Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 848 Fidelity Dragon Emperor

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When the Green Camp started, several recruit teams formed after Xinxing were ordered to gather in Dongcheng. Zhou Shixiang’s purpose for bringing the recruits here was very simple, to show them what virtue the flag soldiers were.

Since Li Chengdong led his army into Guangdong in the second year of Yongli (the fifth year of Shunzhi), because his army was originally a peasant army, its combat effectiveness was several times stronger than that of the Nanming official army. The Yongli small court was frightened to flee from Guangdong to Guangxi. Under such circumstances, the people of Guangdong were naturally attracted by the strength of the Qing army, and people at that time called it “the Yankees are tough and invincible”.

Later, in the fourth year of Yongli (the seventh year of Shunzhi), Shang Kexi and Geng Jimao led their Han army flags and entered Guangdong. Although the number of the Han army under the two kings was only a few thousand, they were all Liaodong veterans and their equipment was mainly firearms. Therefore, the combat power is stronger than Li Chengdong’s. After Li Chengdong returned to the Ming Dynasty anyway, his Qing army became the main force of the Guangdong Ming army. Although Li Chengdong’s death caused the Guangdong Ming army to collapse without a leader, the Han army flags and Manchu soldiers that entered Guangdong were also the main reasons for the defeat of the Guangdong Ming army. Afterwards, Li Dingguo attacked Guangdong with tens of thousands of elite soldiers, but he was defeated successively in Zhaoqing and Xinhui.

When Zhou Shixiang was still a scholar at the Xinhui, he often heard people say something like “the green camp can’t be provoked, the flag soldiers can’t be seen, and the full soldiers can’t be heard.” Not even a single glance, and even more full of soldiers, Hugh said to take a look at them, just hearing the word full of soldiers can scare people away, fleeing as far as possible. Otherwise, the family will go bankrupt, and the head will move. Although these three sentences are a bit exaggerated, they can also reveal the extent to which Guangdong people are afraid of the Qing army.

After Xinxing, the newly formed teams of Taiping Battalion are all new soldiers. These soldiers are no less than the veterans who have fought with the Qing army a few times. The subconscious fear of the Qing army is more than the fear of the Taiping army. Therefore, it is necessary for Zhou Shixiang to let them See with their own eyes what the virtues of the “unseen” bannermen in the legend are. As long as they see those bannermen, they will also be afraid, beg for mercy, and die if they are cut down. fade.

The Manchurians, the Han army, and the green camps are all human. As long as they are human, they are all raised by their fathers and mothers. They do not have more heads and more hands than others. If their heads are chopped off, they will also fart.

If it fails once, then twice, if it fails two times, then three times. There is no reason for these recruits to fear the Qing army. Of course, the premise is that the Taiping Camp can continue to win, otherwise, a single defeat will make everything in the Taiping Camp vanish.


The one-sided slaughter is very relieved. Although it was the Green Battalion soldiers who did it, it was also happy in the eyes of the Taiping Camp recruits. Although there were many people who vomited for it, the effect was also there. At least, Zhou Shixiang listened to it. Until some recruits are muttering about “Yankees are nothing more than that”.

But that’s fine!

When Qin Zhisheng proposed to recruit the flag soldiers to surrender, Zhou Shixiang was once moved, but he immediately rejected the proposal, because he believed that the flag soldiers were the flag soldiers. They all surrendered to Manchuria in Liaodong before Jiashen’s national disaster. After the Qing army entered the customs, the overwhelming advantage over the Ming army made them more loyal to the Qing court, especially the identity of the Han army flag made them think that they were more than the Han people in the customs. Under this mentality, it is impossible to expect them to remember their Han identity. If using the method of later generations, Zhou Shixiang prefers to refer to the flag soldiers of the Han army as “two ghosts”. Facts have proved that the two ghosts are far more abhorrent than the big ghosts, because they are often more wicked than the master when slaughtering their compatriots. Cruel and unscrupulous.

To drive a group of slaughtering compatriots to fight against their former masters, Zhou Shixiang admits that he does not have the ability and mind for the time being. The important thing is that the Han army flags in Guangdong are all from Liaodong with Shang Kexi and Geng Jimao all the way. From Guangdong, their family members are all in Guangzhou, so it is impossible to follow the Taiping camp with all their hearts, unless one day they will cut their own way like today’s green camp – exchange the heads of Manchurians for their lives.

All in all, the current strength of Taiping Camp is not enough to accommodate these unfamiliar flag soldiers. Zhou Shixiang didn’t want to raise tigers, so he could only use their heads to eliminate the retreat of Gaoyao Green Camp, and at the same time let the new recruits in the camp. Knowing the virtues of the soldiers under the banner not only indirectly expands the team, but also indirectly improves morale, killing two birds with one stone.

After witnessing more than 100 flag soldiers being dismembered by random knives, the recruits received a new order to drag the dead flag soldiers outside the city. The order was to drag it outside the city, but it didn’t say that it would be burned or buried, but it was dragged outside the city. As for whether the corpses were eaten by wild dogs or buried by Gaoyao people after the Taiping Camp left, it’s not Zhou Shiguan’s concern. What he cares about now is the collection of more than 200 Gaoyao green camps and the captured Han army flags. pistol.

Different from the records of later generations, the fire guns used by the flag soldiers obtained by Zhou Shixiang are of high quality and powerful. It is by no means that the opponent can rush over with a single gun. Although it cannot be compared with the guns of later generations, it is absolutely necessary. The thing of human life~www.mtlnovel.com~ If it can be used in mass production, the primitive weapon such as the fire gun can completely eliminate any advanced cold weapon.

Zhou Shixiang didn’t know much about fire guns, but Qin Zhisheng, Jiang He and other general banners who had served in the Ming and Qing armies knew more. According to them, the fire guns used by the Ming army often exploded. , so the soldiers did not dare to use it with confidence. Over time, the fire gun became a fire stick in the army. Any general who has the means always avoids the subordinates with fire guns, but wants as many swords, bows and arrows as possible, even if Even if I want more cotton armor, I don’t want to want more firearms.

There are many reasons for the poor quality of Ming military guns, and everyone has different opinions, but there is one thing they all agree on, that is, the court did not give enough money. If there is not enough silver, there will not be enough raw materials, and the craftsmen who are responsible for making fire guns are the same generations of artisans as military households. These people can’t even feed their own families, so how can they make fire guns with heart? Under the vicious circle, the fire guns that could have allowed the Ming army to traverse Mobei became the outcasts of the army.

Unlike the Ming Dynasty who did not have enough money to make fire guns, Kong Youde and others brought a large number of craftsmen to the Qing army after surrendering to the Qing Dynasty, and they were highly valued by Huang Taiji. The craftsmen who made fire guns also gave rewards far beyond the Ming Dynasty. , not only gold and silver fields, but even official positions. In this way, the production enthusiasm of craftsmen has been greatly improved. In addition, the Qing court’s requirements for fire guns are almost harsh, and there is no deduction like the officials of the Ming Dynasty. The quality of the fire guns that come out is not good, and there are ghosts! (A good event for pie in the sky, cool mobile phones are waiting for you! Pay attention to ~ point / official account (WeChat add friends – add official account – enter qdread), participate now! Everyone has a prize, now pay attention to qdread immediately WeChat public account!)

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