Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 859 Don't let the South Barbarians go!

Hailuhun was already a prancing horse rushing towards Yu Youming, and the big knife in his hand slashed towards Yu Youming with the sound of the wind. Yu Youming saw something wrong in the eyes of Man Bing on the opposite side, and slammed the spear backwards, with a “beep” sound, Hailuhun’s big knife slashed heavily on the gun barrel, the gun barrel sank heavily, and then divided into two parts. , the big knife slashed at Yu Youming’s back with its spare strength, slashed the armor on his back chest, and tore a long **** opening, but he failed to kill him with one stroke.

Yu Youming groaned, a mouthful of blood spit out from his mouth, and the whole person fell off the horse. After landing, he rolled quickly, avoiding the spear that was pierced by another Manchu soldier. Another Manchu soldier slashed at him with a knife. At the critical moment, Yu Youming actually touched a corpse and dragged it in front of him, blocking the knife for him.

Hailuhun’s blow did not kill the young Nanmanzi. In a rage, he held the horse’s belly between his legs, raised his horse to urge the knife, and rushed towards Yu Youming again. Yu Youming slammed his legs back on the ground, and Hailu urged the horse to step on it. Seeing that the horse’s hoof was about to step on it, the warhorse neighed in the air, but it was Yu Youming who stabbed the half-truncated spear in his hand. into the belly of the horse.

Hailuhun’s warhorse went mad with pain, and threw the horse Hailuhun off. Hailu was thrown into the sky, and when he stood up, he was dizzy, and there seemed to be several people in front of him. He stood there, his head was dizzy, and he really couldn’t move a step under his feet. When he finally woke up a little, he heard the screams in his ears. He turned his face and saw that a large knife slashed directly on his left shoulder, removing his left shoulder together with the armor.

Hailuhun hugged his broken arm and screamed in agony, but Wang Guotai ignored the still-dead Manchu Tartar, and rushed to rescue Yu Youming. Yu Youming, who had lost his mount and was injured, was chased and killed by two Manchurian Tartars, and blood was dripping from his back, making his whole person red.

When Wang Guotai arrived just in time, a Manchurian soldier was slashed from his horse by him with a knife, and another Manchurian soldier saw this and abandoned Yu Youming with a sword to fight Wang Guotai. At this moment, Yu Youming endured the pain of tearing his back, and with all his might he pushed the young Man Bing off his horse and seized his mount. Several full soldiers saw this scene, but no one dared to go forward to kill the injured Nanmanzi, and ran to the side one by one.

“Master, go on!”

Wang Guotai leaned over and pulled out a spear nailed to the Taiping Army’s corpse on the ground and threw it to Yu Youming. After Yu Youming took it, he ruthlessly raised his spear with the momentum of a horse and stabbed at the man soldiers who landed. That Man Bing was wearing cotton armor, but this spear gathered all of Yu Youming’s strength, plus the thrusting power of the warhorse, and pierced through his chest in one fell swoop. The man soldier howled miserably and fell backwards. Yu Youming wanted to pick up the spear, but he almost took himself down with the draw, and the wound was extremely painful, so he had to abandon the spear and drive out from the crowd of soldiers under the protection of Wang Guotai.

At this time, the battlefield was already a melee, and the second line of defense in the fifth town had been broken through by the Qing army in several places. Inside and outside the Daijia Village, there are soldiers fighting everywhere. In the direction of the military flag where Shizhong was located, there was also a faint sound of shouting and killing.

Yu Youming immediately untied the straps on his legs and restrained the wound with force. He pulled out his saber from his waist and went to help his father, but a group of Manchu cavalrymen shouted and killed him on the left. Yu Youming wanted to compete with them, but the reins were pulled tightly by Wang Guotai.

“Uncle Wang, let me go!”

“Come with me!”

Wang Guotai didn’t say anything, pulled Yu Youming’s warhorse and left. On the way, they met with a guard of Brigade C, and Wang Guotai and Yu Youming rushed to the direction of the military flag with this guard.


After Mo Luohong, deputy commander of the Red Banner of Manchuria, brought four Niulu Manchu soldiers to the battlefield, the retired Inner Mongolia soldiers also re-entered the battlefield under the leadership of Esen. More and more Qing cavalrymen attacked, killed, and disrupted the defense line of Fifth Town on the battlefield. Although a large number of Qing troops were killed and wounded, in the end, due to the disparity in strength, Yu Shizhong could only order all the troops to retreat slowly. Retire to Daijiazhuang to fight the last **** battle with the Qing army by virtue of fortifications and houses in Zhuangzi.

At the Zhenwei Headquarters, Yu Shizhong has ordered the burning of all military exchanges with the military these days, in order to prevent the Qing army from breaking in, and these must be secretly known by the Qing army.

Li Kuangming, the deputy general, persuaded Yu Shizhong to retreat to Gaomin Temple to meet the commander, but Yu Shizhong said that he did not receive the military withdrawal order.

Although the fifth town was retreating, it was clearly advancing and retreating. It was clear which battalion would go first and which battalion would take the lead. Twice, Tong Guowei wanted to take advantage of the situation to cover up, but several rows of guns shot down, stacking hundreds of corpses, scaring the Han troops to subconsciously stay there.

Zheng Huangqi, the leader of Xia Mu, saw that the Taiping army on the battlefield was retreating to Zhuangzi, knowing that if they were allowed to retreat, their cavalry would not be of much use, so he reminded Chang Adai: “Master Baylor, this Zhuangzi’s cavalry will not be of much use. Nanmanzi is really cunning, but we can’t let them retreat, or our cavalry will have nothing to do with them.”

Chang Adai took this seriously, and instructed Xia Muda: “You can bring people up too, let’s eat this Taiping bandit in one rush today, making the emperor happy, and Aobai also knowing the power of our left wing army. .”


Xia Mu Da Zuoji withdrew, and immediately led reinforcements up. On the battlefield, the Henan soldiers of the Qing army suffered the most casualties, because at the beginning of the fight, the battalion of Henan was put at the forefront as cannon fodder, and then it was the Xuanfu soldiers of Gang Atai. Henan Chief Soldier Meng Xiongbi is a member of the Han army with the Yellow Banner. He just took over the Henan Chief Soldier position two months ago. His father, Meng Qiaofang, was a hero of the founding of the Qing Dynasty. After his father’s death, Meng Xiongbi’s first-class title of Adahhafan (Captain of Light Vehicles) was succeeded by Meng Xiongbi, and he was entrusted with a heavy responsibility by the Qing court. In less than 30 years, he became the commander-in-chief of Henan, and over time, he was the same as his father. Of course. Therefore, even if there are only less than 1,000 soldiers left in his hands, Meng Xiongbi still leads his personal soldiers to fight at the forefront. He believes that his efforts will be affirmed by the court, and that he will definitely become the most important member of the Meng family after his father. Promising people.

On the battlefield that stretched for miles, the cries of killing continued, and the sound of guns and guns never stopped. In general, the Qing army was advancing, and the Taiping army was retreating~www.mtlnovel.com~ But Chang Adai found that although the Taiping army was retreating, the following Qing army did not bite them, but was forced away by them. some distance. The three Niulu cavalry with red flags were also maimed by the Taiping army, and they retreated to the northeast. On the contrary, Mo Luohong’s Red Banner Soldiers and Esen’s Mongolian Army will work very hard.

As the Taiping troops retreated more and more to the Daijiazhuang front line where the fortifications were dense, the advantage of the Qing army’s cavalry was gradually diminished. Some of the scattered Taiping troops also gathered into teams, relying on each other to fight and retreat. The cavalry of the Qing army could not gather the Taiping army on a large scale, but the infantry of the Han army and the Green Battalion became more and more important.

“Rush up, don’t let Nan Manzi retreat from the sky!”

Mo Luohong briefly exchanged opinions with Esen, who had brought people there. Both parties believed that the Taiping army could not be allowed to retreat into Zhuangzi from the air, otherwise the subsequent attacks would cause more casualties. At this time, the situation on the battlefield was obviously in favor of the Qing army. The defense lines of the Taiping army were lost everywhere. Although Daijiazhuang could rely on it, it was surrounded by the Qing army. As long as the opponent has no reinforcements, annihilation is inevitable. The question is just how much casualty Chang Adai is willing to pay in exchange for this complete victory.


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