Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 838 thief in red

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Hundreds of prisoners shrugged and put on the Taiping army’s red military uniform and Taiping army’s cloak-shaped military cap. [Love ↑ Go △ Xiao ↓ Say △ Net WwW.AiQu] Those captives who were still sitting naked on the ground and trembling saw vitality in them. They thought that since the Taiping Army asked them to change their clothes, it must be to incorporate them, otherwise why bother .

The Green Battalion were all Han soldiers, and they had no objection to the transformation from the Qing army to the Ming army. On the contrary, they were very happy. Because in their consciousness, whether they are Ming soldiers or Qing soldiers, they can rob and make a fortune. They don’t care who is the emperor, it doesn’t matter whether they kill the Han compatriots or the Manchu and Mongolian barbarians, all they care about is whether they can continue to eat the emperor’s food and whether they can continue to make a fortune. Some officers even thought that they were officials in the Qing army. If the Taiping Army really wanted to recruit them, they would definitely have to rely on them to manage their troops, and it was impossible to say that they could be promoted to one level. Now the Ming Dynasty seems to be promising for ZTE, and then going back to Baoming may be a very good deal.

In fact, the hearts of those full of Mongolian soldiers are “squeaky”, but no one is against it, they also just want to live well. The moment these Mongolian soldiers knelt down and surrendered, they had already lost their glory. Now, the rest is just begging for life.

“Come with me!”

A general flag pressed his sword and walked to the group of prisoners who had been dressed up, waved the torch three times, and motioned the prisoners to follow him. The prisoners naturally did not dare not obey, and followed them obediently. No one dared to run away, because their sight was full of Taiping soldiers with torches, and the long flames stretched from the woods to the canal several miles away. In those dark places without fire, the neighing of war horses could be heard from time to time. Occasionally, cavalrymen with torches passed by, and they could see black shadows standing on their horses.

After the changed captives were taken away, the remaining captives continued to change their clothes in a team of a hundred people, and were taken away immediately after changing. After such a batch, 2,000 prisoners soon came to the canal in red uniforms of the Taiping Army. On the side of the canal, thousands of Taiping cavalrymen stood by the river in black with torches, and about 3,000 infantrymen armed with guns and spears stood in line.

When the last group of dressed prisoners walked to the river, they found that the prisoners in front were sitting on the ground in groups of about 500 people in a phalanx. There are Taiping troops watching between each square, and there is a Taiping army standing there with a long bamboo pole in front of each square, but they don’t know what they are doing.

“sit down!”

The Manchurian leader Kaermu sat on the ground together with the Han and Mongolian soldiers of the same team. He quietly raised his head and looked around, confirming that there were still five or six miles away from the mouth of the Bianjia River. During the day, they were here to chase and defeat the Taiping army and were lured into the woods.

The more than 4,000 prisoners were divided into eight square formations. No one dared to make a sound, and the Taiping army guarding them did not make a sound. The atmosphere was very depressed. On the canal, there are boats from time to time. The rhythm of the sound of the paddles rhythmically reached the ears of the captives. The temperature was so low that the captives near the canal could see that the water under the riverbank had frozen.

The military uniforms issued by the Taiping Army to the captives were thin summer clothes, which made the bodies of these captives icy cold, and all of them were shivering. But soon, these captives will feel the warmth. Hot warmth.


Bianjiahekou was surrounded by dozens of miles of battle lines, and countless firelights were dotted in the darkness like stars.

A war is about to break out, and this is a war that is not changed by people’s will. Neither side had any way out.

At the time of Hai, according to legend of Zhou Shi, he ordered a strong attack and ordered all the ministries to take the Bianjia River Mouth before dawn tomorrow, at all costs. He personally came to the first town to oversee the battle.

With a sound of “whoosh”, a rocket that was used by the Han people to fly up during the Chinese New Year rose into the air with a screeching sound.

In the sound of “swish swish”, the Qing army in the mouth of the Bianjia River looked at the Taiping army who surrounded them and let out flames.

After the flames, death descends.

With a sound of “Boom”, a large iron ball weighing eight jin flew towards the mouth of the Bianjia River in the dark with a screeching sound, and then the sky-shattering sound of the cannon resounded over the mouth of the Bianjia River. The Taiping army attacked the Bianjia River mouth from four directions at the same time, continuously fired guns and rockets into the town, and dug holes everywhere to explode, destroying the obstacles set up by the Qing army around the town, and the offensive was very fierce.

When the first drill signal sounded, a thousand households of the Taiping army who were watching the prisoners on the river bank shouted: “Go forward!”

As soon as the voice fell, the soldiers with long bamboo poles in front of each phalanx immediately came to the phalanx with the long bamboo poles. When the bamboo poles fell, the prisoners in the front had to get up and move forward, while those in the back waited for the next batch.

“Run, run!”

Under the coercion of countless Taiping troops armed with knives and spears, about 800 prisoners rushed forward in fear. On both sides of the line, there were all the Taiping soldiers on horseback. Whoever walked a little slower, the knight on the horse immediately drew his whip.

At this time, the direction of the Bianjia River mouth in the distance was full of fire, and the sound of cannons was loud. The prisoners knew that they were running towards the camp, and someone had realized that the Taiping army was going to drive them to be cannon fodder. But no one dared to turn back or resist, they rushed forward numbly under the wraps of the crowd. At this time, whether officials, soldiers, uncle Man Meng, or fourth-class Han soldiers, they have only one identity, and that is cannon fodder.

Kaermu was also among the first batch of attacking cannon fodder. He was surrounded by battalion and Mongolian soldiers that he did not know, so that he couldn’t even find a partner to speak up. The only thing to do is to walk forward amid the constant urging sounds from both sides. He didn’t want to be beaten half to death like the battalion soldier just now.

When it was more than a mile away from the mouth of the Bianjia River, Kaermu saw dozens of bonfires burning ahead. Around the fire, groups of Taiping soldiers were looking nervously ahead with various weapons. Not far away, there are dozens of artillery pieces standing there, and the gunners are firing into the town happily.

“If you want to survive, grab your weapon and rush forward. Anyone who dares to retreat will kill!”

Zhu Qinglai, the deputy general of the first town who was organizing the attack, saw that the prisoners of cannon fodder were being driven over, and immediately sent an order to distribute the weapons captured during the day to these prisoners, and then drove them to attack.

Countless knives and spears were either placed together or randomly dropped on the ground. Under the urging of the Taiping Army, the prisoners subconsciously picked up their weapons and ran forward unconsciously. Their nerves were stretched to the extreme, and the constant urging and whipping of the Taiping Army made them unable to think, only obedient.

“Go forward if you want to survive!”

One hundred households of the Taiping Army swung their swords and shouted, and when the prisoners heard it, they responded and rushed forward one by one shouting.

At a bonfire not far away, Zhou Shixiang rode on a Daqing horse to observe the Qing army in Bianjia town. The prisoners who were being forced to become cannon fodder were not allowed to see him from beginning to end.

The Qing army in the town saw countless Taiping troops in red uniforms attacking the town, and the artillery mounted on the fort immediately opened fire. Iron **** fell among the charging prisoners, wantonly harvesting human lives.

The prisoners, who simply held weapons, had no armor, and had no shields, braved the artillery fire of the Qing army and the arrows shot from the watchtower in the town, and attacked the ditch with difficulty and force. The Qing army on the opposite side fought back frantically, and the trenches were filled with corpses. Finally, the Qing soldiers collapsed, and they turned around and ran back.

Kaermu didn’t look back, instead he squeezed past the crowd running back and forth, rushed to the front of the ditch and shouted at the Qing soldiers on the opposite side: “Don’t let the arrows, I’m a Manchurian! Don’t let go of the arrows, I’m a Manchurian!”

This is the only chance for Kaermu. As long as the opposite side stops shooting arrows, he can cross the trench and return to the embrace of the Qing Dynasty, and he will no longer have to be tortured and oppressed by the Taiping bandits. He waved his hands desperately, shouted loudly, and then did not respond to the shouting facing him, and a sharp arrow shot into his chest. He leaned violently and fell heavily to the ground. Blood was gushing out from his chest, but he couldn’t find anything to plug the wound. He held the arrow shaft on his chest tightly with both hands. He didn’t understand why he had already shouted that he was a Manchurian, and how could the damned Han people on the opposite side shoot him!

Not far from the Qing army’s wooden fence, a young green battalion soldier excitedly waved his bow and shouted to the veterans who usually looked down on him: “See, I shot a thief, I shot a thief. Thief!”

The returning captives soon discovered that going back was a more maddening nightmare than advancing.

“go back!”

Teams of Taiping troops armed with spears marched forward step by step in order to threaten ~www.mtlnovel.com~ Behind them, hundreds of corpses fell. Each corpse has a distinctive feature, all of which were pierced through the chest and abdomen by spears. The captives retreated in horror, and no one had the courage to rush forward and fight the Taiping army who wanted them to die.

In the face of death threats from the Taiping Army, the prisoners had to turn around again. Their existence is to consume the arrows and cannons of the Qing army.

When the first batch of prisoners was exhausted, the long bamboo poles fell again by the canal. This time, more prisoners were used as cannon fodder, more than a thousand. No one told them about the casualties of the group in front of them, and even they themselves knew that their chances of survival were slim. But no matter how slim it is, there is still a chance to survive. Even if nine out of ten people die, isn’t one still alive? Maybe the one who survived was me.

Every prisoner thinks this way, and the bodies of the last 4,000 prisoners piled up in front of the Qing army barracks at the mouth of the Bianjiahe River are everywhere. They were still effective. The trenches of the Qing army were filled, the wooden fences on the front line were overturned, and even a dozen watchtowers were toppled.

With a loud “bang”, the fifth town attacked from the east successfully blew up the Qing army fort, rushed into the town, and began to connect with the Qing soldiers with short knives.

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