Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 96

Quchun Lake is too big, and countless beasts live around it.

Although in the previous beast tide, many fierce beasts left here to attack the upper east city, but even so, the number is still as numerous as stars.

On the edge of the sunflower, Su Bai saw a group of six-hoofed mad cows lying in the sun.

This ferocious beast is huge, with each head exceeding eight meters in length and three meters in height, and the huge horns on top of it are indestructible.

The six-hoofed bull has six legs, which is where its name comes from.

The first group of beastmasters used the simplest and crudest way to name these unprecedented creatures.

First look at the appearance characteristics, if you really can’t find the characteristics, start with the talent skills.

If it doesn’t work, then just mess around with it.

This beast and that beast among the beasts are basically the last one.

Pre-evolutionary species are not visible at all.

In the seventh ring, there have always been rumors that if the number of six-hoofed mad cows is large enough, they can even knock down the city wall directly.

But Su Bai had never seen it before.

Although it is only a rumor, it also confirms how terrifying the impact of this beast is once it starts running.

【Name】: Six-hoofed mad cow

[Current level]: Bronze Advanced

[Talent]: 1. Thick leather (common) 2. Toughness (rare)

[Skills]: 1. Bull Rush (rare) 2. Trample (common) 3. Rock Armor (rare)

The overall strength of the six-hoofed mad cow is higher than that of the cloaked monkey, and its skin is thick and bloody, and its combat effectiveness is extremely strong. It is really not a good hunting target.

But for Su Bai, there is no difference.

Come and come, how bad it is to come back empty-handed.

“Hey, grandson!”

Su Bai activated the taunting skill, picked up the stone on the ground and threw it, accurately smashing the eyeball of a six-hoofed mad cow.


In the sky-shattering cry, the dozen or so six-hoofed mad cows found the enemy.

A tiny two-legged creature.

Immediately, he was angry and launched a bull rush.

Wind blade!

Su Bai directed the Sky Steel Crow to attack, while he himself kept retreating.

It’s just that while retreating, the ice wind technique was continuously activated, freezing the ground.

Seeing the six-hoofed bull with red eyes rushing towards him, Su Bai showed a smile of successful trickery.

Rush, let you rush, you won’t fall to death!

Slip, the first six-hoofed mad cow stepped on the frozen ground, slipped directly on the soles of its feet, and staggered.

It’s a pity that Su Bai forgot that this beast has six legs!

What is better than four-wheel drive, six-wheel drive!

Su Bai was stunned, looking at the herd of cattle that did not slow down, he hurriedly threw out the Frostbolt.

The six-hoofed bull at the head mooed wildly, activated the skill rock armor, condensed a layer of rock layers dozens of centimeters thick on the surface of the body, and was then shattered by the Frostbolt.

If you can talk, Six Hoofed Bull must ask, what is your Frostbolt added to, why is it so fierce.

In fact, Su Bai also wanted to ask, why is your skin so thick!

After being blocked, the power of Frostbolt was greatly reduced, and it failed to kill this six-hoofed mad cow……

Fortunately, the lightning arrow that followed hit the bare flesh and blood, and the six-hoofed mad cow at the front shuddered, unable to maintain the charging speed any longer, and fell to the ground.

The cows behind didn’t slow down, trampling their companions into mashed meat.

Nothing happened.

Su Bai greatly regretted that he didn’t add experience and was careless.

This is a hundred points of experience!

With this lesson, Su Bai no longer hesitated, grabbed the dragon stick and rushed over.


With a stick with both hands, he hit the head head-on. With a loud noise, the horns of the first six-hoofed mad cow shattered directly, and then the hard skull was also shattered, and he died on the spot.

Su Bai’s physique is not dominant, but on the other hand, this also makes him flexible enough to flick from left to right and forcibly cut a **** path among the charging cattle.

By the time the herd had all rushed through, four had been killed.

The six-hoofed mad cow wanted to turn around and continue to attack, but how could Su Bai give them such an opportunity to launch a frantic attack in conjunction with the Sky Steel Crow.

Even if the six-hoofed mad cow has the thick-skin talent and rock armor skills, it is not enough to see in front of Su Bai who is holding the Coiling Dragon Stick.

His strength is so strong that one stick can end one end.

And without exception, they all had their heads smashed and died stiffly.

When facing these rough-skinned beasts, the Sky Steel Crow could not achieve the previous record.

There must be two consecutive wind blades, and the rock armor must be shattered first, and then a six-hoofed mad cow can be killed.

You must know that in the battle with the cloaked monkey in 1.4 just now, the Sky Steel Crow was one knife at a time, and the killing efficiency was amazing.

After the dozen or so six-hoofed mad cows were all killed, Su Bai couldn’t help but let out a suffocating breath.

so tired!

It is indeed not a wise move to hunt such rough-skinned beasts.

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