Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 835 blood red blood red

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After the canal pontoon was destroyed, the Qing infantry brigade was immediately blocked on the east bank of the canal. The Manchu capitals Dase and Mongolian Ezhen’e and Ke could not lead their troops to cross the river to reinforce Tong Guogang. In desperation, they had to order the soldiers to repair the pontoon bridge while the supervisors strangled the Ming army who were fighting for the East Fort.

Although the iron armored soldiers of the former Zheng Army who were fighting **** battles with the defenders of the East Fortress were all brave, but because there were too many reinforcements from the Qing army, and the main general Yu Xin died in the battle, they held on for a while and then retreated to the riverside. The riverside was full of muddy ground, which was not conducive to the withdrawal of the Ming army or the pursuit of the Qing army. In the end, more than 300 Zheng troops successfully retreated to the boat. This is the only offensive that the Qing army has achieved to force back the Taiping army into an established system since the war began, and it has won a great battle.

Guo Faguang, the former general of the Zhejiang Army, saw that the Qing army was rushing to repair the canal pontoon bridge, and rushed to lead the navy warships under his command to break into the mouth of the canal to prevent the Qing army from rushing to repair the pontoon bridge with artillery bombardment. Guo Faguang’s navy’s right battalion warships are large ships, suitable for operation on the river, but not suitable for operation in the narrow and narrow area such as the mouth of the canal. Stranded and became a living target of the Qing army artillery on the shore. However, in order to prevent the Qing army from rushing to repair the pontoon bridge, the navy could not take care of it. Guo Faguang personally led his boat into the estuary, and dozens of large and small artillery pieces on several boats blasted at the Qing soldiers who were rushing to repair the pontoon bridge, causing the Qing soldiers to cry. , and fled.

Seeing this, the Qing army on the east fort on the earth dam also frantically bombarded the Taiping army navy on the river. Because the distance was too close, three navy warships were shot, one sank on the spot, and the other two lost their ability to move. . Guo Faguang raised the flag and ordered the bombardment of the pontoon bridge, and at the same time organized artillery fire to suppress the Qing army in the East Fortress. The Qing army infantry brigade commanded by Dase also carried a large number of artillery pieces. At this time, they also pulled up and shelled the river mouth in the bamboo forest area not far from the river bank. The Taiping army navy warships entering the estuary had to suffer hard because of the inconvenience of movement. From time to time, warships were hit by the Qing army guns.

The Qing soldiers on the shore burst into cheers as each shell fell on the Taiping warships. But Dase and Eheke were gloomy, because they knew that the key to the battlefield was not the estuary, but the west bank. No matter how fierce the artillery fire here, even if all the warships of the Taiping Army were destroyed, as long as the West Bank lost, the battle would be lost.

Under the heavy reward, there must be a brave man. Dase awarded the heavy reward, and directly threatened, more than 300 northern battalion soldiers bravely repaired the pontoon under the cannon of the Taiping Army. Cannonballs fell from time to time on both sides of the pontoon, as if a swarm of meteors fell from the sky above the canal. There were water jets everywhere and wailing everywhere. Several iron bullets hit the bridge directly on the Taiping warship, either taking away several lives or smashing a large hole in the bridge.

On the west bank, the destruction of the pontoon bridge made it impossible for the infantry brigade to cross the river to come for reinforcements, which made Tong Guogang complain. The battlefield situation has rapidly turned in a direction unfavorable to the Qing army, and the advantages of the Manchu and Mongolian cavalry are being diminished with the continuous arrival of Taiping reinforcements. The battle had already reached a stalemate, and the maneuvering advantage of the Manchurian cavalry interspersed and dashed had vanished, and instead fell into the attack of the Taiping army in all directions.

Zhou Shixiang had already landed, and at the moment people were on the west fort. He was gratified by the destruction of the pontoon bridge, and he also saw the hope of victory. Although he did not know which soldiers and horses destroyed the pontoon bridge, he had decided that after the war, he must vigorously reward the warriors who broke the bridge and make great contributions to them.

Zhou Shixiang’s handsome flag was planted at the top of the West Fort, and the bright yellow flag clearly told everyone on the battlefield that he was there.

On the river beach, groups of Taiping troops in red military uniforms jumped from the boat continuously, and then dozens of people formed a group, a group of hundreds of people, under the guidance of officers and military flags, rushed forward. The war horses were also put down from the boat. The Mongolian soldiers who were not used to riding the boat were still a little dizzy after they got ashore, but after the adjustment, they quickly got on their horses and rushed towards the battlefield with the Han (Mongolian) shouting and killing. go.

“Line up!”

Hundred households Liu Bangdong shouted loudly, and the more than 200 soldiers under his command immediately lined up in five horizontal lines in the direction of the flag bearer. The An army envoy Lu Yi stood beside Liu Bangdong with a knife, and 20 guards directly under the command of the soldiers formed a team. In the team, Guo Cheng, who was dubbed “Guo Laodao” by his fellow robes, was nervously holding the long knife in his hands.

“go ahead!”

Following Liu Bangdong’s order, Bingwei made great strides under the leadership of the standard bearer. On the far right of the team was a soldier blowing a suona. With the sound of the suona, the 245 Bingwei guards, including the officers and soldiers, moved straight forward like one person. In front of them, left and right, a square formation composed of guards is also stepping forward.

“Release the gun!”

After facing the arrows of the Qing army, Liu Bangdong pointed the long knife forward. In an instant, the forty soldiers in the first row fired their firearms forward, and quickly squatted down, followed by the second row, the third row…

In the sound of “bang bang”, the Qing troops in front of them kept falling from their horses, their horses neighing on their backs, and they became a mass.

“Come on!”

The spear-wielding phalanx on the other side charged towards the Qing army with a slanting spear after the gun guards had put out a few rounds of guns. Ru Lin’s spear kept stabbing the Qing soldiers on horseback, knocking them off their horses one by one.

Within a few square kilometers, there were counterattacks of the Taiping army everywhere, and the balance of victory tilted sharply in favor of the Taiping army.

Wang. The assistant minister, a white robe and a yellow horse, has led his troops to stab back and forth between the Manchu and Mongolian cavalry twice, and no one can stop the spear.

Tong Guogang had seen Wang Fuchen in the capital. Knowing that he was so powerful, he did not dare to fight the horses.

The eight hundred iron armored soldiers led by the blind man Li became the last straw to overwhelm the Qing army. Eight hundred iron armored soldiers slashed at the Qing soldiers in a deserted place on the central line. The Qing army had nothing to do with these iron armored soldiers. block. But these iron-clad soldiers were heavy infantry, and the Manchurian cavalry were light cavalry, and they could not be overwhelmed at all.

The Taiping Army, which was originally cut by the Manchu and Mongolian cavalry, now encircled the Qing army with the advantage of its strength, and cut thousands of Qing troops into battle circles ranging from hundreds to dozens. The Qing soldiers without their mobility advantage were passively beaten like horseless cavalry.

Finally, the Qing army couldn’t hold it anymore, the Mongolian soldiers rushed to the canal, and the Manchu soldiers abandoned their enemies and fled to the canal. Some of the battalions of the Dobi Department also ran to the canal together, while others threw their weapons and knelt down and surrendered. However, they were not forgiven by the Taiping Army and were cut down one by one.

“Chase, drive the Tartars into the river!”

Tie Yi, whose subordinates were nearly half dead, issued a pursuit order with red eyes. There were Qing troops fleeing everywhere, and Taiping troops who were chasing them everywhere.

Tong Guogang fled to the canal, looking at the unfinished pontoon bridge with despair. He wanted to fight the horse back and fight the Taiping army desperately, but there were countless defeated troops behind him. He was defeated like a mountain, and it was impossible for him to regroup and fight back in blood.

The banks of the river were crowded with cavalry, looking at the wide canal, and the Qing army sighed at the river. A Mongolian soldier hesitated for a moment, and then rushed into the river on horseback. The people on the bank raised their voices when they saw it. In the end, the Mongolian soldier and horse disappeared in front of everyone.

In the rear, a frantic killing is going on. One after another, the Qing soldiers were stabbed from their horses by the Taiping army who were furiously revengeful, and then they added up the swords. The Qing army, eager to escape, kept rushing forward, making the Man Meng soldiers who first arrived at the river and hesitated to stop being pushed into the river one by one.

The sound of falling into the water came one after another, and the Qing army infantry on the other side of the river looked at everything that happened on the other side in stunned silence. More than a dozen Yangzhou soldiers who knew how to swim jumped up, then rowed their arms desperately, and successfully swam to the opposite bank two miles away, inspiring the Qing army. Soon, it was no longer the Mongolian soldiers who were pushed into the river, but the Mongolian soldiers who took the initiative to dive. However, these Mongolian soldiers soon discovered that they could not swim!

When hundreds of people drowned in the canal, the turbulent river bank finally calmed down. Except for the unlucky ones who were squeezed into the river from time to time, the rest of the Man and Mongolian soldiers pressed their feet against the river bank, lest they would be squeezed down.

Dase and Eheke on the other side of the river finally realized that the pontoon bridge could not be repaired. Teams of Qing soldiers panicked and ran upstream to look for boats. Fortunately, Tong Guogang’s personal soldiers on the other side also found three small boats where fishermen were fishing. They protected Tong Guogang from getting on the boat, and the three small boats were crowded with generals from Man and Mongolia eager to cross the river to escape. When Man Meng soldiers saw this, they rushed forward to get on the boat, but the Man Meng generals on the boat did not let them on at all. Those full of Mongolian soldiers held on to the side of the boat so tightly that the boat couldn’t hold it at all, and only spun around there.

In the distance, the screams of the Taiping army were getting closer, and the number of Man and Mongolian soldiers who had been squeezed into the river became more and more Zhao.

“Cut off their hands, chop off their hands!”

Tong Guogang shouted frantically and chopped off the hands of a Manchurian soldier clinging to the side of the boat with a knife. The Manchurian soldier screamed and fell down, waving his amputated limbs in the water and struggling constantly, and finally “guru” sink to the bottom. Chopping with knives, stabbing spears, and eager to escape, the Manchurian generals slaughtered their subordinates frantically, just to escape for their own lives.

“Take us, take us, all masters!”

Tong Guogang’s personal soldiers have dozens of people, and it is impossible for these people to board the boat. At this moment, in the half-waist-deep water, he is begging Lord Dutong to bring them. Some Manchurian officers were also begging in the water, but Tong Guogang was as hard-hearted as iron, even if these people had red belts, he couldn’t care less!

“Tong Guogang, Manzhou can’t spare you, and the emperor can’t spare you!”

The abandoned Manchurian officers cursed loudly, watching the three surviving boats get further and further away.

“It’s down, it’s down!”

The Mongolian soldiers on the shore suddenly shouted~www.mtlnovel.com~ Immediately, all the Manchu Mongolian soldiers shouted to surrender. Tong Guogang heard it in the center of the river, gritted his teeth, said nothing, and his face was ashen.

“We surrender, don’t kill us!”

The Man Mongolian cavalry dismounted one by one and knelt down and asked to surrender. Looking past, there were no less than thousands of people.

“Whoever surrenders without fighting, kill!”

Wang Fuchen grinned and waved his hand, and thousands of cavalry rushed forward, slashing wildly at the Manchu and Mongolian cavalry who were so crowded that they couldn’t move at all. The Taiping Infantry that followed closely also took big swords and spears to harvest the lives of these Mongolian soldiers who had no will to fight.

The desperate Man Meng soldiers had no choice but to jump into the river. They found anything that could help them cross the river and jumped into the river. From a distance, it looked like dumplings. The Taiping army who waded the corpses of the Manchurian soldiers and killed them by the river still did not let go of the Manchu and Mongolian soldiers who fell into the river. They used fire guns, shot with bows and arrows on the bank, and even the soldiers with spears rushed directly into the river, facing the enemy. Those Man Meng soldiers who only showed their noses, but dared not move forward, stabbed them frantically and kept driving them into the river.

The water of the Grand Canal was stagnant and blood red. (To be continued.) Mobile users, please browse and read for a better reading experience.

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