Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 70

Seeing that the silver-level beastmasters who were high in the past would nod to him when entering and leaving the community, and some would even chat with him, the middle-aged man suddenly felt that he could do it.

Although it was only a few words, it still made the middle-aged man feel that his circle had made a qualitative leap, and he became imposing when he walked, as if he had also become a silver beastmaster.

For a teenager like Su Bai, his first reaction was that he was in a low level.

The students who graduated from high school, how strong can they be, they are the top of the black iron. After all, the improvement of the level takes time to accumulate.

With such strength, the sixth ring is a bit difficult, not to mention the fifth ring.

As for the uniform of the Federal Wilderness Hunting Corps that this young man was wearing, although it looked like the real thing, it was definitely fake.

Can this little brat be a member of the main battle hunting group?

The middle-aged man was the first to express his dissatisfaction.

Go in and find someone, it’s even more unbelievable.

Looking for someone to find the family community of the Wild Hunt Group, and it is also the family community of the fifth ring.

Therefore, this must be a criminal trying to infiltrate the family community.

Putting such a person in, in case he collided with a senior beastmaster and blamed him, he couldn’t afford it.

The middle-aged man made a judgment based on his own experience and decided to stop this kid.

In his heart, he felt that his performance was in place, and maybe he could stay in the fifth ring with this, and his status would be completely different.

I am afraid that the leaders of the company will have to curry favor with him.

But things seem to have gone a little off.

First, I passed a beastmaster, looking at the badge on his shoulder, it turned out to be a silver high-level!

Isn’t this kind of big person living in the fourth ring, how can they appear here.

Before the middle-aged man could figure out the reason, the silver beastmaster actually greeted the boy at the door.

And judging from the content of the conversation, the two are very familiar with each other.

The middle-aged man suddenly remembered the emergency training the leader had given them.

One of them is that when you encounter members of the hunting group with numbers embroidered on the neckline of their uniforms, don’t ask more, what they want to do, and cooperate fully!

If something goes wrong, take care of yourself, don’t let the company die!

At this time, the middle-aged man saw the number on the neckline of the teenager, thirteen.

Perhaps, he saw it before, but under the anesthesia of alcohol, he chose to ignore it.

After all, in his mind, this kind of boy has nothing to do with the Federal Wilderness Hunting Group.

He was busy for half his life, and he didn’t get along very well. He was in contact with colleagues at the black iron level, and his vision was really limited.

With no hope of upgrading, he had a subconscious resistance to these senior beastmasters.

“Sir, do you know this boy?” The middle-aged man turned around with difficulty and looked at Xiong Xingbang with a look of horror on his face.

Xiong Xingbang frowned and said, “Who are you, why haven’t I seen you.”

“Oh, I remembered. The guards at the gate should have participated in the battle. You must have been transferred from other places.”

The middle-aged man nodded again and again, “Yes, we are from the sixth ring.”

“That’s it, I see.” Xiong Xingbang waved his hand casually, expressing that he didn’t care about this, glanced suspiciously, and said, “Why did you stop my comrade-in-arms?”

The middle-aged man trembled with his legs and said tremblingly, “Misunderstanding, it’s all a misunderstanding.”

Su Bai sneered twice and said, “It’s a misunderstanding now? Why did you just say that I wanted to go in and steal something.”

“Is there such a thing?” Xiong Xingbang’s brows twitched into a line, showing a sinister smile, “Which company do you belong to, I want to ask your leaders for an explanation.”

“Who gave him the courage to slander our Thirteenth Wilderness Hunting Regiment!”

Lin Guang next to him was about to urinate with fright, and he scolded the middle-aged man ten thousand times in his heart.

What’s the matter, let you drink, let you love to make things difficult for people, and you’re going to kick the iron plate in this kind of place.

It’s just that when he thinks that they are here on duty together, Lin Guang can’t wait to be killed by one head.

Framing a member of the Federal Wilderness Hunting Group is not a minor crime, and maybe he will be slapped to the end and directly expelled from the city.

With their strength, they will definitely not survive a day in the wild!

“My lord, I have no eyes, so just treat me like a fart.” The middle-aged man knelt directly, tears streaming down his nose.

Su Bai suddenly felt disillusioned.

What’s the point of fighting with such a person?

“Forget it, I’ll pretend I haven’t seen you before.” Su Bai said, “You can let me in now.”

“Yes, sir, please come in.” Seeing that the middle-aged man had lost his mobility, Lin Guang hurriedly dragged him aside and made way for the passage.

After crossing the passage, Xiong Xingbang stepped up and gave him a punch. He laughed and scolded, “You kid, don’t say a word when you come, how did you know that I live here.”

“Uh, I’m here to find my family.” Su Bai explained, “Yu Nan told me that the head of the regiment brought them here.”

“And this? Give me the specific address.” Xiong Xingbang said.

After Su Bai gave him the address, he heard Xiong Xingbang hilariously, “It’s actually at the door opposite me, you say it’s a coincidence.”

“It’s a coincidence, it’s a coincidence.” Su Bai laughed dryly and asked a little strangely, “You live here? With your level, you should be able to go in there.”

“I gave away the house in the fourth ring. It was my partner when I was at the bronze level. If I sacrificed, I gave the house to his family.” Xiong Xingbang said casually, “Then I asked the head of the regiment to ask for a new set. “

Su Bai was shocked that he could still do this.

Although it is the outermost ring of the Central Ring, a house in the Fifth Ring can only be bought with tens of millions of federal dollars, and it must have a corresponding citizenship level.

As a result, the mysterious head of the group handed out a set.

Just two words, atmosphere.

But thinking that when Yu Nan and Xiong Xingbang came to his house, the head of the regiment also gave him one million federal coins, and he was relieved.

It is too easy for a beastmaster of this level to make money.

After all, he was a fierce man who could kill the king of top-level golden beasts with one knife.

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