Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 849 Be the official of Ming Dynasty!

“Suna? Which Suna?”

Shao Erdai asked with a burp of wine, and Menduhai cut him a piece of roasted golden mutton.

Gongjian said: “It was Suna who went to Guangzhou with Hahamu, the old surname is Fucha’s family.”

“Suna from Fucha’s family?” Shao Erdai took the mutton from Menduhai, thinking of something, he couldn’t help laughing: “The pimp?”

“It’s not him.”

Gong Jianse also laughed. Suna means a pimp for a dog in Manchu. I didn’t realize it at first, but after I entered Guan and learned about the Han people, this Suna became a pimp. Qi Nei used this to make fun of Suna.

“What’s up with him?”

The python spilled out of his head and felt a little dizzy, but he remembered that there was such a person in the white flag. After he finished speaking, he slapped his forehead and said “hey”: “Suna went to Guangzhou, so he must die?”

“General Hahamu and Ga Lai’e are really dead in Guangzhou, and this Suna can still die…. Drink and drink, and talk about what this dead man does.”

Wu’erte put down the wine bowl in a muffled voice, feeling a little panicked in her heart. The entire city of Guangzhou and Jiangning was slaughtered by Taiping bandits, and the Eight Banners, young and old, died. I don’t know if the Qing Dynasty has been unfavorable for the past few years. Prince Rui will be unfavorable, but when he dies, first Kong Youde and Nikan, then Shang Kexi, Jidu, and the banner leader Yue Le in the front line, the Qing Dynasty is one after another. After the death of the prince, the essence of the land south of the Yangtze River was almost wiped out, and the leaders were all the melon eggs of the clan.

Wu Erte was very touched. The king of trust, Doni, and the king of Heping County, Luo Keduo, did not even confirm whether Wu Sangui was true or not, so he gave up Guiyang and fled back to Baoning all the way to Baoning. The king, even the prince had to be punished and beheaded. But the emperor is better, he just decreed and reprimanded, not how the two princes were, on the contrary, he scolded the princes and generals who died in the south of the Yangtze River in every possible way, and moved their family members. What is even more criticized is that the emperor is not fair to the eight flags and one bowl of water. Any good things are all from the two yellow flags, and all bad things are from other flags. The important positions in the court are also people of the two yellow flags, and the other six flags are only people. How can you be convinced that you can pick up some two yellows and eat the rest?

The emperor is really too young, too young… If it goes on like this, I’m afraid that the Manchurians really can’t sit on the rivers and mountains of his Han people…

Thinking of the faces of the two yellow flags in the daytime, Wuerte became more and more flustered, picked up the wine bowl and took a swig, almost choking. When the officers heard his words, their spirits were a little low, and they would not say anything from afar. In the past half month, they have lost two consecutive times. Thousands of soldiers and soldiers have died. Who would dare to say that there will be no further defeats? If the battle is defeated, people will die. God knows if it will be him who will die next. Unconsciously, there was a little more solemn and sad color in this military tent.

I didn’t want that skill, but shook his head and said to the crowd, “Suna is not dead.”

“not dead?”

Wuer was stunned there, Hahamu and Galaidaogae were both dead, how could Suna be alive.

“He ran back?” Shao Erdai was also surprised that this man was about to run back, why didn’t he hear about it when he was in Beijing.

Gong Jianse shook his head again: “He didn’t come back either.”

“Why didn’t you come back if you didn’t die?” Shao Erdai was confused.

Python came out and said, “Are you caught?”

“This… ah, it’s hard to say…”

Wu Erte was a little unhappy, and said unhappily: “They are all brothers of Lao Qi, there is nothing to say.”

Shao Erdai was also annoyed by Gong Jianse’s appearance, and scolded: “Although we are going to Zhenglan Qi, which one is not from the old white flag, you really regard us as outsiders? … You want to In this way, we will leave now, and in the future you will go with the white flag as your upper three flags, and we will be our lower five flags! … Well water will not violate river water, and old and dead will not communicate with each other!” After speaking, he got up and gestured. If you want to go, you can’t fake it like that, it’s obviously really angry.

The officers of Zhengbaiqi rushed forward and hugged Shao Erdai, persuading me one by one. Shao Erdai only stared at the color of the power, and when he saw the color, he gritted his teeth and said: “Then I will say it. But what I said, everyone has heard it in this account. If it is to be spread, the color of the power will be in my head. Not enough cuts!”

When Gong Jianse said this, even Wuerte felt strange. He didn’t know what Gong Jianse was going to say, and the consequences would be so serious. One by one more curious.

Gong Jianse sat there and took a sip of the wine bowl, calmed down, and slowly glanced at Wuerte and the others, and then said: “Not only is Suna not dead, it will become more developed in the Ming Dynasty. He was made a marquis by the emperor of the Ming Dynasty.”


All the officers were shocked, and Shao Erdai was even more shocked. They couldn’t help but be shocked, because Fenghou was something that Manchurians didn’t even dare to think about.

There are three titles of titles in the Manchu Qing Dynasty, namely, titles of imperial clans, titles of heroes with different surnames, and titles of Mongolians. The royal title is naturally assigned to the Aisin Gioro family. Although Wuerte and the others are also Manchurians, they are not from the Aisin Gioro family, so they have nothing to do with this title, but the Aisin Gioro family was born in a different place. Ask both men and women.

The Mongolian title and Wuerte do not matter, they can only run for the title of hero with different surnames. Enqi Wei Jiu and so on. And these ninth-rank titles, every step may stop them for life. In general, they earn military merit in the banner, and half of their career is the eighth-rank cloud cavalry captain, and one career is the cavalry captain, but often they can’t earn half of their career after working hard for a few years. The reason is nothing more than birth. Many military leaders may only have the title of Captain Cavalry in their lifetime, but Wuerte is now a member of the leadership, but the title on him is only a Captain of Light Vehicles. If you want to be awarded a Baron, it is estimated that he will not be able to be granted the title until he dies. Have. So when they heard that the former fourth leader, Suna, was named a marquis in the Ming Dynasty, could Wuerte and the others not be surprised or envious? Then when Suna was in the flag, he was only the leader of the cloud cavalry captain. He would never think of being a marquis in his life!

“Where did you hear this?” Wuerte tried his best to calm down the shock in his heart and wanted to understand.

“Is this true?”

Shao Erdai and the others also kept their eyes on the skills one by one.

Gong Jianse was silent for a moment, then said, “It was Suna who told me.”

Wu Erte was stunned: “Why did he tell you?” After speaking, he suddenly realized that he lost his voice: “He wants you to cast the light?”

Gong Jianse did not answer this question, but changed Suna’s Han name to Wang Tai in the Taiping Army, was named the Marquis of Xin’an, and now leads the army to guard Suzhou and told Wuerte and his team. After he finished speaking, more than 20 Manchu officers from Zhenglan and Zhengbai did not speak, and the tent was quiet.

After a while, the python spat out the sheep bones in his mouth, and said in a muffled voice, “Suna really had a bad luck, and he was even named a marquis.”

Gong Jianse looked down at the wine bowl, and Shao Erdai and the others also silently looked at the wine bowl on the table. Another leader of Zhengbai Qi, Yue Deji, let out a long sigh and said to Wu Erte: “Actually, the road that Suna has taken may not be impossible for us. To be honest, we old Baiqi people, these Which one in the New Year flag will see us?”

The strong gate Duhai sneered: “It’s not who in the flag wants to see us, it’s the emperor who doesn’t want to see us.”

After hearing this, Wuerte wanted to refute something, but what happened during the day made him unable to refute it.

Gong Jianse raised his head and said to Wuerte, “Wuerte, I told you about beheading, what do you mean?”


Just as Wuerte was about to speak, Shao Erdai slapped the table and scolded: “Damn, we were originally men from the White Mountains and Black Waters, not the servants of his Aixinjueluo family, we really have a good future, why can’t we do it! “

“Which of our ancestors was willing to sacrifice his life for the Xinjueluo family for him? How many of us did he kill when he loved the Xinjueluo family? How can he be the emperor and ride on our heads when he loves the Xinjueluo family? Shit and pee, we can endure it?” Yue Deji stood up swayingly.

The python spilled out and asked, “What benefits does the Ming Dynasty promise us?”

Su Jianse didn’t speak, but gave Chakdan a wink. The latter nodded in understanding, and hurried out of the account. After a while, he came in with two boxes.


The skill made Chakdan open a box in his right hand, and the python spilled out, thinking that it was gold and silver jewelry, but he didn’t want to be a thick pile of paper with words and deed flowers.

“what is this?”

Mangchuu didn’t know much about Chinese characters, but he could understand the numbers printed on these tickets. Wuerte reached out and took out a few sheets to look at under the firelight, but saw the words 5,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan printed on them.

Gong Jianse explained: “This is a silver note from the Taiping Army, which was sent by Suna, totaling 300,000 silver dollars.”

“300,000 silver dollars? 300,000 taels of silver?!” Python Chuchu was so shocked that his tongue was almost sticking out.

Gong Jianse nodded: “These silver dollars are for us, and there is still half of it after the completion of the matter. In the other box is the blank space that the Taiping Army gave us. As long as we are willing to rise up, officials in the north, below the general army. Let us fill it in.” Speaking of which, Gong Jian paused for a while, took out a document from the bottom of the stack of silver notes, and said to everyone: “This document was personally planned by His Royal Highness King Qi of the Ming Dynasty to give us, As long as we put down our names and press our fingerprints, we will be rewarded with this document after the event is completed.”


The eyes of all the Manchu officers fell on the documents in Gong Jianse’s hands, each with red eyes.

Yue Deji struck while the iron was hot and encouraged everyone: “By pressing this fingerprint, we are officials of Daming! It’s better to be named Hou Fengbo than to be viewed as a dog under the banner!”

“Come on, mother, it’s better to be an official in the Ming Dynasty and make a fortune than being bullied by two yellow bastards!”

Zhuangmen Duhai, Dabai, Gaobing Officer Albi and other officers of the white flag stepped forward to sign their Manchu name without saying a word, and then pressed **** the red clay box in Chakdan’s hand, pressing down heavily. on that paper.

The officers of the Zhenglan Banner, such as Shao Erdai and Mangchuan, were also eager to move. They were already oppressed by the people of the two emperors. Now that the Ming Dynasty offered such good conditions, they couldn’t help but be moved. But Wuerte didn’t move. Although they wanted to sign, they could only look at Wuerte and wait for him to speak.

Gong Jianse and Yue Deji and other Zhengbaiqi officers exchanged glances, and asked Wuerte, “Our brothers treat you with sincerity, and think of old Baiqi brothers when there is something good, Wuerte, what do you say, give it a good time!”

Wu Erte took a deep breath, got up and said to them: “This thing can be done, but if we do this thing, what will our family do?”

Saying this, Shao Erdai and the others immediately hesitated. That’s right, wouldn’t the family in Beijing be finished if they had a rebellion~www.mtlnovel.com~Beijing’s family? !

Yue Deji sneered and said to Wu Er, “The emperor died here, and Beijing still loves Xinjueluo’s family?”


Wu Erte frowned slightly, and immediately loosened it abruptly. He took the document from Chakdan, and without looking at it, he picked up the pen and signed his name and pressed his handprint.


Shao Erdai and other Zhenglanqi officers were hesitant, and they all stepped forward to sign.

“I was originally the hereditary official army of Daming, and I was held hostage by old slaves to rebel against Ming. Today, Daming ZTE, I am the true emperor of Daming, and I think it is the merit of a hundred generations!”


The Manchurian officers who signed to rebel were all blushing, and they took their wine bowls and drank them in the tent.


After two days of rain, the rain finally stopped, and there was only a cold wind blowing on the Yizhen River. In the reeds on the north bank, there are lanterns that light up three times, then turn and go out. Soon, a small boat sailed past, and in the dark, a Manchurian officer with braids got on the boat. The boat soon disappeared on the river.

“Master, there is someone from the north.”

Zhou Shixiang, who was sleeping, was woken up by his personal guard Yao Wenlong. When he heard that someone was coming from the north, he ran outside the tent, so that when he got outside the tent, his feet were extremely cold, and he didn’t even wear shoes.

“I have seen Your Highness in the time of slavery!”

“Get up, get up, get up!”

Zhou Shixiang happily lifted up Gong Jianse, who was kneeling on the ground, and welcomed him into the tent. After taking the document full of names and fingerprints from Gong Jianse, Zhou Shixiang couldn’t help laughing, and said to Gong Jianse: “If you can destroy the captive chieftain, you can be the Governor of Jianzhou Guard!”


Author’s Note: The ginseng leader of the Zhenglan Banner, Wuerte, led more than 2,000 soldiers to cause chaos, which was taken from historical facts. The reason is Shunzhi’s Eight Banners discrimination policy. (To be continued.)

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