Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 95

There were about twenty cape monkeys that attacked Su Bai, a few of them were high-level bronze, and the rest were all intermediate-level bronze.

In the cloaked monkey group, this group is considered powerful.

Unfortunately, when he met Su Bai, he was destined to perish here.

Taking out the Coiling Dragon Stick and pushing aside the flying stones, Su Bai summoned the Sky Steel Crow.

Wind blade!

Lightning Bolt!

Instantly killed two cloaked monkeys.

・・・・ Asking for flowers・・・

“Ding, kill the bronze intermediate cape monkey and get 130 experience points.”

“Ding, kill the bronze senior cape monkey and get 150 experience points.”

The death of the two cloaked monkeys immediately aroused the killing intent of the monkeys, but in an instant, countless stones flew like raindrops.

Su Bai laughed and waved the dragon stick constantly, breaking most of the stones.

Even if a stone hits him, it doesn’t matter, even the skin can’t be scratched.

The automatic defense is too strong!

There is also a witty cape monkey trying to attack the Sky Steel Crow, only to throw a loneliness.

At the speed of the Sky Steel Crow, the stone thrown by the caped monkey could not even touch its feathers.

I have to say that it is good to have a strong revenge spirit. After most of the cloaked monkeys were killed, the rest did not even think of running away, but raised their heads and screamed sharply.

Hurala, another group of caped monkeys appeared.


Su Bai’s eyes lit up.

Well done!

If this is more, he will be able to level up while standing.

“Ding, kill the bronze intermediate cape monkey and get 130 experience points.”

“Ding, kill the bronze intermediate cape monkey and get 130 experience points.”

“Ding, kill the bronze senior cape monkey and get 150 experience points.”

The experience skyrocketed. In just half an hour, Su Bai killed no less than 40 caped monkeys and gained more than 5,000 experience.


It’s a pity that after the upgrade of the Sky Steel Crow, the upgrade experience has been increased by another 60,000, which has directly increased to the terrifying figure of 120,000.

Su Bai was really afraid of leveling up again, even if it would take several months to level up to hunt and kill beasts 24 hours a day, there would be no point in playing.

But there was nothing he could do about it, he could only redouble his efforts to hunt down the beasts.


When the last cape monkey fell from the treetops, Su Bai had killed more than fifty in total.

Unfortunately, apart from the second wave of cloaked monkeys, no other clusters came close, which made Su Bai a little regretful.

Let the Sky Steel Crow continue to be on alert in the air, Su Bai walked to the edge of the cloaked monkeys all over the ground and began to recover the spar.

When he got closer, Su Bai realized that the cloaked monkey should not be called a monkey, but an orangutan.

This body type, you don’t feel anything when you look at it from a distance, but you feel deeply when you get close.

Each head is a head higher than Su Bai, and the muscles all over his body are bulging, especially his arms, and the muscles are even more powerful.

However, Su Bai is only sixteen years old now, and there is still room for improvement in height.

“If it’s another bronze-level beastmaster, it’s really hard to deal with this kind of monkey, no wonder it’s called a low-level beastmaster killer.” Bu.

Chapter 76 The Sunflower and the Six-Hoofed Bull

Except for the spar, the other parts of the beast like the caped monkey are not of much value.

The monkey hair on the back is barely worth the money. If it is used for knitting clothes, it is very docile, warm and breathable, much stronger than wool sweaters.

However, Su Bai did not collect it.

He put a lot of food and clean water in his space ring, as well as a tent sleeping bag, in order to fight a protracted battle in the wild.

Moreover, in Su Bai’s eyes, the materials of the bronze-level beasts, unless they are of high value, are somewhat disdainful.

In addition, this is the first day out of the city. If you directly fill up the space ring and want to adjust it later, it will be too troublesome.

“The cloaked monkey here should be a stubborn stubble. After fighting for so long, no other beasts came to watch, obviously they were expelled.”

Su Bai couldn’t help but feel a little regretful.

He’s going to change places.

After Su Bai left, more than ten minutes later, fierce beasts that smelled blood came over one after another. After careful observation, they rushed over and wanted to feast on them.

But not wanting to mutate and protrude, several vines entangled the beast and dragged it directly back to the bushes.

After a while, it returned to calm.

Su Bai was naturally unaware of this. He was now looking at a flower, trying to recall the wild hunting notes of these two days of crazy tutoring.

“I remember, this is the sun flower, the one that was crushed by Yu Nan at the beginning.” Su Bai muttered to himself, “It is said that this kind of flower has a great strengthening effect on fire-type pets, if swallowed in large quantities, It can even strengthen skills.”

The skills of the pet can be strengthened, but it needs to be targeted to feed the treasures of related attributes.

At a certain level, you can strengthen existing skills, or acquire new skills.

In the case that the beastmaster cannot improve the level, this is another way to improve the strength.

It is a pity that no matter what kind of beast, the spar has no attributes and cannot improve the skills of the pet.

This inevitably made Su Bai a little regretful, otherwise, with the speed at which he hunted the beasts, the Sky Steel Crow could be overwhelmed.

By that time, all the skills will be improved, wouldn’t it be beautiful.

This time out of the city, Su Bai’s plan was to circle around Quchun Lake, thinking that when he came back after a circle, he could be promoted to the silver level.

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