Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 625

This thought lingered in the Dark Star Predator’s mind.

Although it has not seen the Dark Flame Phoenix a few times, but in the limited encounter, there is also a general impression.

Although other dark flame phoenixes are fast, they don’t seem to be so exaggerated.

The strength has reached this point, and the strength of the attack is not much different.

Anyway, as long as you can hit and hit a few more times, you can always kill the enemy.

But there is a premise.


If you can’t hit it, it’s all empty talk.

This is the case with the current Dark Star Predator, where the skills cannot be hit, and the melee combat cannot catch up.

On the contrary, the world-destroying explosions released by the Dark Flame Phoenix continue to cause damage.

Although the damage alone is not high.

But when added together, it’s pretty impressive.


This is the word that can best describe the dark star predators at this time.


The sound of heavy footsteps approached quickly, and the battle pets such as the icon of divine grace, which accelerated in flow, defeated the defense line of the four-armed warrior and came to support.

Only then did the Dark Star Predator realize that the three hundred four-armed generals had all died.

And it’s still in circles with the Smouldering Phoenix.

In the void, after calculating for a while, the mastermind Azad also had the idea of ​​retreating.

Although in another battlefield, its troops occupy an absolute advantage.

But so what.

The strongest dark star predators can’t solve the human beastmaster, why are they staying here?

Without the power to rule, everything is in vain.

What about killing these thousands of human beastmasters?

It’s nothing more than getting some raw materials for making combat units.

It has a lot of reserve materials, and even if it completely cuts off external acquisition channels, it is enough to pull up hundreds of thousands of troops.

The current battle is purely a war of attrition, meaningless.

Sensing the change in Azad’s mentality, Smol, the mastermind deep in the base, panicked.

Azad could retreat safely, but it couldn’t.

Once Azad evacuated with his troops, the human beastmaster present would inevitably tear it to shreds.

Especially the unique human beastmaster, who will definitely pull it out of its hiding place, and then hang it up and fight it.

“Azad, retreat like this, you will be punished!”

Small decided to try again, in case Azad was persuaded.

Can’t give up hope.

But Azad decisively shattered Small’s last hope.

“As long as you die, what happened here won’t get out.”

Azad’s fluctuations were full of sarcasm.

“When you die, I will take over your base and continue to hunt humans, you don’t have to worry.”

“Your mission has been accomplished.”

“In human terms, you can hit the road in peace.”

Hearing these words, Small became ruthless.

Resolutely issued an order to take back all the remaining troops, and then issued an order to the four-armed warrior beside him, carrying it out of the bunker and heading towards the void.


The top armor of the bunker was blown away, and dozens of four-armed warriors escaped under the cover of the mastermind, Smol.

It was the first time that Su Bai saw the main brain, and he suddenly felt chills and goosebumps.

Holy crap, it’s so ugly!

Azad in the void was also stunned.

This same kind of own is also too hard, even abandoning the large army to evacuate alone.

With these dozens of four-armed generals, it is impossible to survive in the endless void.

It doesn’t even need the alien enemy to shoot, the other mastermind kills it.

But when he turned his head, Azad could understand Small’s intention.

If there are other ways, it is not the choice to do so.

Not to mention Smol, even if it were him, he would be blindsided by that human beastmaster.

It’s definitely not going to stay.

As far as the opponent’s combat power is concerned, it really comes and goes freely.

Based on Azad’s understanding of human beings, it speculates that the biggest reason why Su Bai has fought so far is that he doesn’t want to give up other beastmasters.

Facts are pretty much the same.

Speaking of evacuation, Su Bai took back the other pets, and he could go straight away with the Dark Flame Phoenix, who could stop him?

But he left, what about the remaining thousands of beastmasters.

Su Bai would not abandon his comrades.

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