Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 884 The thief and the talented soldiers are under the city

Exit Shanhaiguan and return to your hometown outside the customs?

Fei Yanggu was so frightened that he didn’t dare to say a word, he thought the emperor was out of his mind. The rest of the guards from the two yellow flags were too shocked to lift their heads at the emperor’s words. They didn’t know if it was the emperor’s sincere words, or anger or fear.

An older guard even had his teeth chattering, because he realized that he probably heard the most inappropriate words and saw the most inappropriate pictures. The Sacred Heart is unpredictable. No matter what the reason the emperor said at this time, he would never want his gaffe to be seen and heard by his servants after he wakes up. So, this means that they… the guards dare not think about it, and kneeling there, their hands and feet are cold.

Fei Yangu did not dare to move, and even breathing became difficult. In a trance, he vaguely remembered that seven years ago, when the emperor heard the news of the death of Prince Jingjin, he was also frightened. But at that time, the emperor at least still shouted that he wanted to rule the river with the Ming Dynasty, instead of quitting Shanhaiguan and returning to his hometown outside the customs as he said earlier. Exit Shanhaiguan, but everything is over, everything is over!

Your Majesty, are you frightened? Or do you really decide to give up the flowers and flowers of the Han people? He does this, can the queen mother agree? Can the princes and ministers of Manchuria agree? Can the Eight Banners, who have enjoyed the offering of blood lipids by the Han people, agree? …

Fei Yanggu’s heart was full of waves, he didn’t dare to speak or move, but there was a voice in his heart that was shouting, that is, the Han people’s Huahua Jiangshan was created by three generations of Manchurians who sacrificed countless lives, and must not give up. Absolutely not! Even the emperor can’t give up!

Fei Yanggu’s silence did not wake up Shunzhi, nor did it relieve his madness. He was really suppressed for too long. When he saw the fire in Sanwan on the city tower that night, he wanted to go north and leave this **** Yangzhou. But he didn’t dare, because he was afraid that the world would laugh at him – the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty was scared back to Beijing by the thief Xiucai!

But he was really scared. That thief Xiucai was really scary, even scarier than Li Dingguo and Zheng Sen.

“Jiangnan lost, Huguang lost, Yungui lost, lost, all lost… One after another, none of them won… Ji Du died, Yue Le also died, Li Suotai died, Zhang Changgeng died. It’s down, I heard that even Jiang Guozhu was down… Wu Sangui turned back, but I don’t know where Hong Chengchou is, and whether it’s back… I can’t be sorry for them, I have always reused them, but are they just like me? …”

The more Shunzhi spoke, the more excited he became, his face became more and more red, and his cheeks twitched even more.

“You know, I’m really scared… I’m the emperor, the monarch of the people in the world, the ruler of the Qing Dynasty, and the co-lord of Mongolia, so I shouldn’t be afraid, but I’m just afraid… I’m afraid, I’m really afraid, Fei Yanggu, do you know? There are tens of millions, tens of millions of Han people in the world! … And we in Manchuria only have tens of thousands, tens of thousands! … After entering the customs, how many did we kill? Han people? Tens of millions!… Now that the Han people are fierce, they are fighting back. If this continues, can we Manchurians be saved?

No, it won’t! …The Han people will never spare us. That thief Xiucai is a lunatic. He slaughtered the whole city of Guangzhou, he also slaughtered the whole city of Jiangning, and he also slaughtered Yue Le and Lang Tingzuo alive! …This lunatic really wants to defeat me, will he let me go? …No, the thief showcai will only kill and slaughter me all over Manchuria, and let us cut off our descendants in Manchuria…

I… I can’t let such a thing happen, but I can’t beat him, I can only go, take my clansmen, we quit Shanhaiguan and go back to our hometown outside the customs, so the thief show can’t catch me, right? … What he can’t catch, go now, it’s too late, it’s too late… I have already returned the country to the Han people, any deep hatred should always be written off? …”

Shunzhi’s current appearance is really insane. He can’t control himself at all. Every word and every sentence that came out of his mouth made the guards who were kneeling on the ground go to pieces.

“Let’s go! Fei Yanggu, pass on my will, go, go now, go back to Beijing immediately and prepare to leave the customs!”

Shunzhi couldn’t wait any longer, and he wanted Fei Yanggu to return to Beijing on the spot.

None of the guards dared to move, neither did Fei Yanggu, and he did not dare to obey orders.

Shunzhi was furious when he saw that Fei Yanggu did not go to pass the decree, and he scolded: “Why don’t you go? Why, even your servant will betray me!”

The silent Fei Yangu finally broke out. He violently broke free from the emperor’s hands and roared, “Emperor, you are crazy!”

“Am I crazy?”

Shunzhi froze there, staring blankly at Fei Yanggu. There seemed to be overlapping images in front of him, he seemed to see Ama’s appearance, and his mouth opened wide. He seemed to see Amma pointing at him and scolding him angrily.

“Brother Jiu, you prodigal and useless! The rabbits on the grassland are also better than you! The country that my grandfather and I fought so hard to conquer, you are so cowardly that you want to abandon the soil and run away! How can you be a descendant of Aixinjueluo? How can you not have the heroic spirit of your ancestors in your blood! You cowardly and cowardly thing, how can you frighten the humble Han people…”

In the hallucination, Shunzhi heard Ama’s scolding words like a heavy stone, smashing each sentence on his head. At first he was as stunned as a wooden chicken, then his face flushed with shame, and then his flushed face turned purple, his temples twitched, his whole body trembled, and he suddenly jumped up, bursting out with violent anger, Fei Yanggu, who was frightened by the emperor’s appearance, roared: “Ama, baby is not a coward! The blood of Aisin Gioro, the blood of you and Taizu, the baby is not running, and the baby is not afraid, The boy swears to the death to defend the Qing Dynasty!”

After he finished speaking, Shunzhi turned his head sharply and glanced at the guards who were so scared that they were bloodless~www.mtlnovel.com~ and gritted his teeth: “Would you like to follow me and fight the damned Han people! “

“The slaves and others swear to follow the emperor to the death!”

The guards kowtowed heavily on the ground, and Fei Yanggu also knelt down. Although he didn’t know what happened, he didn’t want to know. He only knew that the emperor had returned to normal, and the courage to disappear had returned to him. . He is still the emperor of Qing Dynasty.

“Go, ask Aobai and Sony to come, I figured it out, it’s nothing to lose the battle, I can also go back to Beijing, but before that, I have to beat him a thief scholar, I can’t just return like this Beijing.”

Shunzhi made up his mind. Wu Sangui’s rebellion had left him no choice. He had to go back to Beijing. Therefore, Yangzhou should be left to the Ming army, but before leaving, he has to organize an offensive. Even if he still can’t beat the thief Xiucai, he must let the other party know that the Qing emperor is not so easy to deal with.

However, before Sony and Aobai arrived, Shunzhi received an urgent report from the Taiping army to Yangzhou City.

The thief and talented soldiers came down to the city. (To be continued.) Enable new URL

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