Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 871 Wind Shakes the Barley

With the sound of “Boom”, not to mention that the ears of the Qing soldiers under the medicine bag were instantly deafened, even the Qing soldiers more than ten meters away were also hit hard by a hammer on their ears, and they were extremely painful.

The position of Mongolian Zuoling Nade Datu was more than seven or eight feet away from where the medicine bag exploded. He was not bombed by the medicine bag, but his ears were buzzing. It wasn’t until the stabbing pain subsided a little that he reacted, and then he screamed in fright.

Naddatu couldn’t help screaming because he saw a terrifying scene. In front of him, there were originally hundreds of soldiers who were charging, but now only four of them are still standing there, and the rest fell to the ground, silently, as if they were instantly frozen on the ground by magic. No screaming, no struggling, no moving, just lying on the ground quietly. There were no wounds on their bodies, no lead guns, and everything looked as if they were asleep.

No one could see the facial expressions of the Qing soldiers lying on the ground, but those Qing soldiers with their backs turned up had their eyes wide open, but the beads of those eyes could no longer be moved. If they dissect their corpses now, they will find that none of their internal organs are intact, and their internal organs have been shattered. When many Qing soldiers heard the explosion, their hearts contracted violently and then stopped suddenly.

The four Mongolian soldiers still standing there looked even more frightening, and their eyes, noses, and ears were bleeding out. A few lines of blood formed several blood lines on their faces, like that, it was real bleeding from the seven orifices, but they didn’t realize it and just stood there blankly. After standing up for a few breaths, the four Qing soldiers fell to the ground at the same time, and they were never seen to stand up again.

That scene made Nade Datu’s scalp tingle. With an explosion, hundreds of Qing soldiers lost their lives, and the power was so great that the gunners who were fired in the pit were dumbfounded.

The Qing soldiers in the rest of the directions heard the loud explosion, but they had no time to react. The first explosion sounded like a signal, and after that, another medicine bag fell from the air at a distance of tens of meters. In the sound of “whoosh, whoosh”, the medicine packets in succession made an arc in the air, and then slanted down. Either explode in mid-air, or explode on the ground. One after another, the explosions continued, but no one could hear the screams.

As far as the naked eye can see, all that can be seen is a group of dense Qing soldiers falling to the ground, and the war horses also suddenly stopped there, but they could no longer make a neigh. From east to west, on a three-mile-long front, the Qing soldiers fell to the ground piece by piece like a wave of wind blowing wheat. The movements are like rehearsals, and like a ruler swiping, where the ruler reaches, the living people and animals are no longer there.



The huge power of the flying thunder cannon made the morale of the Taiping army high. The gunners in the pit excitedly refilled the medicine bag into the barrel, and then ignited excitedly. When the medicine bag was shot from the large iron barrel, the sound was not like the sound of a cannon popping, nor was it like an ordinary explosion. It was muffled with a scream, which sounded very strange.

Flying thunder cannons were placed about every 30 meters or so, and 300 flying thunder cannons were lined up on the position, and they were divided into several columns before and after. The medicine bag in front was shot out, and just after it exploded, the medicine bag in the back went up to the sky. It looks patchy, and within the effective range of 150 meters, it does not miss a dead angle. Some medicine packs were hit far and fell directly more than 100 meters away, while others fell seventy or eighty meters away. But no matter where it fell, the amazing power after the explosion would make the Qing army terrified.

The dense explosions that sounded above the midline made the Qing troops on both flanks look at them subconsciously, and the Taiping troops who were fighting with them were no exception, and turned their heads subconsciously one by one. Their eyes saw the same scene, but one side was trembling on ice, while the other was like a spring breeze.

When one of the packs hit the ground, the leads on it were still burning. A Manchu soldier was stunned by the horrors of the Qing soldiers around him, and he didn’t even know how to step on the lead. A Han soldier from the Green Battalion rushed up, but when he touched the lead with his hand, the lead was already submerged in the medicine bag. With a loud “Boom”, the Green Battalion soldier was ejected and smashed heavily on the Manchurian soldier, and then the two flew into the distance one after the other. When they landed, the Han soldier had already died, but the Man soldier was still a little conscious. He could clearly feel the sound of the Han soldier’s body smashing his front sternum.

The Qing soldiers went crazy, not crazy, but frightened by the explosion of the medicine bag and the tragic state of their companions. They don’t know what the falling thing is, they only know that once the thing rings, there will be no more living people under it.

Cannons are not guns, and guns are not guns, but they shattered the internal organs of people, shook them to death, and bleed to death.

“Retreat, retreat!”

The Qing army that was not within the range of the flying thunder cannons collapsed collectively~www.mtlnovel.com~ Thousands of people were killed collectively in front of their eyes. No matter how daring and brave people were, the scene would be terrified. Because they have no means of restraint, there are many dangerous things in this world, but as long as there is a way to break it, people are afraid, but in the end they can fight hard. However, this medicine bag that fell from the sky is incomprehensible, and the lethality it brings is really beyond the human knowledge of firearms in this era. Therefore, whether it is Man Meng or Han Lu, the Qing army chose to retreat. None of them wanted to be shocked to death by that strange medicine bag.

Just now, the Qing army attacked wildly, causing the Taiping army to retreat step by step. In order to achieve the final victory, more than 10,000 Qing troops rushed forward for several miles. In some places, the Qing army was directly crowded together. Although this made people feel powerful when things went well, it would also make the enemy look terrified. Now, the number of people scared to death has become the biggest trouble for the Qing army to retreat.

The Qing soldiers were crowded together, everyone wanted to turn around, and everyone wanted to run first, but as a result, no one could move, and the scene was very chaotic. On the three-mile-long front, the Taiping army’s medicine bags kept falling, forming a vacuum zone three miles long and more than 100 meters wide. There were only dead bodies and no living people in that area. To the north of the vacuum belt, there are tens of thousands of Qing soldiers who were busy retreating and fleeing for their lives.

The Taiping Army’s sorcery was still in use, and the loud noise kept coming from behind. The Qing soldiers fell into despair, and panic and fear were spreading rapidly. They don’t even know how many people died under the sorcery, they just know that they have to leave here quickly. The Manchurian generals took the lead and ran to the rear, and the Beiletun Tai, who was admired by Obai, abandoned even the horses, which would follow hundreds of Manchu soldiers running on the corpses. The Qing army on the central line fell into a collective chaos, like a battalion roaring at night, and the chaos that exploded the nest

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