Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 62

Su Bai was stunned for a moment, isn’t this my horse?

“Don’t make ink marks.” Yu Nan was a little angry, grabbed Su Bai’s shoulders, lifted him into his arms, and said, “Hold firmly, my sister is about to take off!”


Holy Pegasus didn’t move, and sneezed loudly.

“Why did you dismantle my platform?” Yu Nan was very dissatisfied and said, “Hurry up and fly east.”

“East?” Su Bai was a little puzzled, but still gave an order to let the Holy Heavenly Horse take off.

The Holy Heavenly Horse carried two people on its back, without any feeling of strenuousness, it drew an elegant trajectory in the air and moved forward rapidly.

It is worthy of being a high-level beast with full physical fitness reaching platinum level, even if it is only a bronze lower level now, it is still strong.

“Yeah, it’s so cool.” Yu Nan let out a strange cry, twisting constantly on the back of the Holy Pegasus, so excited that he almost fainted.

Su Bai felt that the flight path of the Holy Heavenly Horse was crooked, and said quickly, “Eldest sister, don’t move, it’s about to fall.”

“Thanks to you being a skilled beastmaster, you are too timid.” Yu Nan showed a look of contempt, “Like our head, with the skill of prophecy, he is very calm in his work.”

“By the way, the prophecy you mentioned also has skills.” Su Bai asked the doubts in his heart, “Can humans also have skills?”

“Yes, all beasts can have skills, why can’t humans?” Yu Nan said, “But this is a secret that only senior beastmasters know. It’s normal for you not to know.”

“In most cases, after reaching the gold level, the beastmaster will have a certain chance of awakening talent skills each time he upgrades.”

“There are very few people who will awaken in low-level situations, which should be the case with you.”

“It’s just that your skill is to have an extra pet, which is really strong.”.

Gold level again!

This is the second time Su Bai has heard about the special features of a gold-level beastmaster. The last time Zhang Maodian said that the gold-level beastmaster will start evolving.

Now Yu Nan said that gold-level beastmasters will awaken skills, and he couldn’t help but be more curious about this level.

This is definitely not a coincidence, but what is the reason? He knows too little information to be able to figure it out.

As for Yu Nan’s guess about his skill, Su Bai smiled lightly. You thought you guessed right, but you didn’t.

What I have is not an extra pet, but double the pet slot!

“Your skill is very rare, and whether it exists or not is a legend.” Yu Nan continued, “It is said that among the first batch of beastmasters, skills similar to yours also appeared, but the records were lost so badly that it was impossible to Make sure it’s true.”

“As for the beastmasters after that, they have followed the same rules for two hundred years. For each major level, they can have an extra pet.”

“Remember, no one else can know about this.”

Su Bai nodded, and secretly said, if it wasn’t for you to blow up Hu, I wouldn’t have recruited the Holy Heavenly Horse if I killed him.

After flying for a while, Yu Nan pointed to the distance and said, “Did you see that hill?”

Su Bai carefully observed and found that among the rolling hills, there is a hill that is somewhat different and has signs of artificial construction.

“Let’s land, don’t be discovered.” Yu Nan said.

Falling to the ground, Su Bai put away the Holy Heavenly Horse.

“Never reveal your skills to others.” Yu Nan warned, “For the beastmasters with skills, some organizations will secretly capture them and then dissect them for research.”

Su Bai shuddered. Beastmasters with skills are basically at the gold level.

This kind of high-level beastmaster actually has an organization to attack them, and listening to Yu Nan’s words, it seems that there are many cases.

He is only a bronze subordinate now, and he can’t even beat a silver-level beastmaster, let alone a stronger beastmaster.

“Don’t worry, except for the head who knows your general situation, no one else knows it. I guessed it.” Yu Nan smiled slightly, showing a proud look, as if he was saying to praise me for my wit.

“Yu Da, you are really amazing.” Su Bai could only bite the bullet and said, “The life of the villain is handed over to you.”

“Oh, boy Su, don’t be so modest.” Yu Nan said with his proud tail up, “Don’t worry, my sister is a tight-lipped person.”

Su Bai could only sigh, the matter has come to this point, what else can he do? He can only choose to trust Yu Nan.

However, judging from his previous performance, Yu Nan did not have any ill will towards him. Although he did not know the reason, Su Bai felt that he would not see the wrong person.

“There is a stronghold here, which we established in the early days of land reclamation.” Yu Nan said while walking, “We still have three such strongholds in this hunting ground. If Zhang Maodian and the others retreat, they will definitely come here to supply supplies first. .”

It turned out that, Su Bai nodded clearly.

“If there is no accident, the information will soon reach the city, and the City Lord’s Mansion will respond. What we have to do is to wait for other people here, and then hunt down the beasts.”

“There is a beast swarm outside. If we go out, it will be very dangerous, right?” Su Bai asked.

“It’s really dangerous.” Yu Nan nodded and continued, “But the hunting grounds here are almost done, so this beast tide, if handled properly, won’t cause too many casualties.”

“You don’t have to worry about your family. When you went out of the city, the head of the regiment had already sent someone to bring them to the Central District.”

Su Bai had some scruples at first, because when he left, his family had promised him that they would wait for him to go back and move together.

But he didn’t want to encounter the beast tide. Although Yu Nan said that the scale of the beast tide would not be too big, he still wanted to go home and protect the safety of his family.

Now that I heard Yu Nan say that the head of the regiment has taken action, I am completely relieved.

At the same time, I am a little curious, how did the head of the regiment get his family to move to the Central District obediently?

Based on what Su Bai knew about his family, they would definitely not leave easily.

It’s just that these questions can only be asked after going back. The most important thing now is to meet the team members and then hunt down the beasts! .

Chapter 50 Battle

050 Free Hunt

As Yu Nan said, after an hour, members of the group came here one after another.

Although the expressions are all embarrassed, but generally speaking, there is no life-threatening.

“There are too many of these beasts.” Xiong Xingbang walked into the stronghold, wiped the blood on his face, and said with some fear, “If it wasn’t for my thick skin, I would have gotten cold.”

“Let you neglect your training.” Sister Li’s voice was still so elegant and charming, she walked into the stronghold and stretched her body, “It’s really happy, it’s been a long time since I’ve killed so much.”

Then the eyes searched around, and soon found the target.

“Yeah, isn’t this younger brother Su, why didn’t you go back to the city, can’t you worry about my sister?”

Su Bai had a headache. Although he was very happy to see Sister Li safe and sound, the character of Sister Li really made him unable to resist.

“Oh, why am I a little dizzy?” Sister Li said as she walked, “Little brother Su, come and help my sister.”

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