Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 875 Haicheng is still home!

A large number of Manchu and Han troops arrived in time to reinforce the two yellow flag soldiers, and Obai also wore armor, took the lead and repulsed the white flag soldiers several times.

If the situation continues, more than two thousand white flag soldiers in the rebellion are likely to be eliminated by the Manchu Eight Banner soldiers loyal to the emperor, and the gathering of a large number of Manchu soldiers and horses also gives Obai the confidence and time to clean up the situation again.

Even if a large number of Qing troops are still in retreat, as long as a few thousand full Mongolian cavalry is gathered, Aobai can hold his position, and no matter how bad it is, it will force the Taiping army to give up chasing and killing the defeated Qing army, so that the Taiping army will not be able to obtain it. The greater the victory, after all, their strength is limited. At this moment, it is a full-scale counterattack. The number of troops and horses that can be mobilized is only more than 10,000, while the opponents are mostly cavalry. If one is not careful, it is very likely that the Qing army will come out with a counterattack. In this case, the consequences will be much more serious.

Fortunately, the cavalry of the Taiping Army arrived in time, and they drove thousands of defeated soldiers to this direction, which shocked the Manchu cavalry who had finally gathered. Seeing the arrival of reinforcements from the Taiping Army, Wuerte and the others also became more and more courageous, rushing towards the chaotic Qing army. Under the interference of the front and rear pincers and a large number of defeated soldiers, no matter how brave Aobai was, he was more than enough to this chaos and had to order a retreat.

Just when Ao Bai gritted his teeth and ordered to retreat, someone in the chaotic army suddenly shouted: “Prince Pingnan is dead, Prince Pingnan is dead!”

Belle Tuntai, who was running away on a horse, was startled by the shout. He knew that the Prince of Pingnan was Shang Zhixiao, who was named General of Zhennan by the emperor. Since Shang Kexi and monk Zhixin and his son died in Guangdong for the Qing Dynasty, although the emperor did not directly hand over Shang Kexi’s Pingnan prince to Shang Zhixiao, he tacitly accepted the identity of Shang Zhixiao’s Pingnan prince. Tun Tai is sure that if there are no accidents in the future, Shang Zhixiao will most likely inherit the Prince of Pingnan without even having to exert pressure from the Queen Mother.

King Sanshun made great contributions to the Qing Dynasty. Kong Youde died in the battle in Guilin. Only one daughter, Kong Sizhen, was there, so he could not attack the king. Nor will he recognize his King of Jingnan again. In addition to Shang Zhixiao, the entire family of the Shang family was killed in Guangdong. It can be said that the Haicheng Shang family is now the only seedling of Shang Zhixiao. If he dies, the Haicheng Shang family will be the real genocide. In the words of the Han people , that is, cut off offspring.

Compared with Geng Zhongming’s suicide in fear of crime and Geng Jimao’s betrayal and surrender, the Shang family has a very high status in Shunzhi’s mind. It is not an exaggeration to describe the Shang family as full of loyalty and fierceness. The reason why he was named General Zhennan.

Ao Bai didn’t know that Shang Zhixiao was dead, and even if he knew, he couldn’t care about it. Tuntai was eager to escape, so how could it be possible to retrieve Shang Zhixiao’s corpse. Besides, since the Taiping army crossed the river, there have been three Gushan’e killed in the Qing Dynasty, not to mention the two princes who died in the south.

None of the generals of Man and Mongolia stayed half a step because of Shang Zhixiao’s death. Several generals of the Green Camp, such as Liu Dou, the admiral of Zhili, Liu Zhaolin, the commander of Shandong, were also too busy to take care of themselves and had no time to take care of the matter. On the other hand, Zu Zeqing, who was also born in the Han army, was faintly sad when he heard that Shang Zhixiao died in battle. This ancestor Zeqing was the son of Zu Dashou who surrendered to the Qing Dynasty during the Chongzhen period, and Wu Sangui, the king of Pingxi, was his cousin. After Zu Dashou surrendered to the Qing Dynasty, Zu Zeqing also returned to the Qing court with his father. Relying on his father’s Yin and his own ability, he was promoted repeatedly and is now a member of the Han army’s red flag.

Zu Zeqing is sad and sad, but Shang Zhi’s filial piety is dead, and he can’t do anything. Seeing from a distance that the banner of Prince Wu Keshan of Horqin was heading north, he did not hesitate to raise his whip to the north. He didn’t run with Ao Bai, but with Wu Keshan and the others.

No one cared about the death of Prince Pingnan’s son, only a few slaves from the Liaodong family of the Shang family.

When Zu Zeqing beat Ma Beiben, when Shang Zhixiao went to Beijing, Shang Kexi gave him all the slaves who were holding Shang Zhixiao’s corpse and weeping bitterly. She cried so hard that she was unpretentious, just like dead parents.

In fact, Shang Zhixiao shouldn’t have died. If he didn’t lead his troops to support the Aobai Central Army and fled north directly, he would have run away a few miles long ago. However, Shang Zhixiao is a man of flesh and blood. The Taiping Army has a grudge against him for killing his father and brother, more for killing his mother (his mother committed suicide), and a grudge against the whole family. As the only one in the Shang family in Haicheng His descendants, as the prince of Pingnan, the monstrous hatred made him not afraid of the Taiping army at all. There was only hatred in his eyes and only anger in his heart.

He led the Han army to rescue the central army of Obai, and personally killed a white flag soldier who was in chaos. He could break through the white flag soldiers in person and meet Aobai, but he didn’t want to have a group of cavalry from the Taiping Army behind him. .

The Han army under Shang Zhixiao was not the elite of the Han army under his father Shang Kexi’s Pingnan domain, but a few Niu Lu newly transferred from Liaodong a few years ago. They were all ordinary Han people who were captured outside the customs during the Chongzhen period. These Han troops were also called slaves by the Qing court. Originally, they were only cultivating land in Liaodong. However, due to the war in the south, the Han army’s Eight Banners suffered serious losses. This battle is also the first time for these Han troops to go into battle, so the battlefield experience is very lacking.

The subordinates who were running around scattered Shang Zhixiao and his loyal family slaves. Although those family slaves bravely blocked the Taiping army and tried to rush over to protect their master, they couldn’t stop the whistling and slashing with sabres. The slaughtering Taiping army.

When several domestic slaves finally found their master, they found that their master had died under the sword of the Taiping Army. The corpse may have been stepped on by a horse, and none of the bones in the body are intact, and it feels soft to the touch. After the death of a person with unbroken bones, his whole body is as hard as ice. Shang Zhixiao’s head was stepped into the mud by the war horse, and his face was completely different. If it weren’t for the general Zhennan uniform on his body, several domestic slaves might not recognize their young master.

“My lord, we are sorry for you!”

A domestic slave cried in a mess when he thought of the scene when King Pingnan entrusted them to protect the second son. The rest of the family-born slaves also burst into tears and wept. They were saddened that after the second son’s death, there would be no more incense in the Haicheng family, and there would be no descendants in the Pingnan Palace. How could they, the slaves of the Shang family, have any face to see the prince under Jiuquan, and their father and grandfather under Jiuquan.

“Nan Manzi, I fought with you!”

One of the family slaves swung a knife and rushed towards a group of Taiping soldiers who were running towards him. The rest of the family slaves also turned their grief into strength and rushed forward with weapons. The masters are dead, and they don’t want to live anymore.

After shouting for a while, several corpses fell in a pool of blood.

Teams of Taiping troops walked past Shang Zhixiao’s body and charged towards the north.

The Haicheng family is dead, and the children and grandchildren are cut off.

The Eight Great Families of the Han Army lost one family. (To be continued.)

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