Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 842 spooky

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“All killed?”

Yu Shizhong was stunned there. These tens of thousands of prisoners were not recruited from the countryside and scared to run around when they heard the sound of the cannons. They were all veterans who had undergone training and battles. Wouldn’t it be a waste to kill them all? ? Moreover, this is not hundreds or thousands of people, but tens of thousands of people. It is so dark, **** them? Wouldn’t it be more troublesome if the prisoners rioted?

Tie Yi also felt that it was inappropriate to kill all of them, so he proposed to leave the green camp and only kill the Meng soldiers. [Love ↑ Go △ Xiao ↓ Talk △ Net WwW.AiQu] Yu Shizhong agreed with this proposal. There are only more than 2,000 prisoners of Man Meng. If you kill them, it is very safe. You can also use the previous method to drive the green camp to kill these Man Meng. Soldiers, so that they don’t worry that they will turn against the water and can be used for their own side.

But Zhou Shixiang stubbornly repeated his order, that is, not to keep these prisoners, not a single one. In his opinion, the number of prisoners is too many. The Taiping army is less than 30,000 people, but there are more than 10,000 prisoners, and they have not won a complete victory. There are still bigger battles to be fought, so leaving these will be at any time. Shaking captives is a very unwise thing. In the past dynasties, when there was a small force on the one hand, when dealing with a huge group of prisoners that were difficult to digest in a short period of time, all of them would choose to massacre them without exception. Zhou Shixiang was no exception, he issued a massacre order. He will not do anything like a woman before he has an absolute advantage over Shunzhi. Even if he really needs these captives to supplement the towns that suffered heavy casualties, he would rather kill all hidden dangers at the budding stage.

When Yu Shizhong and Tie Yi and other generals saw that the commander’s order had been issued, they no longer discouraged them, but instead discussed how to execute the more than 10,000 prisoners as quickly and efficiently as possible. Although it was still dark, the various ministries that received the order acted quickly.

The deputy general of the first town, Zhu Qinglai, first selected 500 strong green battalion soldiers, and then gave them weapons, clearly telling them that as long as they started to kill other prisoners, they would be pardoned. Otherwise, their fate is death.

After listening to this order, the 500 Green Battalion soldiers were very enthusiastic. They believed in the Taiping Army because they used to do this kind of thing often. This kind of thing to change Shanzhai Lulin’s argument is to accept a vote. Thinking about it, it is also calm. If you don’t do things for the Taiping Army, and don’t touch the blood of your own people, can the Taiping Army trust them? When these 500 Green Battalion soldiers were picked out by the Taiping Army, someone knew that their opportunity had come. Regardless of whether they were in the Ming army or the Qing army, those who were strong and strong were always accepted first, and in the end most of them would become the generals’ personal soldiers, and those who were weak would mostly be reduced to cannon fodder. In this chaotic world, natural selection, strong people are more likely to survive.

After the 500-strong battalion was picked out, Zhu Qinglai ordered the remaining more than 2,000 prisoners to be driven to the river, and the 500-strong prisoners were to carry out the massacre order. More than 2,000 dazed and apprehensive captives were told that they would go to the canal to board a naval warship, and then be escorted back to the Guazhou water camp in batches, and then cross the river to Nanjing City. If someone doesn’t leave, or takes the opportunity to cause trouble, then don’t blame the Taiping Army for being blind.

“Get up, get up! Follow this red flag, hurry up!”

A Taiping army holding a flag strode to a small mound, and waved the red flag in his hand condescendingly. The surrounding Taiping soldiers immediately beat the prisoners sitting on the ground with knives and spears, forcing them to stand up and follow the red flag immediately. Walk.

“What are you doing? We’re here and we’re not going anywhere.”

Not all of the prisoners believed that the Taiping Army was going to send them on board. A few Manchu soldiers always felt that something was wrong. While reminding each other of something in Manchu dialect, they instinctively retreated from the crowd.

“court death!”

Seeing this, a few Taiping troops rushed in front of the few Manchu soldiers like wolves, and without saying a word, they stabbed them with their spears. In an instant, the few full soldiers were stabbed with blood like a spring, and they were paralyzed on the ground and unable to move. When the rest of the captives saw it, they all turned pale with fright, and no one dared to step back.

“If you don’t want to die, go away!”

Under the pressure of the Taiping Army, the prisoners walked to the canal one by one. When they reached the river, the Taiping Army demanded that all the prisoners squat on the ground with their heads folded.

“Honestly, I will take you on a boat and send you to Nanjing. When the time comes, you will be specially accommodated. If you want to be our Taiping Army, then you will be our brothers in the future. If you don’t want to, after we kill the Emperor of Tartar, we will meet you. I’ll send you a tangle to let you go home.”


The Taiping soldiers who were executed and massacred lied every word to the prisoners. Lies were easily accepted by the captives. Although the attitude of the Taiping Army was so bad, those promises gave the captives a glimmer of hope. If they really survived and could go home in the future, even if they were beaten up and worked as a coolie for a few years, they would be content. But at this moment, they saw the strong companions who had been picked up earlier appear in front of them with long knives in their hands.


The red flag shook violently, and the 500 prisoners rushed towards their companions like wolves. They slashed frantically, ignoring the other’s pleas. Some of the prisoners and the prisoners who killed them came from a village, and some of them were even relatives, but the murderer’s knife fell without any hesitation.

When the last prisoner was cut down on the ground full of blood, when the blood of the first dead prisoner was frozen, the murdering prisoners calmed down from their crazy state. They stared blankly at the corpse on the ground, dumbfounded. He looked at the blood-stained sword in his hand.

Zhu Qinglai was very satisfied with the performance of these strong prisoners, and ordered them to bury the dead. Then, when the prisoners handed over the knives and were about to bury their bodies with shovels instead, the Taiping army turned their heads.

The cold wind blew, and another 500 corpses were added to the beach.


The fifth town was detaining more than 3,000 prisoners, and Yu Shizhong handed over the massacre order to Cao Shou, a brigade school. Cao Shou did not provoke people like the first town. He thought it was troublesome, so he ordered the more than 3,000 prisoners to be rushed to the town that was on fire.

More than 3,000 people were driven into the burning town. There were screams from time to time in the distance, they realized something, some people were crying secretly, and the crowd was filled with fear. Many people even wanted to escape when the Taiping army was unprepared, but the Taiping army was very closely guarded, and they had no chance to slip out of the team at all.

After the captive team came to the town entrance, the people at the front stopped. They looked at the burning fire in front of them with some uneasiness. Their expressions and eyes were very complicated, and their hearts were also very entangled.

Seeing that the captive team suddenly stopped, Cao Shou ordered impatiently: “Drive them in, if they don’t want to leave, kill them!”

Teams of Taiping troops with wolf constitutions stepped forward to coerce the captives to move forward. Under the push of these people, it was difficult for the people in front to stand in place, but they refused to go in. They could only hold their faces with their hands or Protecting his head and letting the Taiping army beat him.

“If you don’t leave, the gun will be fired!”

Hundreds of Taiping soldiers armed with fire guns aimed their torches at the match ropes in their hands, and the black hole of the gun was aimed at the prisoners in front, ready to ignite at any time. Teams of Taiping soldiers holding their knives also rushed over with torches, all knives in their hands, ready to come up at any time to slash and kill prisoners who did not obey orders.

“Don’t, don’t fire the gun, let’s go, let’s go…”

Seeing that the Taiping Army was really going to kill people, the prisoners who refused to advance were so frightened that they hurriedly begged for mercy. Compared with the anxiety in their hearts, the dazzling swords and black guns in front of them made them even more afraid.

After the crowds entered the town in batches, the Taiping Army detained them in groups of 100 in those houses that had not yet caught fire. The move reassured the prisoners a little, but soon, jars of kerosene were thrown into the house where they were staying, and the Taiping army outside began to set fire to it. During the fire, the prisoners tried their best to push the door and smash the window, but it was too late. They could only scream, howl, and cry in the fire.

Xinyi Town forced the captives to dig large pits, and tricked the captives into digging the pits to bury the dead. As a result, after the pit was dug, the prisoners who dug the pit were buried.

Burning, slashing, burying alive, beheading…

Under the command of Zhou Shixiang, the Taiping Army units staged a horrific massacre at the mouth of the Bianjia River~www.mtlnovel.com~ inhumane, almost barbaric massacre.


After dawn, the Manchu and Mongolian cavalry led by Ao Bai finally arrived at Yuxinxu, which is less than three miles away from the mouth of the Bianjia River. There, there is an official road leading to the mouth of the Bianjia River. The Qing army did not move forward because Aobai did not move.

In Ao Bai’s sight, on both sides of Yujiaxu’s official road, a log is erected every few feet, and the wood is connected by iron wire. On the wire, there are heads hanging. From Yujiaxu to Bianjiahekou, all the way is head.

Dekesuni, Eheke, Duobi, Tong Guogang… The familiar heads made Aobai’s scalp numb. Although the sun was in the head, this official road was terrifying.


Yesterday, on my mother-in-law’s 50th birthday, she drank at noon and at night, almost to death, and will stop drinking in the future. Her head hurts and she vomits in a mess.

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