Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 645

But there is one point to be made clear here.

Are there any enemies around the teleportation slate in the underworld?

Although on the record, the teleportation slate over there is fairly safe.

But that was a record ten years ago.

It has been so many years since the Kexi War Zone fell. No one can say what will happen to the Nether Realm.

There may be a peerless beast that has migrated to the vicinity, staring at the teleportation slate, ready to feast on it.

“Speaking of which, after so many years, haven’t the Zerg finished analyzing the teleportation slate here?”

Su Bai looked at Yu Bingtong next to 850 and asked, “From the traces, no Zerg has gone to the Nether Realm yet.”

Yu Bingtong explained, “If it is in the same area, then the transmission is actually very simple. Doesn’t the Federation also have a large number of transmission channels, which are the reference transmission slates.”

“But when it comes to cross-regional transmission, it’s beyond our technical scope.”

“This kind of teleportation slate already existed when we came to upper space, and it is obviously not a natural product.”

“And the Zerg is similar. The research on the teleportation slate has not been interrupted, but the results have been minimal.”

“The reason why there are three main brains here, and the fourth one was born, is to analyze the teleportation slate.”

Su Bai nodded, and then continued, “There’s one thing I’m very concerned about.”

“Does this teleportation slate still choose users? We can use it, but the Zerg can’t. Is there a limit?”

Yu Bingtong took over, “Most of the time, as we discussed earlier, there are huge mysteries.”

Having said that, the two of them stopped talking.

There are some things that everyone knows in their hearts, but once they are said, I am afraid there will be unknown risks.

Three days had passed since the end of the battle.

In the past three days, the Federal Beastmaster and the Eternal Life Association have worked together and have initially completed the establishment of the inner city fortifications.

The next step is to continuously expand the fortifications to gain more battle depth.

There are special people in charge of these, and Su Bai just needs to wait.

His task is more important.

After all, no one can guarantee what will happen when they return to the Underworld this time.

Fortunately, the good thing is that Su Bai did not feel the threat of death.

At the same time, after Yu Bingtong’s calculations, no huge crisis was found.

At least there is no danger in teleporting to the Underworld.

To really start the battle, I am afraid to go deep into the underworld.

In order to retrieve the many beast masters who were lost in the Nether Realm, the team that went to the Nether Realm this time must continue to go deeper and find the traces of the Beast Masters.

But to be honest, everyone has no idea how many people can be retrieved in the end.

Ten years, ten years.

The beastmaster wandering in the Nether Realm has been out of touch for ten years.

Perhaps most of them are gone.

But even so, the Underworld still has to go.

The Federation needs to find the great commander, and the Eternal Life Society needs to obtain more resources in the Nether Realm and continue to pursue immortality.

In the chaos, the departure date is getting closer and closer.

Going to the Nether Realm is not a trivial matter, and it cannot be solved by the previous beastmaster alone.

With just such a small number of people, it is too difficult to defend, let alone split up to go to the Nether Realm.

So we have to wait for reinforcements.

In the five days before and after, a large number of beastmasters rushed to the Kexi theater.

The star level is over 10,000, and the diamond level is over 100,000!

And there will be new beastmasters coming in the future.

In addition, there are still a large number of top platinum beastmasters in the Federation waiting to break through the boundaries, it can be predicted that in the next year, the number of diamond-level beastmasters will blow out.

The overall strength of the Federation is rapidly increasing!

Among the beastmasters who have arrived, some are preparing to go to the Nether Realm to find relatives and friends, or to improve themselves.

Others are stationed in place.

There are also some who simply come to see the fun.

But no matter what, in the Kexi war zone at this time, it is definitely the beastmaster who occupies the absolute power.

Anyway, according to the beastmaster who came here, after entering the Kexi war zone, he never saw the Zerg.

This is very rare.

There are basically only two possibilities for this phenomenon to occur.

One is that there are too few resources in that area, and the Zerg are not interested in it, so naturally they will not go.

The other is cowardice.

Zerg is a very rational race, and will give up directly to the enemy that cannot be defeated.

Secretly accumulate strength, and then make plans.

Therefore, although the Kexi War Zone is very calm at the moment, there are undercurrents surging behind it.

The Zerg have died of four main brains, and they will never give up.

More brutal battles await in the future.

Now it’s all about speed.

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