Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 866 never die

When the Qing army in Sanwan launched a large-scale deployment, Ao Bai wanted to use the superior cavalry to attack the Taiping army defense line, and then the infantry moved in and defeated the enemy in one fell swoop. However, the area around Sanwan and Gaomin Temple is the intersection of the Yizhen River and the ancient canal, which is a triangular area, which is not suitable for the Qing army to charge. Therefore, after the battle began, the cavalry of the Qing army could not exert their advantages and did not achieve the big victory that Ao Bai expected. Ao Bai had to order the cavalry to withdraw, and instead use the infantry brigade of the Han army and the Green Battalion to compete with the Taiping army. On the square kilometer of land, there was a **** battle that had never been seen since the Qing army entered the customs.

The Qing army attacked the defense lines of the first town and the second town of the Taiping Army at the same time. Relying on the advantage of the large number of people, they were divided into several large squares and lined up to suppress the Taiping Army. It didn’t take long for the Qing army to make rapid progress in the middle route, and the troops and horses on both flanks were stubbornly withstood by the Taiping army, causing a large number of Qing troops to advance along the middle line. Viewed from the sky above the battlefield, the Taiping army’s front was in a “concave” shape. glyph.


On the defense line of the second town, the dry grass and branches on the ground were burning fiercely, and the corpses were lying on the ashes. If someone hadn’t moved occasionally, no one would believe that there would still be living people here. .

There are more than a dozen graves on the edge of the defense line of the Second Town A Brigade, surrounded by fertile fields. One of the tombs looked very new, and there were traces of burning paper money on it. It was a new tomb that was buried not long ago. A solid iron bullet landed on the new grave, slicing off the head of the grave, and more and more shells fell, smashing the dozen or so graves into disrepair. I don’t know what to think about the bones buried below.

Around these dozen or so tombs, the Ming and Qing sides fought fiercely. The Qing army kept coming up, and the attack seemed to be endless. More than 2,000 Xuzhou soldiers piled hundreds of corpses in this dead area, but they were still unable to occupy the place. They kept coming up, and they kept being beaten back. The wounded soldiers were screaming miserably under the graves, and no one could save them. The living Xuzhou soldiers seemed to be numb. Driven by the soldiers, they went up and down, down and up again. Every time they opened their legs and walked forward, they didn’t know if they could go back alive.

The deeper the Qing army penetrated the central line, the more intense the resistance of the Taiping army. The Taiping army on both flanks fought even more fiercely, causing the battalions transferred from the north to lose their combat effectiveness. In the end, the Han army went into battle, and the Mongolian soldiers also went up. The Manchu disciples who put them up voted for them. The soldiers of the two yellow flags also pressed up, and they were hanging far behind. Some Niu Lu rode horses to supervise the battle, and some Niu Lu got off the horse directly, picked up their big bows, and shot a round towards the Taiping army line. round of arrows.

The Taiping army retreated steadily and resisted, and every time the Qing army advanced, they had to pile down piles of corpses. The artillery behind the Taiping army’s defense line has been firing non-stop, and the cannons that fell from the sky made every advancing Qing soldier nervously face the Taiping army in front of him. The iron ball fell, smashing him to pieces.

The Man and Mongolian children who have never been on the battlefield before may not have a deep feeling, but those Man and Mongolian officers and old soldiers who have fought with the Ming army will all be shocked, because they have never seen that a firearm can be Fighting so intensively and constantly, the Ming army.

Round shot!

The generals of the Manchu and Mongolia saw that the firearms of the Taiping army were not that advanced. The firearms of the Han army were similar to theirs, but the Taiping army did not shoot in a single salvo like the Han army did when they faced each other, and then hurriedly charged and fought again. The gunmen were divided into several teams, and each team was fired in turn and continued, creating a barrage that seemed to never break through. Every time the barrage was pushed back by one point, they had to pay considerable casualties.

Half of the Han troops who participated in the war were children of Liaodong, but it is not correct to say that they were children of Liaodong, because many of their fathers and ancestors were taken away from the customs by the Qing soldiers twenty or thirty years ago. Some were civilians of the Ming Dynasty, some were military frontier troops, and some were descendants of the surrendered Ming army.

In this decisive battle, Shunzhi transferred more than 7,000 Han troops to Sanwan, but the number of Han troops who used firearms was less than 1,000. The reason for this is that all the firearms of the Qing Dynasty were concentrated in the hands of King Sanshun, and with the death of Shang Kexi and Geng Jimao, the destruction of Wuzhenchaoha artillery in Guangdong made it almost impossible for the Qing Dynasty to use it. Organised artillery or firearms. On the other hand, the Manchu Qing did not pay much attention to firearms, but now, the Manchu and Mongolian generals, including Aobai, are deeply aware of the need to strengthen the firearms of the Qing army, otherwise ~www.mtlnovel.com~ Will be hard to hit.

Looking at the soldiers of the Manchu and Mongolia who were beaten with heavy casualties by the Taiping weapons, Ao Bai’s heart was bleeding, and he couldn’t help thinking that it would be great if the Wuzhenha Chaojun hadn’t been annihilated in Guangdong, otherwise, the artillery fire of the Qing Dynasty would definitely No weaker than the Taiping Bandit. It’s a pity that those children of the Liaodong Han army are gone.

The faces of the Manchu generals watching the battle were twitching slightly, and Belle Tuntai, who was leading the troops on the front line, also sighed immediately, but after sighing, he still ordered a charge, because he had to do it, and he would never admit Man Meng. The disciples thought that their proud riding and archery would lose to Mingren, who they never looked up to, to burn fire sticks. If the firearms of the Ming army are really powerful, the Qing Dynasty will not enter the customs!


Ge Yi stood on a haystack piled up by the villagers, holding a telescopic mirror to observe the Qing army’s offensive. Seeing the tide-like offensive of the Qing army, Rao was not afraid of the sky and earth, and at this moment he was a little scared. He thought that his first town could completely withstand the attack of the Qing army, but now it seems that he is too optimistic. If the Qing army continued to charge in such a desperate and frenzied manner, he believed that the first town might not be able to hold on.

Ao Bai was like crazy, and he kept throwing troops and horses on it. Although the casualties of the Qing army were large, the casualties of the Taiping army were not small. The posture of the two sides made it clear that they would never die.


There is something at home these days, and now it’s the patient’s business, but be prepared for a funeral at any time. Of course, not the immediate family of the bones, but the wife’s grandmother. But my father-in-law went early, and I only have one daughter, so I definitely can’t do it without money or effort. People are in the hospital now, and they are going to go back the day after tomorrow to prepare for the funeral. I am saving the manuscript, so the update is a little less, mainly because I am afraid that the update will be broken when the funeral is held. Of course, there is a slight chance that I will post more. (To be continued.)

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