Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 865 The man with the old white flag turned upside down

At the same time Mo Luohong cried out, an earth-shattering voice sounded from the south. Every Qing soldier in Daijiazhuang could feel the sound, it was the sound of cavalry rushing towards. In sight, the cavalry of the Taiping Army was chasing after the retreating Qing army and slashing wildly. Thousands of Qing troops ran desperately towards Daijiazhuang’s side like this, and none of them turned around to stop them.

The flag of the upright yellow flag, the flag inlaid with the yellow flag, the flag of the upright red flag, the green flag…

The Manchus, Mongolians, the Han army, and the Green Battalion, all of them were running, running at the fastest speed. Behind them were the Taiping Army who were biting like wolves.

This sudden scene shocked the thousands of Qing troops in Daijiazhuang. The soldiers who responded did not wait for the Shangguan to give an order, and ran north with a hula.

“Failed, defeated!”

Dozens of Henan battalions shouted loudly as they ran. The Qing troops who had fled to Daijiazhuang were not lucky to be saved when they found the soldiers and horses in front of them. Instead, they continued to run forward without even looking at these dumbfounded friendly troops. They used their milk strength to run past the friendly army who had just won a big victory. No one looked left or right. Their eyes were only in one direction, north.

“Failed, defeated, retreat, retreat!”

A man with a yellow flag in Manchuria gave a kind reminder when he passed a group of Mongolian soldiers on horseback. The Mongolian soldier’s face changed greatly, and the leader, the leader, pulled the horse’s head and ran without saying a word.

Chang Adai felt that he was going crazy. The Chinese army had far more soldiers and horses than himself, so how could he be defeated!

He beat the horse to intercept Tong Yonggui, the deputy capital of Zhenghuang Banner, who had escaped, and asked him loudly what was going on.

Yong Gui knew the former prince, the current Dorobel Chang Adai, he restrained his horse, and shouted to Chang Adai with lingering fears: “The Taiping bandits have used sorcery, we can’t beat them, many people have died, and we are defeated. !”


Chang Adai froze there, is there still magic in this world?

When he was in a daze, Yong Gui shouted again with a sad face: “Master Baylor, run away, the old white flag’s people turned back, they led the Taiping Kou to Yangzhou!”

This news made Chang Adai like five thunders.

“Where’s Aobai? Where’s Aobai!”

Chang Adai couldn’t believe it. He wanted to ask Yonggui where Aobai was. In the line of sight, Yonggui had already driven away, and soon disappeared from the defeated soldiers who had fled.

damn it!

Chang Adai clenched his teeth and cursed, but the defeat was like a mountain, and tens of thousands of soldiers and horses collapsed, and he couldn’t stop the avalanche.

The defeat of the main force of Aobai was a catastrophic blow to the Qing Dynasty, and it was a fatal blow to Chang Adai. Most of the Manchu and Mongolian soldiers under his command fled north with the defeated soldiers, and the rest were caught off guard. Don’t know how to deal with it either.

Chang Adai only felt cold in his hands and feet, and a chill hit his heart.

Mo Luohong came over on horseback and persuaded Chang Adai to withdraw quickly before the Taiping army rushed forward, otherwise it would be all over. Chang Adai was shocked and immediately ordered to retreat. At this time, he can’t help but withdraw. If he withdraws early, he will be able to reorganize the troops and horses that escaped. He can gather as much as he can at that time. Light is better. More importantly, he had to rush back to Yangzhou immediately. If the old Baiqi’s people cheated and opened Yangzhou City, the emperor would be in danger!

Tong Guowei, Gang Atai and others had already run away. They didn’t even have the idea of ​​reuniting with Chang Adai. The moment the defeated soldiers of the brigade arrived at Daijiazhuang, they turned their horses and ran away.

There were Qing troops running for their lives everywhere. Thousands of Qing troops poured out from Daijiazhuang and ran towards Li Kuangming, Yu Youming and others. After discovering that there were still Taiping troops in front of them, the defeated soldiers hurriedly went to the two wings as if they had seen a ghost. Even though there were only a few hundred Taiping troops, but there were tens of thousands of them, none of the officers waved their swords and ordered them to come forward. Kill the Taiping Army. They just run, run desperately, and run out of breath.

Hundreds of exhausted Taiping troops just stood there in a daze, watching the Qing troops rushing in like a tidal wave and fleeing towards the north from both sides of them. They separated the river like a boulder.

“Damn it…”

Wang Guotai’s mouth was wide open, and Yu Youming was in a daze with his spear. He grew up so big. He had seen a Qing soldier collapsed, but he had never seen a Qing soldier collapsed to such a degree. Teams of Manchu and Mongolian cavalry galloped past them on horses, and none of the Manchu and Mongolian soldiers on the horse stopped, and none of them put an arrow into the Taiping army’s formation. They were only beating the horses fiercely.

“Array, stop them!”

Li Kuangming, the deputy general, realized that the Qing army was defeated, how could they escape. The officers and soldiers immediately came to their senses. Those who let go of their guns and those who supported Lang Xian supported Lang Xian, and they captured a Qing army of more than a thousand people in one fell swoop. After the Qing army was stopped, no one was able to exert the courage to work hard, and they did not care about the companions who were shot and wounded, and only ran in the direction where there was no Taiping army. They pushed and trampled each other, and finally, six or seven hundred Qing soldiers fell to the ground in despair. They also don’t have to throw away their weapons, because they’ve long been out of weapons.

Li Kuangming did not dare to order the slaughter of these prisoners, because there were still many defeated Qing troops coming here. After all, the Qing army had a large number of people, even if they had no military heart, they would only be a few hundred people.

After discovering that the Taiping Army did not kill any prisoners, more and more Qing soldiers who could not run were either kneeling or sitting on the ground to surrender, and they were too lazy to run.

When the Taiping cavalry from the rear crossed Daijiazhuang and arrived, Li Kuangming and the hundreds of people actually captured six or seven times more Qing soldiers than they did.

Chang Adai ran out, and he, Mo Luohong, Esen and other generals of Man and Mongolia took six or seven hundred cavalry all the way to Baozhuang, which was more than ten miles away from Daijiazhuang. There, they met with more than 2,000 defeated Qing troops who were breathing. At this moment, the Qing army all shuddered at the scene just now, and the word Chang Adai heard the most was the word “witchcraft”.

“Baylor, where are we going?”

Esen, who had regained his composure a little, raised a thorny question, because according to the Manchurian soldiers who had retreated from Gaomin Temple, after the rebellion of the Laobaiqi soldiers, they immediately destroyed the Chinese army camp of Aobai, and then the Taiping army was completely destroyed. The army covered up and killed the Chinese army, which had been severely damaged by their sorcery. In the chaos, some people saw the soldiers of the old white flag go to Yangzhou. Counting the time, I am afraid that this will all arrive at the city of Yangzhou. If the people of the old white flag cheated and opened Yangzhou City, and the Eight Banners in the city were not guarded, I am afraid that the entire army would be wiped out, and going to Yangzhou would definitely be a death sentence. But if Yangzhou is still there, the Taiping army will gather in the city and go to Yangzhou to die. That damned witchcraft and the chaos of the old white flag had knocked down the morale of the soldiers in Mongolia to zero. All they wanted was to run for their lives, not to have the courage to fight the Taiping bandits to the death.

“Go to Yangzhou!”

Esen thought that Chang Adai would say not to go to Yangzhou~www.mtlnovel.com~ run north, go to Henan, go to Xuzhou, anyway, as long as there is a way back to Beijing, he did not want Chang Adai but said to go to Yangzhou.

“Go to Yangzhou?” Mo Luohong looked puzzled.

“If you don’t go to Yangzhou, do you think we still have a way to live?”

After listening to Chang Adai’s words, all the generals of Mongolia and Mongolia trembled slightly. The emperor was in Yangzhou. If the emperor was buried, they might really have no way to survive.

No one objected to Chang Adai’s order, more than 3,000 Manchu and Mongolian soldiers rushed to Yangzhou immediately after recovering their strength.

In Daijiazhuang, Yu Youming cried with tears in his arms while holding his father’s body. On the Tianzhong Tower, after receiving the news of Yu Shizhong’s death in battle, Zhou Shixiang was speechless for a long time, and finally sighed.

Obai also sighed. He ran out of the Sanwan camp under the **** of Goshha, but he wanted to die on the way, but he wanted to know what the Taiping bandit’s sorcery was. If he doesn’t understand this thing, he will not be reconciled to death.

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