Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 659

Not only that, their corpses quickly lost their flesh and blood, turning into skeleton creatures, and attacking the living creatures around them.

Such a change naturally caused the beastmasters present to slow down the intensity of the battle and devote part of their energy to observing the situation.

Soon, a beastmaster pointed to the distance and shouted, “Netherfire War Demon!”

Looking in the direction he pointed, dozens of figures with a height of twenty or thirty meters slowly approached.

All humanoid skeleton creatures, holding bone bows in their hands, and huge bone knives on their backs.

Needless to say, the attack just now was initiated by them.

Su Bai also followed.

【Name】: Netherfire War Demon

[Current Level]: Top Star

[Talents]: 1. Must Hit (Legend) 2. Super Strength (Legend) 3. Strong Strike Aura (Myth) 4. Elemental Immunity (Myth)

[Skills]: 1. Triple Strike (Epic) 2. Ignore Defense (Legend) 3. Infinite Heavy Attack (Legend) 4. Nether Rocket Rain (Myth)


Although there is only one defensive talent, it is enough.

In the face of Netherfire Demons with elemental immunity, the best way to defeat them is to fight in close quarters.

However, under the blessing of multiple talents, the melee ability of the ghost fire demon is extremely terrifying.

Ordinary pets posted in the past are given for nothing.

Even if it is a defensive pet, I am afraid it will not be good.

What’s more, the number of these ghost fire war demons is large enough, if they focus on the fire attack, the beastmasters present are difficult to resist.

Of course, not including Su Bai.

What kind of enemy has he never seen before, and is he still afraid of these top-level ghosts of Xingyao?

On the other hand, after killing several beastmasters with bows and arrows, the demons of the Netherfire War all pulled their bone bows in unison.

During the energy fluctuations, black and purple energy arrows fell from the sky, covering an area of ​​several hundred meters.

With the cooperation of so many ghost fire demons, the attack range was immediately increased dozens of times.

The Silent Demon Phoenix flew far before the rain of rockets fell.

You don’t even need Su Bai’s orders.

Su Bai now feels more and more that the battle is really easy.

As long as he puts a pestle on the back of the Silent Demon Phoenix, he can wait for the battle to end.

But this does not mean that Su Bai is irrelevant, but it is precisely because of his existence that the battle is so simple.

Whether it is dominance or true damage, Su Bai’s pet has a combat power far beyond that of his peers.

Plus the blessing of the World Tree.

Even in the face of more advanced enemies, you can easily do more than a dozen.

Now, the appearance of these dozens of ghost fire war demons has slightly interrupted the battle between the beastmasters, but it does not affect the overall situation.

Because Su Bai had already rushed over.

“Yes, the ghost fire war demon is dead.”

“It’s unlucky for them to meet someone who is not good, but encounter Su Bai, a ruthless man.”

“How long do you say 857 will be able to end the battle?”

“I guess thirty seconds.”

“Thirty seconds? More than that, I guess it’s about twenty seconds.”

The beastmaster of the Eternal Life Society was not convinced and shouted, “What nonsense are you talking about, the Netherfire War Demon is immune to the elements, so what if the annihilation Demon Phoenix is ​​stronger, isn’t it still helpless?”

The other Eternal Life Society Beastmasters agreed and nodded again and again.

That’s right, in the face of the rogue skill of element immunity, you can only admit that you are unlucky and fight in another place.

The Eternal Society is ready to retreat.

They can’t solve the ghost fire war demon.

In other words, the hundreds of immortals present will not be able to solve it.

And the number of ghost fire war demons is far more than these, and there will be at least three or four hundred in the future.

There are so many top-level Netherfire and Demons of Xingyao, who can stop them?

But Su Bai flew back before waiting for the Eternal Life Society’s beastmaster to make further moves.

As for the dozens of ghost fire war demons, they have long since disappeared, and they have become ashes flying in the sky.

“My situation is still small. I can’t imagine that these ghost fire war demons didn’t last for ten seconds.”

“Brother, don’t be sad, it’s not because you are small, it’s because this kid is too unreasonable.”

“Yeah, it’s not that we are not good enough, it’s just that Su Bai is too perverted.”

“I agree.”

Amidst the tumultuous discussions, the faces of the members of the Eternal Life Society were ugly.

Damn it, the ghost fire war demon is messing around, why did he die so easily?

You have to stand up. .

Chapter 453 Reinforcement of the Eternal Life Society

Su Bai didn’t expect that the Netherfire War Demon would be so unscathed.

After all, he is immune to the elements, and his level has reached the top level of Xingyao. As a result, under the double blow of Molten Purgatory and World-Destroying Explosive Flame, it was gone in one fell swoop.

Su Bai thought about it carefully, and felt that even the Dark Flame Phoenix couldn’t do this.

Although it can be killed, it is definitely not so easy to freehand.

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