Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 881 I obei my own lead to die!

The fire in the Sanwan Camp was raging, and the heat wave was rolling in the camp. From some points, everything in front of me seemed to be shaking like waves, people became twisted, and those tents and fences were also crumbling.

There were no Qing troops in the vicinity of Sanwan, and all the units pursued by the Taiping Army also received orders to stop the pursuit. In the dark, it is difficult for the side to escape, and it is also difficult for the side to pursue. Although the Taiping Army has tried to improve the food of the soldiers as much as possible, this winter, they are fighting across the river, and they cannot replenish vegetables in time, so they cannot carry out long-term night battles. Leaving the torches, many recruits are smeared in the eyes. The most important thing is, from top to bottom, everyone is tired, and if they don’t rest, they will add some non-war injuries.

The orders received by the various ministries were to gather in Sanwan. When Zhou Shixiang came from Gaomin Temple, there were groups of soldiers escorting the prisoners back along the way. Some of the dozen or so soldiers dared to **** hundreds of Qing troops, but none of the Qing troops dared to escape, not to mention the courage to resist. Come to think of it, this battle completely wiped out the courage of these Qing troops.

When he arrived at Sanwan, Zhou Shixiang met with the two white flag generals who were introduced by Gong Jianse and other Manchu officers. He highly praised these two white flag Manchu soldiers, and reiterated some of the words he had said to Gong Jianse before. Let those two white flag officers who are uneasy in their hearts calm down. Many officers of the two white flags asked for orders and said they were willing to take Yangzhou for His Royal Highness King Qi, on the grounds that the city of Yangzhou might not know about the throwing of the two white flags.

This idea was like a retreat from the city of Guangzhou that Suna had offered in Xiangshan Shenwan, but Zhou Shixiang did not adopt it. Although this battle was a great victory, he still lost many Manchu and Mongolian cavalry. This time may be Shunzhi in Yangzhou. I already know the situation here, so I don’t have much confidence in letting the two white flags attack the city. Furthermore, the soldiers were unable to go further north to capture Yangzhou. One bite can’t make him fat. After the battle, Zhou Shixiang was overjoyed by the results of the battle. If he was greedy, his stomach would be supported.

In the Sanwan camp, many civilians who were conscripted by the Qing army were buried in the fire. They were innocent people, most of whom were forced by Huaian soldiers to flood the Mongolian barracks, causing chaos and perishing. Some of those who survived were taken in by the Taiping Army on the outskirts to help out with the chores and auxiliary soldiers, so their fate was guaranteed. Some were still trapped in the fire. The Qing army’s large camp was built to accommodate tens of thousands of Qing soldiers. If there is no one to lead the way, if you rush in, you will not be able to find the target for a while.

About 600 people gathered by a small river between the Mongolian soldiers and the Han army camp. They were surrounded by burning tents, and this small river became the only safe place. The heat wave made the original cold wind extremely warm, and these people who had been recruited from their homes in the countryside sat or stood there, watching the huge camp set ablaze. They are not worried about their own safety, because they are just masters, no matter the Ming army or the Qing army, they are always needed to clean the battlefield and carry materials. Some daring civilians even touched the fire and began to search for valuables. When they found the gold and silver left by the Qing soldiers in the camp, they were immediately ecstatic, and then quickly put them into their arms and returned to the river as if nothing happened. side. When someone else asked him if he had found anything, he spread his hands out in vain.

Some of the Mongolian soldiers trapped in the fire could no longer stand out. The Taiping army outside gave up the idea of ​​robbing food and grass, and did not want to pay any unnecessary casualties to attack in, so they guarded the camp without fire, while searching. Useful supplies, while strictly guarding the trapped Man Meng soldiers.

The Man Meng soldiers are now desperate to have no targets. Everyone stares at everything in front of them, watching the fire approaching them little by little, and watching the big camp disappear like this. The flags were led by the flames brought by the wind and burned on the flagpoles.

In Man Mengbing’s mind, they have been abandoned and no one will save them again. The Ming army will not, and neither will my own people. Whether they are burned to death or choked to death in the end, it is their fate, they are destined to accept it, because they should not be here, their hometown is in the north.

When the fire was close at hand, Fu Lehe, the son of Azige and the Duke of Zhenguo, put the blood-stained long knife under his chin and wiped his neck. Before his death, his face had no expression at all, it could even be said to be sluggish or numb.

Fowler’s suicide made many Mongolian soldiers even more desperate, and many people chose the same path. After the war, the villagers found a lot of charred corpses here, and many of the corpses had their necks cut open.


Zhou Shixiang turned over from Daqing’s horse and led a group of generals to the periphery of the camp. The surrounding camps were filled with wounded soldiers, most of them Huaian soldiers. The wounded soldiers screamed again and again, and the blood flowed all over the ground. Many of the tents settled down, and when they lifted up, the soles of their feet were covered with sticky blood.

The Taiping Army’s field hospital is located in Guazhou Water Camp, which is dozens of miles away. The wounded soldiers can only be transported by the navy to Guazhou for treatment if they are sent to the ancient canal of Gaomin Temple first. Those guards who accompanied the army only had some simple bandages, and the medicines were only some golden wound medicines to stop bleeding, so it was impossible to give too much treatment to these wounded soldiers, so they could only arrange rush transportation. Whether they can survive or not depends on their own luck and will to survive.

Lu Rulong, Wu Ming and the injured Chen Erlang and other generals of the Huai’an Green Battalion came to see Zhou Shixiang under the arrangement of the Ministry of Military Intelligence. Just like the two white flags were full of soldiers anyway, Zhou Shixiang also highly praised them, but he knew exactly how he thought about these descending generals.

After meeting these generals of the Green Battalion anyway, Zhou Shixiang inquired about the situation of the Qing army who were still resisting in the camp, and finally ordered to ignore these Manchu soldiers, let them be burned to death by the fire, and would not accept those who came out to surrender.

The third town reported the news of the death of Guiyi Bo Geng Jingzhong in battle. Zhou Shi was stunned when he heard it, and then heaved a long sigh. My heart is very entangled, and I don’t know how to tell Shi Yuanling about this.

Later, Zhou Shixiang ordered the surrounding of the first town to be alert, and the rest of the troops rested outside the Qing army camp that was not on fire, and waited until dawn before making the next move. Regarding the capture and capture, the ministries shall arrange their own personnel to be responsible.

The results of this battle were extremely brilliant, and Zhou Shixiang estimated that only ten or twenty thousand prisoners could be captured.


More than ten miles northwest of Sanwan Camp, on a small bridge, Ao Bai was also staring blankly at Sanwan, which was reddened by the fire.

There are thousands of Manchu and Mongolian troops who evacuated here with Aobai. During the retreat, they showed the essence of the elite Manchu and Mongolian cavalry. They moved quickly, and arranged alternate cover. They escaped all the way, only to be scattered. Ten people, this is quite rare in the dark night.

After Aobai arrived at the Erhe Bridge, he let the other generals go first, and he stayed here behind. After waiting for half an hour, the last troops and horses withdrew. It was a cavalry force of the Han army. There were cavalrymen from each banner, and the number was about six or seven hundred people. Not far behind them, there were some Taiping cavalry dangling faintly, but they just followed from a distance, and had no intention of coming up to intercept them. Looking at them like that, they said that it was right to send people away, but they didn’t look like they were chasing people.

Ao Bai looked gloomily at the Taiping cavalry in the darkness, snorted, and ordered people to pile up hay and branches on the bridge and burn the bridge down. The Taiping army on the opposite side found out that the Qing army was going to burn the bridge, but they did not come to stop it and let the Qing army move.

None of the Qing troops who successfully recovered their lives and escaped felt lucky. They silently walked past Ao Bai on horseback. In the night, except for the sound of hooves, there was no sound.

The flames at the bridge head were getting bigger and bigger. This bridge was originally a wooden bridge, and it was quickly drawn, making a crackling sound.

Surrounded by a group of personal guards Ghoshha, Aobai beat his horse and ran north. The front is full of Qing troops with torches.

Tens of thousands of troops were defeated like this, and they were defeated in a mess.

Ao Bai was not reconciled. He did not think that his incompetence caused the fiasco, but that the Taiping bandit’s weapons were too powerful. He thought a lot about this journey, but he still couldn’t guess what the Taiping Bandit’s powerful weapon was and how to make it. If it is possible, even if it costs 10,000 gold, he will find out the doorway of this kind of weapon.

The closer he got to Yangzhou City, the more ashamed Ao Bai felt in his heart. Those generals who returned from Man and Mongolia also felt that today’s battle was the greatest shame in their lives.

They didn’t know how to face the emperor.

Suddenly, Aobai stopped, stood motionless on the horse, and the muscles on his face kept twitching.

The Mongolian generals such as Ibaitu and Tuntai were also silent. Occasionally someone would cough, but they quickly suppressed the urge to cough, bit their lips, and never wanted to make a sound.

Everyone’s eyes are looking at Ao Bai, which makes Ao Bai feel more and more painful.

There was the sound of hooves in front of them~www.mtlnovel.com~ but it was the first-class guard Lang Tan who brought people to meet them.

Lang Tan looked at the retreating generals and didn’t know what to say. He stepped forward and opened his mouth, saying with difficulty, “Ao Shaobao, the emperor…”

Ao Bai didn’t speak, Lang Tan swallowed and swallowed the rest of the words back to his stomach.

After a while, Ao Bai suddenly said fiercely: “It’s a big thing, I’m going to lead my master to death!”

After he finished speaking, he grabbed the horse’s belly, and the warhorse under his crotch neighed and ran forward.


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