Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 632

“And I also want to see what kind of person the legendary commander is.”

“As for the recovery of spiritual energy, I am actually very curious.”

“Because of that level of change, there are too many artifacts.”

Yu Bingtong waved his hand and created a huge bubble that enveloped the two of them.

Then he lowered his voice and said, “Do you feel this way too?”

Su Bai thought about it and said, “The most important thing is the four major fronts of the Federation. The appearance of aliens is too bizarre.”

“The Orcs, the Sand Clan, the Mysterious Gathering, and the Sea Clan all live in a world with complete civilization, but they suddenly appeared around the Federation, and they appeared in the form of direct borders.”

“This is very strange.”

“It’s as if the planets were flattened out and then stitched together.”

“It’s like a chessboard.”

Hearing Su Bai’s words, Yu Bingtong couldn’t help but smile, “Sure enough, you and we are the same.”

Su Bai pouted angrily, “You said it as if we were doing something shameful.”

Yu Bingtong asked back, “Can you see the light?”

“If there is really an unknown force that has caused changes in the Federation, then our actions may be monitored.”

Su Bai thought for a moment, then nodded, “You’re right, so this is what worries me the most.”

“It would be too sad to say that after working hard for a long time, it was finally wiped out by the irresistible mighty force.”

Hearing Su Bai’s concern, Yu Bingtong frowned and couldn’t help but say, “Do you remember the Nether King?”

・・・・ Asking for flowers・・・


Su Bai suddenly remembered the previous battle with the desert **** of death, and a thought popped into his heart, which made him shudder.

“What do you mean, the death of the Nether King is related to this?”

Yu Bingtong nodded, “Although it can’t be confirmed, it’s very likely.”

“According to the information I know, there are too many mysteries in the death of the Nether King.”

“That’s a king-level beastmaster, with eight kings’ pets under his command. He was at the peak of his power, and it suddenly disappeared.”

“I searched through the records of the Sand Clan, but I couldn’t find any written records.”

“Even in the legends passed down by the Sand Clan, there is not much useful information.”

“But there’s one thing that really bothers me.”


“There is a gossip that when the Nether King died, there were cracks in the sky, and there were huge eyeballs watching in the air.”


Su Bai took a deep breath.

If true, that would be horrific.

“Speaking of the Nether King, I have a question.” Su Bai said slowly, “Is he really dead?”

Yu Bingtong seemed to have calculated it long ago, and said without hesitation, “I don’t know, it may be alive or dead.”

“The Nether King is too strong, and I can’t find out any information about him yet.”

“Okay, let’s not talk about this for the time being. If we go on, I’m afraid it will cause unnecessary trouble.”

Su Bai nodded repeatedly in agreement.

If you talk about it too much and get silenced, it won’t be fun.

But through the dialogue with Yu Bingtong, Su Bai can be sure that there is a huge mystery behind all this.

When the answer is revealed, it must be turned upside down.

“By the way, since you have come to the upper space, it means that the matter of the sea clan is finished.

? “

Hearing Su Bai’s question, Yu Bingtong rolled his eyes and said angrily, “Why, I can’t bear to see Xibel.”

Su Bai was dumbfounded, “What do you think?”

Yu Bingtong waved his hand, “It’s basically finished, but unfortunately, I didn’t find the mermaid in the end.”

“Hey, isn’t it Siebel?”


Obviously, this incident made Yu Bingtong feel very embarrassed, so he exposed it directly and said quickly, “Looking at your appearance, you have stabilized your realm, let’s go, follow me to the Kexi theater.”

“It’s time to bring back our companions in the Nether Realm.” Bu.

Chapter 436 Cooperation

Su Bai was very sympathetic to the beastmasters wandering in the Nether Realm.

After staying in that ghostly place where the bones are full of bones for a long time, I am afraid that the mental pressure will fly up.

Not to mention that the only known channel is occupied by the Zerg, and it is impossible to go back if you want to.

According to what Su Bai learned, there were many beast masters who tried to return from the Nether Realm, but they were all drowned in the endless sea of ​​worms.

Gradually, no one tried to come back from the Nether Realm.

After occupying the teleportation stone slab in the Kexi theater, the Zerg have been analyzing the teleportation channel, trying to bring the army to the Nether Realm.

Judging by the sporadic news, they were close to success.

Once the Zerg enters the Nether Realm and obtains more resources, it is definitely not good news for the Federation.

So even if Yu Bingtong didn’t calculate the position of the great commander this time, the federal beastmasters would organize an attack in the near future.

And now, since you know that the Great Commander is in the joyful paradise in the depths of the Nether Realm, you don’t have to hesitate any more, just gather your troops to attack it.

If you take back the teleportation slate, you can not only weaken the power of the Zerg, but also strengthen your own strength, killing two birds with one stone.

If he is lucky enough to get the commander back again, he will take off in place and become unstoppable.

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