Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 655

Su Bai pinched his chin and muttered to himself.

“The survivability of these beastmasters is really strong.”

Chapter four hundred and fiftieth chapter corpse gas crystals

Su Bai didn’t care about other people’s opinions.

As long as he doesn’t take the initiative to pick things up, then he won’t attack for no reason.

After all, Su Bai felt that he was a good boy who loved peace.

Although there were beastmasters who wanted to kill Su Bai, but after seeing the annihilation magic phoenix he was driving, he still chose to give up.

That thing is not easy to mess with at first glance, or – don’t kill it.

There was also a well-informed beastmaster who saw the origin of the Nirvana Demon Phoenix, and immediately adjusted the direction without looking at him, and kept a distance from Su Bai.

Although they have never fought against the Nirvana Demon Phoenix, they have heard the rumors and know that they are definitely not opponents.

The most important thing is that Su Bai is already at the Xingyao level. Although he is only a lower level of Xingyao, it is not something that a diamond-level beastmaster can covet.

As for the other Xingyao-level, it is not a last resort, they do not want to easily compete with the same-level beastmaster.

If the strength reaches this point, or if you don’t make a move, there will be casualties.

With the attack power of a star-level pet, even if the beastmaster turns on the projection, I am afraid it will not be very comfortable.

As a result, Su Bai took the best route forward without making a move.

This surprised Su Bai a little.

In his impression, the beastmaster is not so easy to talk.

It would be polite to start a fight without saying a word.

When you come up, you kill yourself, that’s the way of communication between beastmasters.

But since the others didn’t do anything, Su Bai didn’t want to take the initiative to stir up trouble.

Or follow the old rules, find the valuables first, and then open the fight.

Obviously, other beastmasters have similar thoughts.

Keep your distance from others as you move forward.


The distinctive sound of the skeletal creature marching swiftly approached.

Su Bai turned his head to look, and saw a white straight line approaching rapidly on the vast land.

With his eyesight, he can naturally see that hundreds of thousands of skeleton creatures are running wildly.

And that’s just the first team.

In the further distance, although it has not yet appeared, Su Bai has already felt a lot of powerful aura.

All are star-level skeletal creatures.

“This slap seems to have lifted more valuable items.”

Su Bai secretly said.

The slap he saw back then was actually fundamentally different from this time.

That time, it was because the White Bone Palm wanted to grab the Divine Huo Honghu, but it didn’t, and only slapped the ground in despair.

A little rushed.

But this time was different, the white bone palm had been brewing for half an hour before it was photographed.

The power has doubled.

The sand that can be lifted is naturally several times more.

Often said to scrape the ground three feet.

But being slapped by this white-boned palm, the sand that flew away was more than three meters, let alone three feet.

If it is the center of the slap, I am afraid that it must be thousands of meters deep and can directly hit the basin.

As we progressed, scattered objects began to appear on the ground.

There are already a large number of skeletal creatures fighting, in order to **** treasures.

It’s just that most of them are gold and platinum, and their strength is low.

What they snatch, of course, is not something of value.

Su Bai completely disliked it.

It’s just that these skeletal creatures are not very lucky, they were crushed by the skeletal army that rushed forward, and they became bone meal directly.

Not to mention robbing treasures, not even life is left.

“This is another death?”

Su Bai had a strange thought, and then moved on.

He has a feeling that something good will come soon.

Boom boom boom.

Before he could walk away, a continuous explosion sounded.

More than ten miles in front of Su Bai’s left, humanoid skeleton creatures were constantly releasing their skills, bombarding the surrounding beastmasters.

[Name]: Death Mage

[Current level]: Xingyao lower level

[Talent]: 1. Elemental Surge (Legend) 2. Energy Resonance (Legend) 3. Death Lord (Myth)

[Skills]: 1. Slow (Epic) 2. Corpse Explosion (Legend) 3. Summon Ghost (Legend) 4. Death Bombing (Myth)

Su Bai’s eyes lit up.

The star-level enemy is here.

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