Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 890 The thief scholar died in action

All the signs indicated that the shot just now must have hit an important figure in the Taiping Army, otherwise, the Taiping Army would not be as chaotic as a collapse. ︾ Le ︾ Wen ︾ Xiao ︾ said | The Qing army in the city could see clearly that the original indomitable Taiping bandits were completely defeated, so that they didn’t even want the hundreds of heads they had just cut off.

Faintly, Shunzhi seemed to hear the cry of the Taiping bandits. The cry was far away, and if you didn’t listen carefully, it would be hard to hear it clearly.

Who can make thieves cry? Could it be that he hit a thief scholar!

Shunzhi trembled, trembling with ecstasy: Taizu Taizong bless, the one who hit must be the thief scholar, it must be him!

“The thief show was hit, the thief show was hit!”

Ao Bai can see clearly in the city, whether he hits the thief Xiucai or not, he will settle the matter. He shouted loudly to fire, and the Han army gunners in the city immediately fired violently. In the sound of the cannon, the Taiping Army had already retreated far away, and was not hit by the cannon at all, but the sound of the cannon fire boosted the morale of the Qing army. “The thief scholar died in action” and other voices.

Cai Shiying was also excited again and again. For some reason, he thought of Yuan Chonghuan’s briefing to the Ming court more than 30 years ago. The briefing mentioned that the Ming army hit Emperor Taizu with a cannonball, which led to the victory of Ning Yuan.

Bah, how can the thief show talent be compared with Emperor Taizu, is he worthy!

Cai Shiying glanced at the retreating Taiping bandits with contempt. Perhaps, he is now witnessing history.

The few Han army gunners who played guns only knew that they must have hit, because the golden banner of the Taiping Army fell down, but it wasn’t true that they killed the thief and the thief with one shot, so they were not sure. . However, the high officials in Manchuria were shouting that the thief was hit, and they couldn’t help but not believe it, so they also shouted. The more you shout, the more happy and excited you become. Killing the thief’s head is a great feat, and it’s in front of the emperor!

A gunner excitedly held the Great General’s cannon with both hands, and he didn’t care that it was hot. He could not wait to kiss the Great General with his mouth, because the Great General would bring him glory and wealth.

Those Han generals who had been frightened by the Taiping Army before and were shaken by what the big banner said would change their attitude one by one.

The thief Xiucai was killed, and everyone on the top of Yangzhou City thought so, even if they didn’t think so in their hearts, the colleagues around him were very excited to tell what he saw after the shot was fired.

“Your Majesty, God bless Daqing!”

Aobai and Sony knelt down first, followed by countless civil and military people, and people congratulated the emperor in unison.

“Good, good, good!”

Shunzhi said three words “good” in a row. At this time, he didn’t know what words to use to express his inner excitement. His tense and almost numb face was finally relieved and loosened, with a rippling smile.

Longyan Joy!

Zhou Shixiang was indeed hit. He never dreamed that he would be bombarded, because his position was three or four miles away from the city wall. According to his knowledge of the Qing army artillery, he never thought that he was within the range of fire. The fact happened, a solid iron bullet whizzed from the city of Yangzhou and landed several feet in front of him. He was smashed by the waist, and he was also thrown off the horse, and there was a stabbing pain in the right leg bone on the spot. He knew that his leg was broken, and what was even worse was that Da Qingma’s body smashed on him, staining his body with blood, making him look like a bloodbath. The big blue horse was very heavy, and when it fell on his body, Zhou Shixiang felt that he was about to be crushed to death, unable to breathe, and was about to suffocate to death.

The big blue horse has not died, its eyes are still open, full of pain. The horse is spiritual, its body is twitching, but its eyes are looking at the master who is being crushed by it. After several years of company, there has been a connection between it and Zhou Shixiang, a kind of emotional psychic. It seems to be blaming itself for holding down its owner.

Zhou Shixiang couldn’t move below his chest. He wiped the horse’s blood from his face and saw Da Qingma’s helpless eyes with a trace of self-reproach. At that moment, his heart ached, as if he had returned to a few years ago. The new meeting, back to the scene of the tragic death of parents, wife and children.

The big blue horse couldn’t make a sound, the blood kept flowing out of its mouth, it refused to close its eyes, it only looked at its owner.

I never gave you a name

Zhou Shixiang struggled to raise his hand to touch Da Qingma’s face, feeling the pain before his death, until the temperature of his palm dropped little by little.

The surrounding noise seemed to disappear, and Zhou Shixiang only saw the big blue horse.

Not far away, the broken golden banner fell on a corpse with the wind~www.mtlnovel.com~ and covered the soldier.

“Big handsome, big handsome!”

Blind Li was so shocked by the scene in front of him that his soul flew out. He didn’t even want the hammer, and rushed forward to find the commander. The iron bullet took the lives of more than 20 Taiping soldiers. There were corpses on the ground, with broken hands and broken legs. It was a mess, and it was impossible to tell who was who and who was the commander.

The nearby ministries also found that the commander-in-chief of the Chinese army had fallen, and some generals rushed over on horseback, worried immediately, and some quickly ordered the entire army to retreat.

In a hurry, the military officer Guo Xiong came hurriedly. He saw the commander fall, and he asked the blind man Li Dao with tears on his face: “Where is the commander, where is the commander?!”?

“I’m looking for it! The commander is here!”

Blind Li suddenly shouted, and everyone rushed forward to look forward, but they saw that the commander was under the horse and didn’t move. At that moment, Guo Xiong and the others were stunned. They instinctively thought that the commander was killed!

Blind Li didn’t believe that the big man would die, so he cried, “big man!” He rushed forward and pushed Da Qingma’s body aside with all his might.

After the horse’s body was removed, blind Li heard a familiar voice: “I’m fine, help me up!”

Zhou Shixiang gritted his teeth and endured the huge pain in his leg bone, and motioned blind Li to help him up. He saw the chaos around him and the sound of the troop withdrawal. In his sight, the generals and guards were all worried.

With the help of Blind Li, Zhou Shixiang stood on one leg. He glanced at the head of Yangzhou City angrily. He couldn’t blame his generals for withdrawing troops without authorization, because they didn’t know what happened to him here.


Zhou Shixiang gritted his teeth and ordered Guo Xiong to organize the entire army to retreat. The pain made his forehead full of sweat and made him unable to speak.

“Evacuate to Guazhou, but you can’t cross the river, you can’t cross the river!”

After speaking, Zhou Shixiang passed out.

? (To be continued.)

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