Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 617

At the same time, Azad also dispatched five hundred four-armed generals.

The huge energy fluctuations could not be concealed from the beastmaster present.

Whether it is a diamond or a star, the expression is unprecedentedly solemn.

What is the concept of a million Zerg army?

Absolutely invincible!

The most important thing is that with such a large number of troops, there must be a large number of star-level Zerg.

At least there are three thousand.

The 1,000 Xingyao level here is so difficult to fight, and if it comes to 3,000, I am afraid that the whole army will be wiped out.

But even if the beastmaster present wanted to retreat, he had to ask the Zerg if they would agree.

The new Zerg troops were surrounded from the rear, and the original Zerg had already cooperated with the counterattack. Under the front and rear, the number of casualties of the beastmasters increased linearly.

Su Bai also saw the new Zerg troops, and felt very familiar.

After carefully perceiving the film for 1.4 minutes, Su Bai immediately reacted.

Huh, really old acquaintance.

The two sides had fought against each other in the previous treasure chest battle. At that time, Su Bai was still wondering how he suddenly ran away in the middle of the fight.

I didn’t expect to encounter it again now.

Youdao was jealous when the enemy met. Among the new Zerg, five hundred four-armed generals rushed towards Su Bai.

If it was before, Su Bai would have to consider the safety of his pets and play guerrilla tactics.

Then after he is promoted to the star level, he can be tough.

“I stopped the new four-armed warrior.”

After leaving such a sentence, Su Bai drove the Dark Flame Phoenix away from the main force.

As he expected, in addition to the five hundred and four-armed warriors, more than 20,000 diamond-level Zerg followed.

With a wave of Su Bai’s hand, all the pets appeared, charging towards the boundless Zerg troops. .

Chapter 427: Dark Star Predator

The new Zerg troops appeared just in time, as long as half an hour later, the battle here will be over.

Unless the main brain here has other hidden means, it will surely perish.

Unfortunately, the newly emerged million Zerg not only saved the mastermind here, but also put many beastmasters into an absolute crisis.

If it can’t be handled properly, I’m afraid the whole army will be wiped out.

But until now, the federal beastmasters have basically done their best.

Even Xingyao-level beastmasters have died a lot, not to mention diamond-level.

There were nearly 6,000 people when they came, and less than an hour after the start of the war, there were already less than 5,000 people.

Great loss.

However, the Zerg lost even more, nearly 300,000!

Even if there are more than 200,000 platinum-level Zerg, but the combination of diamond and star level also killed tens of thousands.

The original battle was over, but no one expected that a new Zerg army would appear.

And as soon as it appeared, it was as many as a million!

To know that a force of this size must have a mastermind.

Different master brains have their own tasks and usually do not interfere with each other. 26

According to the summary of the Federation’s investigations over the past several decades, it was found that the Zerg mastermind has a strong sense of territory and will not allow other masterminds to enter the territory.

In addition, according to the information, the Zerg troops in other theaters showed no signs of moving, so this time everyone was at ease and boldly came to counter-attack the Zerg base.

It turns out that the Zerg from other war zones did not come.

However, other people came, and it turned out to be the Void troops competing for full-time treasure chests.

The wind direction of the battlefield has completely changed, and it has completely turned towards the Zerg.

Amid the commotion, Su Bai was full of bitterness.

Sure enough, after being promoted to the Xingyao level, the diamond-level Zerg troops could no longer provide him with experience points.

A total of six million upgrade experience points can only be obtained by killing Xingyao Zerg.

At least five or six thousand stars!

If I say this number, I am afraid that it will scare other beastmasters to death.

Although according to Su Bai’s perception, there are about 3,000 Xingyao-level Zerg in the new Zerg army, but there are still millions of troops outside. It is very difficult to destroy the Xingyao-level among the ten thousand troops.

“Forget it, I’ll talk about it later, kill these five hundred and four-armed generals first!”

After making up his mind, Su Bai waved his hand to summon the sacred icon and other pets, and threw his skills at the four-armed general on the opposite side.

Boom boom boom.

The World Extinguishing Flame is stable, and can kill more than ten four-armed warriors with every release, with amazing efficiency.

And other pets are not far behind.

Deathwing carries the Queen of the Abyss, roaming the battlefield.

After being promoted to the Xingyao level, the number of the Abyss Queen’s guards increased again, reaching as many as twenty-five.

All-star subordinates.

The tall abyss guard swung the Chaos Arrow in his left hand and the giant axe in his right hand, lined up in a neat line, and kept advancing on the front line, gaining enough space for the Balrog in the rear.

Hu Hu Hu.

The flame storm continued to burn the body of the four-armed warrior, and the scorched smell wafted out for several miles, almost stunned the beastmasters who were fighting next to them.

This thing is more powerful than biological weapons.

When the time was right, the Balrog’s body vibrated, spit out a mass of flames, fell to the ground and stretched out in the wind, becoming a new Balrog.

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