Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 840 eye first

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Duobi, who rushed over with a few personal guards, was also shocked by Tong Guogang’s death. He knew very well that although the Tong family was the flag of the Han army, it was the real Manchuria, the wife and brother-in-law of the master, and he was very trusted by the master. , or else Guazhou was defeated, why did the master not punish Tong Guogang severely. [Love ↑ Go △ Xiao ↓ Say △ Net WwW.AiQu] Now Tong Guogang was beheaded on the spot by Dexuni, who was born in the Mongolian army flag. Rao Shiduobi was also from Manchuria, and he was too shocked to speak. After a while, Fang lost his voice: “Deksuni, you are crazy!”

Dexuni ignored Dobi, and Dobi closed his mouth subconsciously after seeing his red eyes. It’s terrible, Dexuni’s eyes seem to eat people!

“You all rush for me!”

Swept by Dekesuni’s terrifying gaze, Tong Guogang’s Goshhas did not care to be shocked by the murder of their master, and they reined in their horses and rushed forward one by one. They knew that if they didn’t, the Mongol soldiers would tear them to shreds on the spot.

“Children, follow me to kill the enemy!”

Deksuni shouted loudly, and the Mongolian soldiers followed him and rushed forward. However, although there were many Mongolian soldiers, the formation could not be unfolded, only a few horses were juxtaposed. The streets were full of corpses, and there were battalions running around everywhere, hindering the speed of the Mongolian soldiers’ charge.

In the roar, dozens of cavalry Mongolian soldiers crashed into the iron guards, and the iron guards in the front row were immediately knocked into the air, but the Mongolian soldiers could not take a step forward. The forest-like spears pierced out of the formation, and the Mongolian soldiers on the horse couldn’t dodge and were stabbed one after another. Blind Li knocked and swept left with a big hammer, breaking several horse legs one after another. The two sides mixed together, the Iron Man Guards became angry, and the Mongolian soldiers also became angry. The battle was fought to this extent, and if you didn’t try your best, you would die. If they wanted to escape, they would not choose to rush to these iron armored soldiers. Victory is just around the corner, and the Iron Guards have no reason to lose at this time.

More and more Mongolian soldiers rushed on their horses, the people in front drove their horses madly, and the people behind kept shooting arrows, and the sky was like a rain of arrows. The Iron Man Guard gritted his teeth up and down, stabbed with spears, and chopped with big knives. Many people’s spears were broken, and the large knives were also cut. The place where the two sides met was full of corpses of people and horses. After the formation of some soldiers with broken weapons broke up, they simply rushed forward and hugged the horse’s legs desperately to overturn the Mongolian soldiers on the horse.

With the support of Xinyi Town, the crazy offensive of the Mongolian soldiers was blocked, but those Mongolian soldiers still fought to the death under the command of the officers. Their fighting spirit was much stronger than that of the Green Battalion soldiers who were about to collapse. At least, now No Mongol soldiers have taken the initiative to dismount and surrender.

As the main general of the entire army, Dekesuni was completely covered by the guards, and the loyal guards used their own bodies and lives to protect the safety of the master. There were flashing torches everywhere, miserable shouts everywhere, and in some places it was even more indistinguishable between the enemy and the enemy, and the soldiers slashed and slashed by instinct. Whether it was the Qing army or the Taiping army, many people died under the swords, guns, and arrows of their companions.

The entire town was in chaos, but the Taiping Army had the upper hand, the entire command system was not disrupted, and every order issued by Zhou Shixiang could reach the front line accurately. However, the Qing army lost its command center, and the Taiping army, which stormed from four directions at the same time and broke into the town, disrupted the Qing army’s command system. Although the casualties were heavy, victory was already in sight.

The fire in the town is getting bigger and bigger, and the fire area has reached one-third. In the black smoke produced by the thick smoke and explosion, people fall down every moment. Deksuni and several hundred Mongolian soldiers were surrounded by a brigade in Xinyi Town and two battalions in Xin Er Town. Dekesuni could no longer effectively command the Qing army that was still resisting elsewhere. At this time, his long sword had been dyed red, and he had just cut off the head of a Taiping army soldier.

Deksuni added the last whip to the war horse. His horse under his crotch was also a steed. With a long neigh, his four hooves flew into the air, and flew towards a Taiping general who wielded a hammer and killed countless Mongolian soldiers. Dexuni came too fast. If Blind Li couldn’t dodge, he would probably be trampled to death by Dexuni’s mount.

Seeing the war horse soaring, Blind Li took a deep breath. Before he could let go, the hammer in his hand swept the war horse’s raised front hooves, and swept the horse’s hoofs to pieces. The warhorse neighed and fell to the ground heavily from the air, and Deksuni, who was on the horse, was heavily dropped from the horse’s back.

Blind Li didn’t give Dexuni the slightest chance to get up from the ground, and he jumped directly on top of him. In an iron armor, he pressed Dexuni so much that he couldn’t move, and even pressed Dexuni to the point of spitting out blood. The immobile Deksuni stared at the blind man Li with blood-red eyes, without any intention of giving in or being afraid.

“It’s a **** dare to stare at Laozi!”

The blind man Li Huo smiled and stretched out his hand and poked straight at Dexuni’s eyes. With a scream of “ah”, Dexuni’s eyes were like blood holes, and there was nothing in them. On the other hand, Blind Li had two **** eyeballs hanging over the **** of his right hand. Under the reflection of the firelight, the two eyeballs were white and red, each with a long **** tendon glued together.

After blinding the Tartar general, the blind man Li was so displeased that he stood up from the ground and glanced at the Mongolian soldiers who were staring blankly in the four directions. He waved his hammer and took a step forward. step.

The Mongolian soldiers couldn’t believe that their coach was blinded by a blind Chinese man. Everyone couldn’t believe it, but in front of them, their coach was actually holding his eyes that were missing. No.

This situation made the Mongolian soldiers feel fearful. On the Taiping Army side, many people also saw this scene, and Zhou Shixiang, who was surrounded and protected by his own guards, also saw this scene from a distance. He couldn’t help but said to his guard Yao Wenlong, “This Li blind man is the handsome Fan He, Cheng Yaojin, and Chang Yuchun!”

When Dekesuni fell to the ground, the An army entrusted Wu Chongshan to be stabbed by a Mongolian soldier’s spear and nailed him straight to the mud wall, blood gushing like a spring. However, despite the pain of the wound, he struggled to hold the spear tightly. The Mongolian soldier couldn’t draw the spear, so he took out the dagger and went forward to cut Wu Chongshan’s throat. When he was about to cut, the dagger stopped in mid-air, but he saw Dexuni’s tragic state.

“Kill him and avenge Dexuni!”

The blood-soaked Eheke saw the horrific scene and the stunned soldiers. He didn’t retreat, he charged forward with a knife.

A Mongolian leader also reacted and shouted loudly: “Deksuni is dead, if you don’t kill this person, everyone will not be able to live!”

The stillness of the battle was very short, and the screams of killing suddenly resumed. The Mongolian soldiers shouting “wow wow”, no one can understand the roar, whether it is on the horse or off the horse, all roaring at the blind man Li, wanting to kill the thief blind man of the Han to avenge their coach, at least To get back the seriously injured Dexuni, otherwise, they would rather die in battle.

Duobi and other Manchu generals also gathered their remnants and rushed towards the Taiping army in front of them. They couldn’t imagine how they and their relatives would be swallowed up by the emperor’s anger, even if they were defeated, they had their lives to flee back.


The Taiping army also roared, and also did not hesitate to sacrifice their lives.

In the sound of gunshots, Dobi’s mount was killed, and he was thrown from the horse to the ground. The Qing soldiers who followed Duobi thought that Duobi was killed by the gun, and suddenly collapsed. When Dobi changed his horse again, he looked around and saw that there were not many soldiers around him.

“The clear demon has collapsed! The clear demon has collapsed!”

Tie Yi, who arrived with a team of fire guns, saw a general in Manchu costumes fall from a horse and fell to the ground. The Taiping army all around shouted, and soon, the whole town was shouting. At this time, there were still more than 10,000 Qing soldiers scattered all over the town, but they were divided, and they did not know what happened to each other. In the dark night, they couldn’t see the battle even more clearly. They only heard the shouts of the Taiping army in all directions, and the Taiping army was also rushing up in front of them, so the Qing army, which had persisted in the middle of the night, finally collapsed, and the large pieces began to kneel. surrender.

Duobi and E and Ke gathered together, and there were hundreds of Manchu, Mongolian and Qing soldiers around them. They did not choose to surrender, but chose to resist more fiercely. Whether it is really, the generals, the leaders, and the leaders, they no longer care about their own lives, they are just as hard as ordinary soldiers. Even though more people fell than standing, they were still charging frantically.

King Horse Harrier. Fuchen arrived with a team of cavalry and chopped down these crazy Mongolian soldiers like chopping melons and vegetables. Eheke was slashed in the neck by a Mongolian cavalry soldier of the Taiping Army, and his head was attached to the flesh and hung down to his chest. Before his death, Erheke was only angry about one thing, and that was why it was a Mongolian who killed him!

Duobi couldn’t hold it anymore, he collapsed, and when the Taiping army was about to charge up to take his life, he knelt down and surrendered.

Wu Chongshan was not dead, but was still nailed to the mud wall with a spear. The blood gushing out from behind dyed the wall red. The Mongolian soldier who was about to cut his neck just now was a recruit. After seeing the tragic appearance of Dekesuni’s eyes being stabbed, he was so scared that he threw it away. took the dagger, and fled towards the night. At this time, he did not know whether he was dead or alive.

“Wu An envoy!”

The general banner Guo Mude (Mongolian Erdemuni) found Wu Chongshan nailed to the wall. He wanted to pull out the spear, but Wu Chongshan shook his head and stopped him, motioning him to cut off the handle of the spear in front of him with a knife.

“Wu Anshi, please bear with me!”

Guo Mude took a long breath, his hands trembling slightly. Wu Chongshan clenched the handle of the spear and nodded to Guo Mude. Guo Mude violently clenched his teeth and swung the knife to chop off. With a loud bang, the handle of the spear split in two, but Wu Chongshan was still unable to move because the spearhead was still nailed into the mud wall. The Mongolian soldiers were so powerful that their spearheads had penetrated more than an inch deep into the mud wall, and it was difficult to pull them out. Guo Mude was so anxious that he didn’t know what to do. Wu Chongshan was very pale because of excessive blood loss, his forehead was covered with beads of sweat the size of beans, and the torch was shining, and he looked very penetrating.

“Hold me up!”

Wu Chongshan faintly signaled Guo Mude to support him, and then he used all his strength to move forward violently.


The sound of the wooden handle piercing between the flesh and blood ribs made Guo Mude’s mind sway, and if it was him, he would not be able to do it.


Wu Chongshan let out a roar, and before he lost consciousness, he finally broke free of the spear hilt that pierced through his body, and then his legs softened and he passed out. The wounds on the front and back of the chest could not stop spurting blood, and the spear on the wall was covered with blood.

“Medical soldier, medical soldier!”

While shouting for the medical soldiers, Guo Mude hurriedly untied the medicine bag on his body and poured Jinchuang medicine on Wu Chongshan’s wound, but it was washed away with blood. The medical soldiers who arrived had only learned simple dressing and nursing skills, and had never encountered such a serious injury. Langzhong rescue. Whether this kind of injury can survive or not depends on whether God will give him a way to survive. (To be continued.) Mobile users, please browse and read for a better reading experience.

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