Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 847 frighten you to death

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The heavy rain gradually subsided at noon, but it was still sparse, and the sky was dark. [Love ↑ go △ small ↓ say △ network WwW.AiQu]

Inside the camp, there was only the rising smoke, and no one was making a sound, it could even be called silent. Duke Zhen Guo, son of Dorobel Tulum, dressed in a yellow jacket and drove into the camp under the **** of the eighteen flags. All he saw were the armored soldiers standing in the rain and fog, and nothing else. A person walking around felt emotional at the time, and said to the left and right: “Manchuria manages the army, I only serve Obai.”

The full soldiers in the battalion will gather in Qi and greet them directly to the Aobai tent. Because the sky was a little dark, there was an oil lamp lit in Obai’s tent. Under the light, the Manchu “Baturu” warrior who was proclaimed by Emperor Taizong back then, is now holding a book and reading a book. . The book is “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, written by the Han people. When Emperor Taizong was there, he specifically asked Aobai to study this book more, saying that as long as he read this book thoroughly, the truth in it would be clear, and whether it would be war or governance in the future, All without success.

The person Ao Bai admires most in his life is Emperor Taizong, so even if Emperor Taizong has been dead for more than ten years, he still remembers the teachings of Emperor Taizong in his early years, and will take out this book written by Han people whenever he has spare time. Page up. Unlike other Manchu princes and ministers, Obai’s Chinese level is very good, and he can speak fluent Chinese. He is also a Manchu minister who has always advocated the reuse of Han people. Even though he tried his best to oppose Dorgon back then, he was very supportive of Dorgon’s proposal to use Han to control Han.

Tun Qi’s grandfather was Emperor Taizu’s younger brother Shuerhaqi. He worked by Emperor Taizong’s side in his early years. He followed the British Prince Azige to fight against Korea, and from Su Prince Hauge to Sichuan’s Zhang Xianzhong. In these two battles, Ao Bai was also there, so the two had a good relationship. In the eleventh year of Shunzhi, when he was following the defeat of Hengzhou, Tunqi was cut from the title. Later, it was Aobai who helped him advance in front of the emperor. Only in the twelfth year of Shunzhi was awarded the Duke of Zhenguo. An idle red ribbon.

Tunqi had a younger sister who was married to the Tu Mulu family of Zhengbai Qi, but unfortunately she died in Guangzhou three years ago. Every time I think of this, Tunqi is very sad, always thinking about the day when the Taiping bandits are killed and the skeleton of his sister can be found in Guangzhou. But this matter, I just thought about it, it’s not that Tunqi is worried about killing not only the Taiping bandits, but that the whole city of Guangzhou was slaughtered by the Taiping bandits, so many corpses, and after such a long time, where did he go? Find the bones of his sister.

When Tun Qi came in, he saw the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” in Ao Bai’s hand at first sight, and couldn’t help but said, “What’s so good about Han books? Have you read this book for more than 20 years?”

“Han people’s books are good things. They are of great use to our Manchus, but they can’t be underestimated. Just this book has a lot of great truths. I’ve read it for more than 20 years, but I don’t think I can understand it.”

Seeing that it was Tun Qi, Ao Bai smiled and put down the book, motioned for Tun Qi to sit down, and asked him what was going on. Tunqi said that Prince Horqin, Wu Keshan, and the others would arrive at Sanwan at the latest in the evening. The emperor asked Aobai to arrange the Mongolian soldiers. They could not neglect the Mongolian princes and chilled the hearts of the Mongolian soldiers.

Wu Keshan is the master’s uncle, and the Mongolian soldiers are an important force in this war. Obai can distinguish the importance of it, and he has already ordered to go down and prepare the camp for the Mongolian soldiers, just wait for them to arrive.

After saying this, Tunqi said again: “Gabu La reported that Yizhen Taiping bandits braved the storm and stormed his camp yesterday. The attack was very fierce. He asked the emperor to send troops to help him to prevent the Taiping bandits from breaking through. “

Gabu La is the eldest son of Soni, a first-class duke and minister of the interior of Manchu, who is from Zhenghuang Banner in Manzhou. However, Gabra was only 28 years old and had no experience in leading the army before, so many old officials, including Obai, felt that Gabra should not be left alone. However, Sony has won the emperor’s trust. In addition, except for Ao Bai and a few veterans in the current camp, the remaining Manchu children have almost never gone through the battle, and there are very few outstanding young people, and they are not at ease. Let those Han people supervise and lead the army, so these inexperienced Manchu children can only be in command. Fortunately, the Taiping army in the west has very few troops, and the main force is in the south, so at the beginning of the fight, Aobai did not pay attention to the Taiping army in the west. Facts have also proved that the Taiping army in the west is at most a partial division of the Taiping army. Gabra fought with them at Tongshan for a while and then blocked the other side.

Tunqi asked what Aobai meant. Now the soldiers and horses are all here. If reinforcements are sent, they must be from Sanwan.

Aobai shook his head and said, “you report back to the emperor, you don’t have to send reinforcements to Gabra, and none of my soldiers can be transferred away.”

Tunqi hesitated: “If Gabu La couldn’t stand it, wouldn’t the bandits approach Yangzhou? The emperor is in the city, so it would be inappropriate not to send reinforcements.”

Ao Bai disapproved and said: “In Yangzhou City, there are 4,000 taels of forbidden brigade under the Yellow Banner directly under the emperor, and more than 20,000 Han troops and battalions. The bandits in the west are no more than 10,000 soldiers. It is a miracle that they can eat Gabula. How can you still have the strength to attack Yangzhou City? Don’t worry, ask Gabula to bear it…” Speaking of which, Ao Bai paused, “We really want to send troops to the west, which is the trick of the thief and the elite. Now here It is the main force of both sides. As soon as the Mongolian soldiers arrive, I will prepare for a decisive battle with the thief Xiucai. At this time, if the emperor takes away the soldiers and horses from me, you say, who is the cheapest?”

After listening to the Tunqi, he naturally understood that the more urgent the attack of the Taiping bandits in the west, the greater the pressure on the Taiping army here, and they eagerly hoped to force the Qing army in Sanwan to divide their forces through the Taiping bandits in the west. If you really want to split up and go to the west, you will be caught in the thief’s plan.

However, Tunqi had a concern, he said: “If you don’t send reinforcements to Gabra, will Sony hate you?”

Ao Bai smiled and told Tun Qisoni that although he was sometimes at odds with him, he was not stupid and knew what was important now.

“The thief Xiucai set bait in the west to tempt me to divide our troops, but I couldn’t be fooled. As soon as the Mongolian troops arrive, I will fight him to see if he has three heads and six arms to stop him.”

Ao Bai said fiercely, but he didn’t know that, at this time, in the large tent of the thief scholar in Gaomin Temple, the thief scholar said to Cheng Hanbin, the ambassador of the Ordnance Bureau who came over: “Yes, my Highness King Qi is the bait, I The flag of Shunzhi and Aobai are pinned here, and the eyes of Shunzhi and Aobai are nailed here, how can they be fooled, they will only send all their soldiers to me crazily.”

“Isn’t it too dangerous here, Your Highness?” Cheng Hanbin was quite worried.

“With the three hundred flying thunder cannons you brought, no matter how big the danger is, it’s worth it.”

The Flying Thunder Cannon mentioned by Zhou Shixiang was a simple earth cannon that he remembered in his previous life. This kind of cannon is more of a cannon than a projectile, and it is a powerful home-made explosive pack. Its main body is an empty iron barrel. After filling the propellant, the explosive pack is bundled into a disc shape, and then bound with a piece of wood and stuffed into the barrel, and then the fuse of the explosive pack is ignited first, and then the propellant is ignited. It can project 5 to 10 kilograms of explosives to a distance of 100-150 meters. In addition to fixing the iron barrel, you can also dig a sloping pit directly on the ground, with the pit opening facing the direction of the enemy. However, this kind of soil pit can only be used once, and it is not as continuous as the iron bucket.

After Cheng Hanbin got the design drawings of the Flying Thunder Cannon, he began to lead people to build the test, and found that the explosive pack could be thrown dozens of meters away, which was much safer than charging with the explosive pack on his back. However, during the test, because Zhou Shixiang was not sure about the amount of medicine, there were several accidents, dozens of people died, and Cheng Hanbin’s left arm was almost blown off. Later, during the test, Cheng Hanbin could only use the bandits sent by the Military Intelligence Department to participate in the test, lest the technicians of the Ordnance Bureau be killed again. After continuous experimentation, Cheng Hanbin and others finally came to the conclusion that the optimal explosive packaging amount should be 5 to 8 kilograms, and the projectile gunpowder should be about 0.5 kilograms. Too large or too small will seriously affect the effect.

After the explosion of the medicine bag, it can destroy or destroy the obstacles and fortifications within 10 meters, and kill the unshielded soldiers within 20 meters. And this killing did not blow up people, but killed a lot of people. During the test, hundreds of horses, sheep and pigs were killed by the Ordnance Bureau. After the animal corpses were cut open, most of the five internal organs were shattered, and the seven orifices bleed.

There are many disadvantages of flying thunder guns. First of all, the accuracy is very poor, and the range is also short. Compared with bows and fire guns, there are not many advantages. When launching, it can only be generally guaranteed to be thrown in one direction, and it will not be thrown within 50 meters of one’s own square, but it is difficult to say where it can be thrown. Second, a launch requires 5 to 8 kilograms of powder, and a single launch requires several thousand kilograms of powder. After several launches, the gunpowder consumed is almost the entire inventory of the Ordnance Bureau.

Together with the 300 Feilei Cannons, there were 40,000 catties of medicines~www.mtlnovel.com~ In addition, more than 20,000 catties of medicines were also found in Nanjing. These medicines have been granulated, and the stability and explosion effect are several times stronger than those without treatment. Although they are still not comparable to the gunpowder of later generations, they are definitely the most powerful gunpowder in this era. In order to transport these medicines and flying thunder cannons to the front line, Cheng Hanbin and the Ordnance Bureau did their best to ensure the transportation of the Ordnance Bureau was also the first thing that the rear must ensure. For these guns and medicines, even the transport of a group of seriously wounded people was delayed.

Zhou Shixiang was naturally aware of the shortcomings of the Flying Thunder Cannon, but he was not sieging cities, he was fighting in the field. He didn’t need a long range, and he didn’t want to destroy the Qing army’s fortifications. He only needed to be able to send out a hundred meters. All he wanted to do was when thousands of Manchu and Mongolian cavalry rushed towards the sky with sabres, countless burning medicine packets fell on their heads.

After looking at the big iron bucket placed at the door, Zhou Shixiang felt like a traveler for the first time.

The advantage of the traversers is that they can come up with things that the enemy has never seen before, so as to scare them to death.

“Things with no conscience are the most efficient weapons for killing people in a fixed area, a fixed battlefield, and a fixed range.” (To be continued.) Mobile users, please browse and read for a better reading experience.

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