people are panicking, the city defenses must not leak out, and the Taiping bandits outside the city must not know the news of the emperor’s illness, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous. Although he has been defeated repeatedly, apart from him, there is no other person in Yangzhou City who can be shaken.

Aobai sent people to walk, but they were blocked by Sony’s people with will, so that Aobai didn’t know how his master’s condition was, and he was very anxious. He resents Sony a little, and shouldn’t block the news of the master to him, but he knows that this may not be the intention of the master. After all, his obeisance really disappointed the master. The master looked at him when he vomited blood, so that Ao Bai would never forget it in his life. At that time, he really wanted to jump from the head of Yangzhou city. But he knows that he can’t, the master can’t do without him, and the Qing Dynasty can’t do without him!

It was pitch black in the vicinity of Yangzhou, and the silence was suffocating. But Aobai knew that there must be countless pairs of wolf-like eyes hidden in the dark night, and they were staring at Yangzhou City. Perhaps, the thief show is among them, with a sneer hanging on the corner of his mouth.

New Year’s Eve…

Aobai breathed a sigh of relief, and since he beat Emperor Taizu, he was known as the Eight Banners for his bravery, but he never thought that he was bullied by a rat generation when he was old. This really corresponds to the words of the Han people, and his fame and fame will be ruined.

He stared at the night sky in the south angrily. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. He saw a bright spot rising from the horizon, and then slowly flying towards the mid-air.

One, two, three… more and more bright spots rise from the horizon.

It is the Kongming lantern, and the Taiping army released thousands of Kongming lanterns.

The rising Kongming lantern attracted the Qing soldiers on the top of Yangzhou city to whisper, and they saw a big “Han” written on the Kongming lantern floating in the wind.

Cannons rang out in the outskirts. In the distance, the cannon could not reach Yangzhou City at all, but it sounded in the wilderness. One after another, it was continuous, like the sound of firecrackers all over Beijing on New Year’s Eve.

Is Nanmanzi welcoming the gods during the Chinese New Year?

Aobai doesn’t know much about the customs of the Han people, but he knows that today is the most important festival of the year for the Han people, and they attach great importance to this festival.

The sound of the cannon made the panic in Yangzhou City even more serious, and the officials outside Wuyuan even had a sense of doomsday.

Does this thief show think that he is Liu Bang, and will I be embarrassed?

Ao Bai put the braid behind his head in front of his neck and wrapped it around his neck. He wanted to see what other tricks the thief show could do. He heard singing.

“…Holding the ninety-nine steel knives, kill Hu Erfang and stop! The golden drums are roaring in unison, and the oath not to break the yellow dragon will never end!”

Zhentian’s singing resounded in the outer suburbs of Yangzhou, resounded in the land of Huaiyang, and resounded on New Year’s Eve in the 16th year of Shunzhi.

Sixteen years later, the singing of the Han army once again resounded in the land of Jiangbei.

The singing drifted to Meihua Mountain, and also to the mass graves near Yangzhou. The ghost fire on the post is like an elves, trembling with the singing.


“Who’s firing?…The Taiping bandits have attacked the city?!”

The sound of cannons woke Shunzhi, who was in a coma. He screamed and straightened up from the bed, sweating all over his body.

“The emperor is awake!”

Fei Yanggu exclaimed in surprise, and the waiters who had been waiting immediately stepped forward to diagnose Shunzhi’s pulse, and brought the fried medicinal soup.

“What’s wrong with me? What are you all doing around me?”

Shunzhi was a little dazed, as if he didn’t remember the scene where he fainted in the city. Sony arrived after hearing the news. He did not tell his master about the scene where he vomited blood at the head of the city, but only comforted his master that he had suffered from the cold and needed a good life. Shunzhi was in a daze and had a severe headache, so he didn’t ask in detail. After drinking the medicinal soup, he felt that the whole person was much better, but he also remembered why he was like this. His already pale cheeks became even paler, so white that there was no trace of blood.

“What’s wrong with me?” Shunzhi looked at Sony calmly.

“Master just caught the cold, it’s fine to rest for a few days, it doesn’t matter.”

Sonny didn’t dare to tell his master the truth, and at the same time he didn’t believe in the diagnosis and treatment of the men.

After Shunzhi heard the words, he was silent for a moment, and then asked Sony, “What’s the matter with the sound of cannons outside? Are the Taiping bandits attacking the city?”

Sony shook his head and said, “The thieves fired their cannons to be bold, they never attacked the city.”

Hearing that the Taiping Army did not attack the city~www.mtlnovel.com~Shunzhi was relieved. He struggled to get out of bed. Sony and Fei Yanggu were busy trying to discourage him, but Shunzhi insisted on getting up, so they had to let Shunzhi wear clothes. Get up.

“Fei Yanggu, is it New Year’s Eve today?”

“Back to the emperor’s words, today is New Year’s Eve.”

“Go and make arrangements, I want to worship God.”

“Your Majesty, the great scholars have prayed for the Emperor, and the Emperor should rest.”

“Have you paid your respects?”

Shunzhi was stunned for a moment, nodded, and sat on the imperial chair, staring blankly at the Four Treasures of the Study on the table. The room was very quiet, and there was a faint sound of singing. Shunzhi’s pupils dilated, and he heard the lyrics.

“Are the Han people going to kill us all…”

Shunzhi murmured, violently, a burst of pain in his heart, and a line of hot tears rolled out from his eyes. He couldn’t hold back any longer, and with a “thump” he actually knelt on the ground, facing the north and crying: “Brother, teach me, what should I do!” (To be continued.)

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