Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 653

Su Bai was secretly annoyed.

Previously, in order to kill the chicken and warn the monkey, he casually blasted another person’s head, but now it seems a bit reckless.

But that’s it, there’s nothing left to say.

Su Bai took off the space rings of several people and checked the contents inside.

Except for some materials, there is no document, and it is not taken into account.

After disposing of these people along with Gui Yushan’s body, Su Bai drove the Silent Demon Phoenix to move forward.

But this time, he has a clear goal.

Find someone from Eternal Life and ask for the location of Pleasureland. .

Chapter 449: Reappearance of the Bone Palm

Although Su Bai wanted to find the people of the Eternal Life Society immediately, from the map, the nearest stronghold was tens of thousands of miles away.

And according to Su Bai’s speculation, most of the eternal life will be regular gatherings.

The beastmaster also said that before, and there was only a meeting, and there was no one in the base.

After all, with so many people wanting to gather for a meeting, it took a long time to prepare.

Even if you go to the base, you can only find a few cats and dogs, and you won’t get any valuable information.

But you still have to go, but you can go slowly.

After thinking about it, Su Bai decided to level up while advancing towards the Eternal Life Club stronghold.

On the other hand, the Bone Frenzy is coming, and you need to be prepared.

Maybe this time I can get something good.

“If you can get a new pet, that would be even better.”

Su Bai pondered secretly, and rode the Silent Demon Phoenix to wander in the Nether Realm.

It has to be said that although the Federation and the Eternal Life Association, there are almost 200,000 beastmasters wandering in the Nether Realm.

But the world is so big that Su Bai flew for three days in a row without even seeing half a person.

At the same time, he could also feel the oppression of the storm coming more and more clearly.

The white-boned palm has not yet appeared, but it is already so powerful, even stronger than the last time Su Bai saw it.

“That thing should also be sealed, and then prepare to rush out when the time comes.”

Su Bai pinched his chin and began to think about the possibility of such a thing happening.

In theory, it exists.

However, Su Bai felt that it was not appropriate.

He has fought until now, and the time before and after it adds up to even a year away.

There is no reason for him to encounter such a major event that changes the world.

Always have to give others a chance to perform.

“probably not.”

Su Bai cheered and encouraged himself, feeling that with his luck, he wouldn’t be so reluctant.

So it was another few days of fun-free rushing.

If Su Bai had encountered several diamond-level skeletal creatures, he would have thought he was exiled.

Good guy, the last time I came to the Underworld, it was full of bones, and now there is no hair, it should not be true.

After going around like this, finally, on this day, Su Bai felt the mighty power between heaven and earth.

Violent and cold, full of killing breath.

When he came last time, although he also saw the white bone palm, he didn’t have so much insight.

Obviously, with the improvement of strength, more information will be unveiled in front of him.

While thinking about it, in the sky, a huge object slowly rises.

It was the familiar white-boned palm.

But at this time, Su Bai was no longer the gold-level beastmaster he used to be.

After the strength has been greatly improved, he is a little more calm.

Instead of being so shocked that he couldn’t move like before, he could only hide in the pit and be devastated by the flying sand.

Now, facing the white-boned palm that covered the sky, Su Bai observed it with great interest.

It also made him discover some interesting places.

For example, in the palm position, there is a penetrating wound.

Judging from the shape, it was pierced by a double-edged sword.

This is kind of scary.

With the size of a white-boned palm, a double-edged sword capable of piercing through its palm would be thousands of miles long.

What kind of existence can wield such a weapon?

Those who can use this kind of weapon are afraid that they will lie down in the Federation, and the area of ​​the Federation will not allow the opponent to fully display their bodies.

It’s really scary.

Of course, other possibilities also exist.

Injured by skills.

Relatively speaking, this possibility is a little bigger, and it is easier for Su Bai to accept.

But even so, it was terrifying.

The range and power of this skill is a bit beyond the mark.

If it is released against the Federation, I am afraid that it will directly destroy the Federation.


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