Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 839 Those who do not obey the order die

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“Deksuni, the east side called Taiping Kou rushed in!”

Mongolian Ezhen and Ke, who were in charge of guarding the east, rushed to report to Dexuni in a panic, and wanted Dexuni to lead them to break out of the siege. Erheke was really frightened. He could never forget the scene when thousands of cavalrymen of Tong Guogang in the water camp in Guazhou called the Taiping army to massacre by the canal.

“It’s so dark, where do you tell your sons to run! Zhuolik wants to pack his bags, and you lead the soldiers to drive the thieves out!”

Deksuni did not choose to break out of the encirclement, but ordered Zhuoliktuta cloth bag to take the cavalry to drive out the Taiping army who had rushed in. After hearing the order, Zhuolik Tuta put his bag on, and without any hesitation, he took his subordinates more than a thousand Mongolian soldiers to the east on horseback.

Bianjia Hekou Town is not big, but it is not small. It is six or seven miles long from east to west. Originally, there were shops along the streets of the town. Over the years, although the canal transportation is still very developed, the Bianjia River estuary has not been restored to its prosperity 20 years ago, so there are many empty houses in the town. The old people said that it would take a hundred years for the estuary to prosper again.

On the streets, there are green battalions running back and forth, tired of running, and the Taiping army is shouting and killing in all directions. From time to time, guns fell from the sky, or hit the street to take away a few unlucky ghosts, or landed on the roof and knocked off a tile, or hit the wall and smashed a big hole. The rockets of the Taiping Army continued to shoot into the town, igniting fires everywhere, and when the wind blew, the fire spread immediately.

On his way to the east for reinforcements, Zhuo Lik Tuta cloth bag, he saw the fire in the east, and the sound of guns was louder than the firecrackers set off in the city of Beijing. Along the way, there were retreating battalions everywhere. Zhuo Li Ke Tuta cloth bag ignored these defeated soldiers, and led his troops to charge at the Taiping troops who were holding fire guns and kept throwing explosives in front of them. The terrain of the town is long and narrow, which is not conducive to the Mongol soldiers to charge on horses. Most of them can only get off their horses and use their mounts to cover and shoot the Taiping troops who rushed in.

The Taiping army that rushed in was difficult to further expand the fruits of victory under the blocking of the Mongolian soldiers. The fifth town, Yu Shizhong, personally organized two offensives, but failed to defeat the Mongolian soldiers in front of him. Occupying a favorable geographical location, the environment of this town is complex, and the fifth town cannot be expanded on a large scale. It can only fill in human lives from this breakthrough point until the Qing army can no longer bear it.

“Father, let the child take someone on board!”

Yu Shizhong’s only son, Yu Youming, saw that the Mongolian soldiers used the war horses and houses as cover to block his own side. The more than 200 people who rushed in first had the Mongolian soldiers shoot most of them to death. His eyes could not help but turn red. My father asked for the battle and asked him to lead the troops from the two low walls in the northeast to pass over the back road of the Mongolian soldiers.

Under Yu Youming’s hard request and the offensive offensive, Yu Shizhong gritted his teeth and agreed. When Yu Youming set off, Yu Shizhong took off his armor for him, and hung a jade pendant left by his wife on his son’s chest, watching his son disappear into the night.

“Father, you once said that loyal ministers have no descendants.”

Yu Shizhong thought of what his son had said to him when he was in Chaozhou, his heart trembled slightly, he wanted to call out his son, but in the end he didn’t do it. [Love ↑ go to △ small ↓ say △ Net WwW.AiQu] The son has grown up, and he is also a soldier of the Ming Dynasty like his father. Soldiers who don’t go through blood and fire are what kind of soldiers! The best way to protect my son is to let him hone, let him mature, let him experience blood and fire, if he doesn’t experience these, how can he grow.

Looking at the subordinates who were rushing forward and rushing towards the town, looking at the subordinates who were still screaming to kill the enemy with arrows in their bodies, Yu Shizhong was moved. Perhaps, in the Hunhe battlefield, his father and brothers did the same. And they all have parents, both sons and fathers. As their general, if he can’t let his son fight to the death, why should he ask them to work for the banner of “Qi” behind him.


Yu Youming led his troops to crawl forward from the ground, and when he was still more than ten feet away from the low wall, he threw a few thunderbolts behind the wall, then jumped from the ground and let out a roar, and took the lead in rushing towards the low wall. . The Green Battalion soldiers behind the low wall were wounded by dozens of people. During the chaos, more than a dozen figures jumped onto the low wall, and they immediately stabbed them with spears. I didn’t want the opponent to grab a handful of limes in their hands. When they jumped down, the limes were thrown, and the Qing soldiers in front were immediately choked in their eyes, and they couldn’t see anything in front of them. Taking advantage of this brief moment, Yu Youming stabbed his spear with all his might, pushing the Yiqing soldiers straight back. The Qi family soldiers who jumped in together slashed and slashed with Pu Dao, and one after another figure fell on the low wall. After obtaining an open space, the Qi family soldiers quickly formed a “mandarin duck formation” one by one, and cooperated with each other in a little bit of general Qing army. Force back.

At the north gate, Liu Bangdong, a hundred households, led more than 60 people who dared to die and rushed to the fence of the Qing army with five medicine bags in hand. Before the medicine bag exploded, Liu Bangdong rolled over and blocked the body of a Qing soldier in front of him. With a loud bang, the wooden fence was blasted to the sky. In the smoke of gunpowder, three hundred soldiers with flintlock quick guns appeared in front of the Qing soldiers, and the sound of “bang bang” sounded so intensively that the Qing soldiers couldn’t even lift their heads.

In the east, south, west, and north, the Taiping army’s offensive became more and more fierce. The Taiping army, which had the advantage of firearms and morale, finally rushed into the mouth of the Bianjia River, and the Qing soldiers were constantly driven back.

Deksuni looked blankly at the Taiping army rushing in from all directions. He thought he could at least last until Aobai came, but he didn’t expect it to fall after just over an hour. The Mongolian soldiers he brought were sent out to fight with the incoming Taiping army in various parts of the town. Every second, a new life is lost in the town.

Seeing an iron armored soldier trying to kill him, Deksuni’s Goshha opened his mouth and shouted to his master, but Deksuni couldn’t hear a word. His ears were full of buzzing tinnitus.

Did you lose like that? The emperor believed so much in himself, and as one of the leading figures of the Mongolian army flag, he was defeated like this? I didn’t even last all night, and I couldn’t even wait for the Aobai reinforcements who were closer to the ground, so I lost like that! He rode an army of 30,000 people, and was buried in his own hands!

Looking at the Taiping army coming from all directions, Deksuni suddenly understood why Jidu died, why Yue Le was captured, and why Roto and the others couldn’t beat him, because this thief was too strong.

Now Dekesuni still has the opportunity to organize all the cavalry to charge in the direction of the Taiping army commander, maybe he will be able to kill the thieves and scholars in one fell swoop, and then the Taiping army will collapse. But in this dark night, where is the thief show!

Goshha shouted desperately, and Deksuni finally came to his senses. He shouted loudly: “Follow me!” He drew out his knife, and the tip of the knife pointed at the iron armored soldiers of the Taiping Army who were charging.

More than 2,000 Mongolian cavalrymen, led by Dexuni, rushed towards the iron guards who were charging. Seeing the ferocious approach of the Qing army’s cavalry, the blind man Li Qichuan shouted: “Arrangement~www.mtlnovel.com~ smashed the hammer on one side of the mud wall, and suddenly the dust splashed. Immediately, hundreds of iron guards stood tightly, It was like an iron wall in front of the Qing army.

Deksuni gritted his teeth and slammed into his horse’s belly, and led the crowd to rush forward, trying to defeat these iron armored thieves in one fell swoop, but the first-class guard Tong Guogang held his reins firmly and shouted: “Deksuni, he is an iron armored soldier. , can’t rush!”

Tong Guogang had suffered from the losses of those iron armored soldiers, and knew that these iron armored soldiers would be difficult to defeat. He wanted Deksuni to lead the troops to the Taiping Army in the east, and then lead them to break through from there. Unexpectedly, before his words were finished, the long knife in Dexuni’s hand flashed, and his head was already cut off!

The rain of blood rose into the sky and drenched Dekesuni all over his face. He glanced horribly at the stunned Tong Guogang’s guards and shouted, “Whoever does not obey the order will die!”

Tong Guogang’s guards were stunned. Their master was the emperor’s eldest brother-in-law, the uncle of the third elder brother Xuan Ye, and the people they dared not offend. They were killed by Dexuni?


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