Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 867 Murderer has power

The Qing army’s attack became more and more frantic, and more and more troops were invested. All the units of the Taiping Army were retreating step by step.

Although the Qing army was amazed at the powerful firearms of the Taiping Army, firearms had a fatal disadvantage, that is, they could not be used for too long, otherwise they would heat up like the barrels of artillery, and the medicine would explode as soon as it was loaded.

Nowadays, many Taiping soldiers who are armed with guns only feel that the gun barrels in their hands are too hot, and the barrels of the flintlock guns that can fire continuously are also hot. There have been several incidents of self-exploding gun barrels, which made the gunmen of the Taiping Army unable to Inadvertently using the firearm in his hand, the rate of fire and firepower are weakened. And the artillery side is even more so, some of the artillery has been urinated several times by the gunner.

The battle was fierce, and I have to say that with less than 20,000 troops against more than 50,000 Qing troops, it is a miracle that the Taiping army has not collapsed until now. The reason why this miracle can occur is the influence of the myth of the Taiping army’s invincibility since it became an army. If there were no previous almost undefeated battles, in this fierce battle, with fewer hits and more battles, the Taiping Army would not be able to achieve this level.

After all, to put it bluntly, the Taiping army did not have many advantages over the Qing army. Part of the reason for Zhou Shixiang’s personal leadership charm and the use of historical knowledge to exploit the Qing army’s loopholes is the effect of killing. When the Taiping army was used to taking pride in beheading the Qing army prisoners, the Qing army’s confidence and arrogance towards the Ming army in the past naturally appeared in the Taiping army. In the simplest terms, what the Taiping Army and the Qing Army are doing now is a competition, and whoever kills more people. The one who kills the most naturally has the advantage. But this advantage obviously has limitations. When the enemy is too strong, this advantage will cease to exist.

“Master, it’s time to dispatch the cavalry.”

The military officer Guo Xiong saw that the towns couldn’t stop retreating and the defense lines kept losing. He was very worried and couldn’t help suggesting to Zhou Shixiang to dispatch a reserve team. In addition to the iron guards, the reserve team consisted of 3,000 cavalry drawn from various towns. Once the reserve team is thrown into the battlefield, it means that the battle has come to the last minute, and it also means that Zhou Shixiang has no more troops to adjust.

Zhou Shixiang was calm, he shook his head, and said to Guo Xiong: “I know what you are worried about, but you can still stand up ahead. The Qing army’s attack is fierce, but it can’t be said to have achieved much victory, wait… Let Ao Bai cast more people. The reserve team is the bottom of our pressure box and cannot be released easily. The coach still has a killer in his hand. Once it works, the reserve team is a weapon for us to expand our results. “

Guo Xiong was slightly startled after hearing this. Under such a fierce attack by the Qing army, he did not use the reserve team. Is there a more important moment than now? He was very puzzled. He was very worried that if he did not join the reserve team, not only the center line, but also the two flanks might be breached by the Qing army, which would inevitably lead to a major defeat. At that time, even if the commander can escape back to Jiangnan by water, the tens of thousands of soldiers who crossed the river will probably be wiped out here.

Zhou Shixiang glanced at Guo Xiong and said to him: “I can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry, now let Ao Bai feel that he has used his coupons.” All the troops and horses are all thrown in.

Guo Xiong thought of the unconscionable cannons that the commanders brought by the navy called him, he nodded and said nothing. It’s just that he has doubts in his heart. The iron barrels brought by the commander can really make the Qing army defeat and make them cry and howl? If those iron barrels can’t stop the Qing army, then this decisive battle is doomed to be lost. This defeat is not only the first defeat since the Taiping Army became an army, but it may also bring the rejuvenation of the southern capital to nothing.

Daming couldn’t afford this price, and the Taiping Army couldn’t even afford it. It’s just that the commander insisted on doing this, and he believed that those big iron barrels could make the Qing army shudder and collapse. As a subordinate, Guo Xiong could only choose to believe it. After all, since the formation of the army, everything the commander did, at least for now, Haven’t failed yet.

Zhou Shixiang seemed to have seen through Guo Xiong’s thoughts, and said calmly: “Don’t be dry, as a military officer, you have to be calm… Although the Qing army is crazy enough, we haven’t completely collapsed. , wait, wait, wait…”

Zhou Shilian said, “Wait a second.” Guo Xiong had nothing to say. Now all he can do is to watch the battlefield from the Tianzhong Tower and let his fate be resigned. He has done everything he can, and God knows what the result will be.


Aobai keenly seized the space where the Taiping army could not stop retreating~www.mtlnovel.com~ and cast all his elite soldiers and horses into it. While he was sad, he was also satisfied. The casualties were a little bigger, but I could finally see the hope of victory, and it did not live up to the master’s high hopes. As long as you win the thief and talent, even if you still can’t cross the river to recover Jiangning for the time being, you can at least make the situation turn to the good side of the Qing Dynasty, instead of being as depressed as before. This is very important for the Qing Dynasty, and it is a matter of life and death for Manchuria.

Seeing that the firepower of the Taiping army in front of him became sparse, Belletuntai couldn’t hide his excitement. He waved his hand forward again, and thousands of Qing troops launched a more ferocious offensive. The offensive was so violent that Tun Tai thought that he was the general of the Taiping Army, and it was hard to resist.

Left, center, right, three directions, tens of thousands of Qing troops rushed to kill at the same time, one team after another, leaving no spare force, just to completely crush the Taiping army.

The Green Battalion and the Han Army, who were forced to stand at the forefront, were not without resentment. They suffered the most casualties, but no matter how much resentment, under the oppression of the Manchurian soldiers, they could only bite the bullet and move forward. Their reason tells them that their best choice now is to move forward bravely and completely defeat the Taiping bandits, rather than preserve their strength or shrink back.

The dense Qing army rushed through a tomb, passed over the simple obstacles set up by the Taiping army, and devoured their positions bit by bit. As the battle continued, the misfire of the Taiping army’s gunmen was no longer an exception, but became the norm.


The people were taken back to the village at three o’clock, and now they are directly placed on the ground floor (custom) to wait for death, and they will die at any time. I took time to come back to catch up on the draft, because I don’t know how many days it will take to go, so someone has to read it 24 hours a day, and it is estimated that I will be able to read it tomorrow night. There are really few updates during this time. Please understand that once you are busy, you will definitely make up for it. (To be continued.)

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