Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 638

So a large number of Zerg troops began to adjust their attack targets and threw their skills towards the annihilation of the Phoenix.

On the back of the Silent Demon Phoenix, Yu Bingtong calculated for a moment, then raised his head and asked, “If there are ten dark star predators, can you handle it?”

Su Bai was still thinking about the rarity of that thing, so there shouldn’t be such a hypothetical situation.

In the end, without waiting for him to speak, after a few swishes, ten dark star predators blocked the way of the Silent Demon Phoenix.


After a moment of silence, Su Bai sighed sincerely, “You old man really say what you want.”

Different from the previous encounter with the Dark Star Predator, Su Bai at this time has completed the evolution of the dark flame phoenix and other pets, and he has also acquired the new skill of Luck Burst.

Although it can only last for ten seconds, reaching the star level can even decide the outcome of the battle in one second.

Life and death are only in an instant.

Without any hesitation, Su Bai summoned the rest of the main battle pets.

Death Ice Wing and the Queen of the Abyss are old partners. Under the cooperation of each other, the four-armed warrior can’t stand it at all.

As for the Balrog, it is also the king of team battles. Under the cover of the Abyss Guard, it has a very safe output environment and can arbitrarily create split bodies.

The remaining pets, such as the Silent Demon Phoenix, are to destroy the Dark Star Predator first, and then find a way to find the mastermind and kill it.

The battle plan is finalized, and the next step is to implement it.

Su Bai activated the outbreak of luck, and directed the Samsara Eman to rush forward.

At the same time, the Nirvana Demon Phoenix, the Seven Killing Territorial Tiger, and the Adverse Current Tianjiao were not idle, and each found two or three Dark Star Predators to fight with them.

It has to be said that the outbreak of luck is indeed powerful.

Less than half a second after Samsara Eman rushed out, the first Dark Star Predator died violently on the spot.


The body of the Dark Star Predator slid out hundreds of meters on the ground, crushing countless Hino Zerg.

Deep in the base, the mastermind was stunned.

What is the situation, why did the Dark Star Predator die so simply?

Without waiting for the mastermind to change the combat plan, the death will be triggered one after another.

In a few seconds, Samsara Erman killed four dark star predators, which was terrifyingly efficient.

The Nirvana Demon Phoenix was deeply impressed by the Dark Star Predator, and immediately accelerated forward, crushing the opponent with absolute strength, which was considered to be holding the previous revenge.

With the addition of Lava Purgatory, the power of the World-Destroying Explosive Flame has been increased by a thousand fold. Combined with the powerful power after evolution, and the Vulcan Explosive Flame, three Dark Star Predators are instantly swept away.

Seeing this, the Seven Killing Territory Tiger hurriedly sped up his hands and feet, biting and grabbing, and finally killed two Dark Star Predators.

The Adverse Current Tianjiao next to him was only stunned for a moment, and then he realized that the battle was coming to an end, and he quickly cast Time Pass to destroy the Dark Star Predator on the opposite side.

Su Bai speculated that the Dark Star Predator should have survived for a long time. Now that he took a trick, time passed and he was gone on the spot.

The body dissipated with the wind, leaving no trace.

In this regard, World Tree expressed very unhappy.

You can kill it, but leave the corpse behind.

Those are all top stars, and they are full of nutrients.

It’s okay now, there’s nothing left.

Fortunately, the four dark star predators killed by Samsara Eman remained intact, and the annihilation demon phoenix swept past, and Su Bai took advantage of the situation and took it into the pet space, and handed it over to the World Tree to devour and absorb.

In the pet space, the flowers blooming on the branches of the world are more gorgeous. It is estimated that after a few more battles like this, you can enter the next stage and bear fruit.

Su Bai couldn’t help but look forward to it.

The fruit of the world tree, what effect will it have, can it make people take off in place?

It is certain that it is absolutely first-class and powerful.

With the World Tree in mind, Su Bai’s fighting spirit became even more enthusiastic.

The dark Zerg in front of them no longer look abominable, but become amiable.

Who can refuse such a massive amount of experience points.

“Ding, kill Xingyao’s senior four-armed general, activate the **** enemy, and get 1400 experience points.”

“Ding, kill Xingyao’s senior four-armed general, activate the **** enemy, and get 1400 experience points.”

“Ding, kill Xingyao’s senior four-armed general, activate the **** enemy, and get 1400 experience points.”


When Su Bai and the Dark Star Predator were fighting, the rest of the pets were also fighting with the guards of the mastermind, slaughtering frantically.

Hearing this uninterrupted system prompt sound, Su Bai immediately felt that it was the most pleasant sound.

Now, having defeated the Darkstar Raiders, it’s time to kill the remaining Masterminds. .

Chapter 440 The Power of Evolution

I am afraid that the three main brains in the depths of the base would never have thought that they spent a lot of energy to capture the Dark Star Predator so unscathed.

Killed within seconds of the battle.

No four-armed fighter has even done well.

“Is it because of the wrong way of detention that these dark star predators~ lost their combat effectiveness?”

The three masterminds communicated rapidly, but they were always-unintelligible.

But that doesn’t matter anymore.

Because the ten Dark Star Predators are completely cold, it is useless to tangle.

Could it be that the three of them discussed for a long time to make the Dark Star Predator stand up again?

Masterminds are even willing to negotiate for a month if they can.

Now, they have to figure out other ways to stop it.

But after thinking about it, the masterminds discovered a serious problem.

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