Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 876 Uncle, don't blame me

The shouting of Shang Zhixiao’s family slaves made it even more difficult for the Qing army, which was already in turmoil, to support the Qing army. He threw away his weapons and knelt on the ground in surrender.

Xu is that the senior officials of the Taiping Army had explained before the war that the soldiers who were chasing did not kill the prisoners after seeing the Qing troops who were kneeling and surrendering. The rumours of the captive were hit. Soon, more and more Qing troops surrendered on their knees, including Manchu soldiers.

There was a Manchu soldier with about 100 upright white flags, and after watching for a while, he also got off his horse and knelt down to surrender. The leader Zuo Ling shouted to the chaotic Gong Jianse and others in Manchu dialect. After receiving the recognition of the other party, Zuo Ling jumped up from the ground happily, and then said a few words to his soldiers. A group of the white flag soldiers hurriedly went to find the red cloth strips and tied them to their arms. If I couldn’t find the red cloth, I tore the two discarded red flags from the poles and used them strip by strip.

The Taiping army who was chasing and passing by saw that the Manchu soldiers were all wrapped in red cloth belts, but they ignored them, which made those soldiers with white flags even more confident. One will have two, and then there will be more two white flag soldiers imitating the same, and get the red cloth to temporarily defect on the battlefield. In order to prove themselves and serve the Taiping Army after the defection, these two white flag soldiers fought their horses and followed the Taiping Army to pursue the Qing army retreating from the north, which made the Taiping Army’s pursuit even stronger and also boosted the morale of the Qing Army. more hit. The strength of the two sides can be said to be the same, but in terms of strength alone, the Qing army still has the advantage, but the morale is completely useless.

The central line has now completely collapsed. 20,000 to 30,000 Qing troops have fled north from the battlefield. Among them are the Qing army’s coach, Ao Bai, and several Mongolian princes. The Qing army on the left and right flanks also collapsed. Under the counterattack of the Taiping army, some fled north, and some fled east and west.

The deputy commander of the Zhenghuang Banner, Yonggui, and others originally wanted to return to the Sanwan Camp with the Central Army, but the cavalry of the Taiping Army were all heading towards the Sanwan Camp, and the two white flag soldiers who were in chaos also followed. After that, Yong Gui did not dare to go back to the Sanwan Camp, so he ran west with his subordinates.

After seeing that the Zhenghuang flag was full of soldiers running westward, the other flags were full of soldiers, and the Mongolian army followed closely, and the Han army green camp also followed a big trip. This made Zhou Shixiang, who was watching the battle on the Tianzhong Tower, frowned. The route of the tens of thousands of Qing troops fleeing to the west happened to be the line of Daijiazhuang where the fifth town was stationed, and the battle report from the fifth town showed that they had already fought with the Qing army. The fighting was fierce. At this juncture, although the tens of thousands of defeated soldiers had no morale, after all, so many people rushed to Daijiazhuang, and the Fifth Town was washed away by them.

In view of this, Zhou Shixiang quickly sent an order, ordering more than 1,000 cavalry to chase westward to kill those defeated soldiers, and the rest of the troops continued to chase northward to capture the Sanwan camp of the Qing army.


“Little uncle, please slow down, this sword has no eyes, if you have three strengths and two weaknesses, Madam won’t skin me!”

The Third Town C Brigade was the main force defending the center line together with Xin Er Town. After the full line counterattack, the remaining more than 1,000 soldiers of the C Brigade immediately jumped out from behind the fortifications and stepped on the 100-meter-long Qing army corpses in front of the formation. The road dashed forward.

The one who called “Little Uncle” was a general banner of Brigade B, Brigade B. This person was surnamed Dong, given name Tianci, and was from Liaodong. He was originally an ordinary soldier under the Jingnan domain. The battle made a little contribution, so I was promoted to Xiaoqi. When the former third town attacked Ganzhou, Jiangxi, he made another contribution and promoted the general banner.

In the past, when he was under the Jingnan domain, Dong Tianci had a nickname called “Dong Er bastard”. This **** was a term from the Liao Dynasty, which means that this person is very ignorant and will be confused, similar to the local ruffian. Because there are many descendants of the Jingnan clan in the third town, Dong Tianci has a lot of acquaintances, and naturally his nickname of Dong Erhunzi also spread.

However, even if Dong Er’s son is mixed up, he also knows that the young man in front of him is very important, not only his immediate superior Wei Wei, but also Gui Yibo of the Ming Dynasty, and his former young master under the Jingnan domain. Therefore, seeing Uncle Geng rushing in front, Dong Er is very worried that Uncle will have any accident. Right now, his side is on the verge of winning, but who can guarantee that there are not a few tartars pretending to be dead hidden among the dead bodies all over the place. Woolen cloth. What if that Tartar attacked the little uncle with a ruthless attack.

The second **** Dong yelled at Geng Jingzhong from time to time, and a few times he quickly stepped up to grab his clothes and prevented him from running forward, which made Geng Jingzhong very angry. Don’t look at him looking like a sixteen or seventeen-year-old boy, but he is actually only fourteen years old. In addition, he has been used to the life of the prince of Jingnan who is only me, and his temper is not small. This time on the expedition, he was holding back his anger and wanted to express himself, so he was very upset when he was pulled by the second **** Dong. He couldn’t help but turn around and scolded a few words. behind.

Lieutenant Geng Jingzhong suffered heavy losses, and the rest rushed north under the leadership of the officers. As a Weiwei and a little uncle, Geng Jingzhong’s approach of taking the lead has been recognized and approved by many soldiers.

Along the way, Geng Jingzhong and others did not encounter any Qing soldiers who dared to resist, except for capturing the prisoners of the Qing army who had left behind. Continue to the north, there is a small forest in front, and there are Qing soldiers running away in the forest and outside the forest.

“dash forward!”

Geng Jingzhong was eager to make contributions, shouted, and ordered his soldiers to rush up. The subordinates are naturally ordered, and no one dares to go against his will because he is young. Geng Jingzhong also rushed forward, but suddenly stumbled on a dead body, and the whole person was carried forward. Geng Jingzhong sighed, and a few soldiers wanted to come over to help him, but he waved and shouted to tell them to leave him alone, and hurried to chase after him. Seeing this, the soldiers did not stop.

Geng Jingzhong’s son Dong, who had been following closely, didn’t dare to be careless, and hurried forward to help him. Geng Jingzhong glared at him angrily, broke free from his hand, and stood up by himself. The fall just now hurt a little, and the bare feet seemed to be twisted, and I was limping when I walked, making it a little inconvenient to walk. Geng Jingzhong was a little anxious, but he couldn’t make his feet feel better in an instant. There are several corpses of Qing soldiers around.

“Why are you always following me?”

Geng Jingzhong was very angry when he saw the second **** Dong not leaving his side. He knew that his mother had explained to the second **** Dong, and the commander above and Qianhu had also explained it. The second **** Dong was named Zongqi, but he was actually The person responsible for protecting themselves. But he thinks he’s grown up, and his father had led the army into battle at his age, so he can do the same, instead of being protected like a baby. In this case, how can he make achievements?

“Little uncle, don’t talk yet, let the little one show you your feet, don’t twist your bones.”

Dong Erhun smiled and bowed down to check on Geng Jingzhong’s foot injury. Geng Jingzhong didn’t want him to see it, but after thinking about it, he lifted his foot slightly. Dong Er scoundrel smiled, turned his head to look around inadvertently, and then carefully held Geng Jingzhong’s foot. Maybe it was because the movement was a little too big, which made Geng Jingzhong hurt, and his mouth was slightly tilted, and he wanted to scold Dong Erjunzi~www.mtlnovel.com~ but before he could open his mouth, a big hand covered his mouth, no waiting. He moved, his chest hurt, and a dagger had been inserted into his heart. Is it not Dong Er who is holding the hilt of the dagger?

Geng Jingzhong never dreamed that the second **** would kill him. He glared at the second **** Dong with wide eyes. He wanted to shout, but he couldn’t. He wanted to struggle, but he couldn’t do anything. Gradually he felt his breathing getting weaker and weaker and his heart seemed to stop beating. In the end, his head drooped down, and the saliva in his mouth stained Dong Er’s hands all over.

After closing Geng Jingzhong’s eyes, Dong Erhun took a breath and found that no one noticed this scene, he quickly withdrew the dagger, then picked up a Qing army knife from the ground and followed the dagger’s path. The wound was inserted into Geng Jingzhong’s chest. After doing all this, he straightened his waist from the ground, but a waist card fell from his arms, with the words “MISI” engraved on it.

“Little uncle, don’t blame me, I am also ordered to do it.”

Dong Er picked up his waist card, glanced at Geng Jingzhong’s body, shook his head, suddenly shouted twice, chopped the long knife in his hand on the corpse of a Qing soldier, and then hugged Geng while crying. Jingzhong’s corpse stumbled and walked out of the forest.

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