Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 832 Blind man, let's go!

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After Duobi was forcibly dragged over the pontoon bridge by his subordinates, the more than 2,000 Yangzhou soldiers who were still fighting in the water camp had no intention of fighting again and retreated to the pontoon bridge. At this time, there were still more than 1,000 Qing troops on the earth dam to the east of the water camp in Guazhou relying on the fort to hold on.

The earth dam was originally an old embankment at the mouth of the canal. It was built during the Yongle period. After two hundred years, it has long since been dilapidated. The bottom of the dam is full of river reeds. Because the river is soaked and muddy, it is difficult for people to walk on it. In addition, it is not open. It is not conducive to the action of the large army, so the Taiping army did not choose to land here, and only the naval division suppressed it with artillery fire, which made the pressure on the Qing army in the east fortress far less than that of the water camp and the west fortress.

After Dobi was sent to the other side of the canal by his subordinates, he immediately asked Erfu and others to destroy the pontoon bridge to prevent the Taiping army from attacking along the pontoon bridge. At this moment, Erfu and the others did not dissuade anyone, and were busy with orders to destroy the pontoon bridge. On the opposite side, the Yangzhou soldiers who were retreating towards the pontoon bridge immediately cursed after they found that the pontoon bridge was being destroyed in front of them. Some of the Yangzhou soldiers who had already boarded the bridge chose to save their lives by themselves. Some Yangzhou soldiers stepped forward desperately to stop the Manchu soldiers from breaking the bridge, so that their fellow villagers and relatives and friends could escape.

One side wanted to destroy the bridge, and the other side refused to let it. Although the Yangzhou soldiers were captured by the mighty power of the Manchu soldiers, at the moment there were only dozens of people on the other side, while there were hundreds of thousands on their own side, so they were led by a few daring Yangzhou soldiers. Next, a scene of cannibalism was staged on the pontoon. In order to survive, those Yangzhou soldiers were also vicious, and they cut down more than a dozen Manchu soldiers one after another, so frightened that Erfu and others dared not break the bridge again, and hurriedly fled to Duobi.

When Duobi saw this, he ran up to the fort on the earth dam and ordered the defenders to turn the gun muzzle and use the cannon to blast the pontoon. The fort guard did not dare to disobey the order, and acted according to the order. Just as the artillery was about to fire, the hoofs sounded from the east. Duobi and others turned to look, but it was the Manchurian cavalry under the banner of Xianghuang.

“Sir, do you want to blow up this bridge?”

When the Qing army guards at the East Fort saw the reinforcements arriving, they asked Dobi if he wanted to blow up the bridge. Duobilian said not to bomb it, and he wanted to destroy the bridge just now. He was afraid that the Taiping army would rush across the canal to seize the east fort and pursue them. Now that reinforcements came, the bridge could not be destroyed, because the Manchurian cavalry had to rely on this bridge to rush over. Strangle the Taiping army who came ashore and take back the water camp and west fort. Otherwise, it would be a big trouble for the Taiping army to stand on the north bank.

Leading the Qing army cavalry was the first-class bodyguard Tong Guogang, who was the eldest son of Tong Tulai, the first-class public servant, and the younger sister was Concubine Tong who gave birth to the fourth brother for the current emperor, so he was the emperor’s brother-in-law and the fourth brother’s. Dear uncle.

After receiving the emergency at the water camp in Guazhou, just after returning from Yangzhou to meet the master, Ao Bai, who presided over the Jiangbei camp, immediately ordered Tong Guo’s program of 2,000 Manchu cavalry and 4,000 Mongolian cavalry to rush to reinforce Duobi. Ao Bai, who had fought with Emperor Taizong and Prince Su Hauge for many years, knew that the water camp in Guazhou could not be lost. For this reason, after Tong Guogang led the cavalry to reinforce Guazhou, he transferred more than 20,000 infantry troops from the Manchu capital to Dase and Mongolia. Ezhenle and Ke led the backup and rushed to Guazhou. At the same time, he ordered the remaining large battalion soldiers to prepare to send troops to reinforce Guazhou at any time.

When Tong Guogang came, he thought that Duobi was still defending in the water camp, but he didn’t expect that he was already defeated. Seeing a group of defeated soldiers on the canal pontoon in front of him, Tong Guogang was furious, and he waved his hand and ordered the cavalry to charge, slashing the horse and stepping on it. , Hundreds of fallen soldiers stained the canal with blood, and corpses lay in a pile. Then Tong Guogang led the cavalry directly across the bridge and attacked the Taiping army that was charging.

The arrival of the reinforcements and the Manchu and Mongolian cavalry boosted the morale of the Qing army’s defeated troops. Duobi did not miss the opportunity to summon the defeated troops, and gathered more than 3,000 soldiers to follow the Manchu and Mongolian cavalry and killed them again.

The two battalions of the Second Zhenjia Brigade, which were chasing down the Qing army and had rushed to the west bank of the canal pontoon, faced the Qing army cavalry who suddenly rushed over and did not set up their defense lines in time, so they were instantly swept by the Qing army cavalry, causing casualties. Hundreds of them, the C Battalion was almost wiped out. Qianhu Huang Sicheng was shot to death by the Qing army on the spot and became the first high-ranking general killed in the battle of the Taiping army crossing the river.

The Man Mongolian cavalry succeeded in the first battle, and they were arrogant and arrogant in an instant. The remaining battalion of Brigade A, under the leadership of the camp school Cao Shou, relied on the Qing army camp to stand firm, and at the same time sent a rescue signal to the rear.

“Whoosh” rockets from the sky rise from the shore from time to time. This is the most urgent means of communication and communication used by the Taiping Army. However, seeing this signal, either the whole army is ready, or the whole army is in an emergency.

When the navy on the river saw the signal, while speeding up the transport of troops to the shore, they mobilized warships to spread out along the river in a line, and shot shells of different sizes to the shore like flowing water. Under the shelling, the offensive of the Qing army cavalry was stagnant, so that Tie Yi led the B brigade to reinforce it in time, and the Qing army cavalry was delayed by firearms and thunder.

Tong Guogang saw that the Taiping army on the river was still transporting troops to the shore, and the horses were still transported, and immediately ordered the Mongolian soldiers to attack the Taiping army’s defense line regardless of casualties, in order to repel them, so as to be able to retake the west fort and prevent more The Taiping army landed.

The Qing army artillery on the west fort also fired again, but this time it was the Taiping army. Dozens of cannons that turned their direction slammed into the Qing cavalry, causing heavy casualties to the attacking Mongolian soldiers.

Tie Yi issued a strict order that no one could take a step back and die here.

Under the frantic attack of the Qing army, the second town suffered an unprecedented blow, and the casualties were even heavier than that in the Chaohui War. The main reason for this is that the two battalions of the A Brigade were severely damaged by the Qing army, and the second town simultaneously assumed the two tasks of chasing the Qing army and stabilizing the west fort~www.mtlnovel.com~, resulting in the inability to concentrate troops. In addition, the Qing army was defeated and retreated too fast just now, and the victory came too easily, so that everyone in the second town was a little careless, which led to the current unfavorable situation.

On the river, small boats were carrying the second batch of soldiers who landed. The officers and soldiers on the boat were all anxiously watching the shore.

Zhou Shixiang also held the telescopic mirror tightly in his hand, and the camera never put it down. If the second town could not stop the Qing army’s counterattack, then this attack was doomed to fail. If he persists for one more second, one more soldier will die. Because of the limited means of landing in this era, this battle is like a “fueling” tactic. If the second town can hold on, then the added soldiers will be a new force. If they can’t hold on, they will send the soldiers ashore in batches to be slaughtered by the Qing army.

When he saw a red figure rushing towards the Qing army cavalry with a medicine bag in his sight, Zhou Shixiang put down the telescopic mirror and ordered the blind man Li to get off the boat with him immediately. He couldn’t just watch it, he had to go up.

Guo Xiong, Gui Yongzhi, Dong Changqing and others were frightened at the time, and they reacted and stepped forward to persuade Zhou Shixiang not to take the risk lightly, but Zhou Shixiang said: “My life is important, but the lives of those soldiers are not important? I am a human being. , they are no longer human! … Don’t forget, this handsome came from a mountain of corpses and a sea of ​​blood! Blind man, let’s go!” (To be continued.) Mobile users, please browse and read for a better reading experience.

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