Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 831 knife to see blood

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After suppressing the Qing army navy with absolute strength, Gan Hui, Guo Faguang and others will command the navy to break into the port, and several ships will besiege and wipe out the remaining Qing army warships. The Qing army was defeated and could not fight back at all. Duobi was in a hurry, but there was nothing he could do.

Black smoke filled the sky above the water camp in Guazhou, and explosions sounded from time to time.

On the shore, the Qing troops on the fort fired their artillery desperately, trying to defeat the Taiping navy who were slamming their warships, but with little success. Seeing his own warships sinking one by one, Jiang Du participated in Jiang Maxiong’s trembling.

With the sound of “Boom”, a “Fire Dragon Tribute” hit the medicine on a Qing army warship, causing a huge explosion, accompanied by soaring flames, and firemen jumped from the boat into the river. On the water, there were thumping Qing soldiers everywhere.


The situation was over, Duobi was sitting on the deck in pain, looking at the Taiping warships that were rushing fast in front of him, he heard the screams of killing from the sky, and from time to time there were cannons falling around, and soldiers were shot from time to time. The son and the arrow were hit, and there was a miserable wailing on the ground.

With a loud “bang”, a soldier from a Taiping warship approached and shot Duobi with a shot. The shot flew to the back against Duobi’s head and knocked his hat to the ground, revealing Bare head.

Duobi was in despair, the sound of gunshots, cannons, and arrows getting louder and louder in his ears, and his eyes had clearly seen a group of thieves grinning at him wielding long knives. He knew that he would definitely die today. He was a Manchurian. Once caught, he would definitely be tortured to death by Taiping bandits. After the Taiping army occupied Nanjing, what happened to the bannermen all over the city, Duobi knew very well. He also knew that Prince An, Yue Le, Governor of Liangjiang, Lang Tingzuo, and university scholar Ese Hei were all killed by the Taiping army. , It is said that the man was cut straight to a **** white bone. What a terrible punishment it was, Duobi was horrified, because he killed too many Han people and chopped off countless Han people’s heads, but it really made him face a corpse that was cut off without any flesh and only bones. be afraid, be afraid. If this kind of thing happened to him, and it was him who was cut alive, then he would never accept it.

No, I must not be caught by thieves!

Duobi stood up abruptly. He was the ruler of Manchuria and a high-ranking official in the eyes of the thieves. If he fell into the hands of the thieves, his fate would definitely not be better.

peel? Five horses dismembered? Cut in half? The owl’s head is displayed to the public?

No matter what method of death, Duobi didn’t dare to endure it. When he thought of that terrible method of death, his whole body’s blood coagulated.

“I am a dignified Manchurian man, how can I be insulted by thieves, it is better to die alone!”

Duobi looked at the rushing river with a pale face, his heart beating wildly.


Dobi’s Goshha Erfu stumbled over from the back of the boat. The situation was over, the water camp was over, and even the gods couldn’t save him. Right now, he could only hurry to protect Lord Dutong and evacuated ashore. But when he ran to the front deck, he found that Lord Dutong was standing there like a dead man, his eyes seemed to be dead, and he stared at the river under the boat motionless.

“Tongtong, you can’t!”

Erfu’s consciousness was not good. He rushed forward and tried to hold Dutong, but he was a step too late, and he failed to hold Lord Dutong.

Dobi closed his eyes and jumped off the boat. He would rather commit suicide than fall into the hands of the Taiping army. The Taiping army’s cruelty to the Manchu banners frightened him.

“Hurry up and save Lord Dutong, quickly save Lord Dutong!”

Erfu screamed in a hurry, and two Qing soldiers with good water jumped down and quickly pushed Dobi out of the water. The Qing soldiers on the boat caught the man with the guns of the Taiping Army, and then carried Dobi. into the cabin. Erfu urged the helmsman to turn to the shore, and then rushed into the cabin. Seeing that everyone looked pale at Lord Dutong, thinking that no one could be rescued, he was shocked. If Dobi had three strengths and two weaknesses, he and the ship full of soldiers would all die.

Another Ghoshha put his hand next to Dobi’s nostrils, feeling that Master Tong was still breathing in and out, and cried out in surprise. Erfu was busy exploring again, and sure enough, all adults were still saved, so he immediately felt relieved. He couldn’t care what it would be like outside. As soon as the boat docked, he ran towards the shore with Lord Dutong on his back.

After landing on the shore, the Qing soldiers felt as if they had escaped from life, and the solid soil under their feet made them feel as if they were separated from the world. Duobi Youyou woke up, but found that he was not dead. When he looked at Erfu and the others, he immediately knew that he had been rescued by his subordinates. He wanted to growl, to scold, but in the end he said nothing. Strange to say, just now Duobi was in despair and just wanted to die, but now he doesn’t want to die, and instead suddenly flooded with countless courage.

“Defend the fort, and never let the Taiping bandits come ashore!”

Duobi was relieved, and immediately organized the Qing army on the shore to form a defensive line to suppress the army’s heart that was almost shaken by the defeat of the navy. He personally waved his sword in front of him and directed the Qing army to meet the enemy. The people who reported the news have been gone for a long time, and I believe that reinforcements are on the way.

In the port, after the navy solved the remaining Qing army warships, they immediately organized artillery fire to suppress the Qing army’s east fort and west fort on the beach to cover the landing of the infantry.

Zhou Shixiang put down the telescopic mirror and instructed the guard beside him. Immediately, the flag-bearer on the ship blew the flag of landing, and the horn of attack sounded again.

The second town was the main force in the landing operation. The town general, Tie Yi, had been waiting for the landing order from the commander. When the landing order finally came, he walked to the bow and shouted at the more than 300 soldiers behind him: Seeing blood will kill you!”

“The knife needs blood, and the gun kills you!”

Thousands of soldiers in the second town who participated in the landing shouted the slogans of Zhentian and descended to the boat one by one along the side of the ship, and then went to the shore in waves.

The landing site Tie Yi chose was the beach in front of the Qing army’s west fort.

The second town is the all-firearms unit of the Taiping Army. The town is equipped with the most “Huntianlei” among the towns. Therefore, as soon as they landed, the Qing troops in the West Fortress were killed by powerful firearms they had never encountered before. The ginseng Maxiong couldn’t resist, so he had to lead the remaining soldiers to abandon the fort and retreat.

Cannons, drums, footsteps, like thunder and lightning.

Seeing that the defenders of the West Fortress were defeated, Duobi was angry and anxious. Seeing that the defeated soldiers of the West Fortress were running straight towards the canal, he was furious, and hurriedly pulled out his long sword and planted his flag on the ground, then held the sword. Standing under the flag, shouting: “Whoever has this flag will be executed!”

The defeated soldiers were stunned, and stood there, not daring to advance. Seeing that Manchuria was in front, Ma Xiong wanted to make up for the failure, so he turned around and tried to retake the fort. At this time, another wave of defeated soldiers rushed over without thinking, like a defeated leaf swept up by the gust of wind. One of the soldiers panicked and ran away from the flagpole without seeing Dobi standing there.

Duobi gritted his teeth with hatred and slashed with a knife. The soldier screamed and rolled on the ground in pain, and the river beach was stained with blood. However, the rest of the Qing soldiers were not frightened at all. They actually bypassed the Manchurian flag and rushed to the pontoon on the canal~www.mtlnovel.com~ Some of the defeated soldiers took off their horns while running. The jacket, that posture only hated the father and mother for not having two legs. Duobi was so angry that he cursed, but he only had dozens of Manchu soldiers by his side, how could he stop so many defeated soldiers.

The Taiping Army, which had captured the West Fort, had already rushed in the direction of Dobi under the leadership of the officers. Although Dobi was still standing under the army flag with a knife, it was no longer ineffective. A group of routed soldiers bypassed his army flag, rushed to the pontoon bridge, and fled in panic. Even Ma Xiong didn’t know where he was wrapped up by the defeated soldiers at this meeting.

“Erfo, hurry up, take down the pontoon bridge!”

Duobi gritted his teeth and ordered Erfu to take someone to demolish the bridge, but Erfu begged him bitterly: “Master Dutong, don’t demolish the bridge, let the brothers find a way to survive! Otherwise, the entire army will be wiped out.”

Duobi looked at the Taiping army that was pressing down like a wave, and all the disorganized soldiers who were scrambling to escape on the bridge. He shook his head helplessly, but he was still unwilling to escape. He wanted to wait a little longer, the reinforcements from the main camp would arrive soon!

Seeing that Lord Dutong refused to leave, Erfu and other Manchu soldiers had nothing to do. At this time, an arrow flew past Duobi’s left ear, and he was so scared that he lost his soul. When Erfu and other Manchu soldiers saw this, they stepped forward and forcibly hugged Duobi and dragged him to the pontoon bridge. . (To be continued.) Mobile users, please browse and read for a better reading experience.

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