Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 609

Offense and defense are different.

The existence of a thick city wall is enough to resist most attacks, and its own safety is greatly guaranteed.

But attacking is different, especially attacking Zerg bases.

Facing countless enemies is enough to make most people lose their courage.

But some things have to be done by someone. predict.

Chapter four hundred and twenty first new power

After the attack plan is made, the next thing to do is to recruit people.

In the next two hours, star-level beastmasters arrived one after another.

They are the indefinite guards that Gui Wenshi said.

Including the first fifteen people, it was exactly two hundred.

For a time, the momentum in the city was high.

Two hundred star-ranked beastmasters, such power is unimaginable!

Not only that, but on the second day.

The teleportation stone slab in the city emits light from both eyes.

Someone has come from the Commonwealth.

When the light dissipated, hundreds of figures appeared in place.

All diamond lower-level beastmasters.

Judging from their breath, it wasn’t long before they were promoted to the diamond level.

Everyone was stunned.

It must be that the rank-breaking fruit sent to the Federation has played a role. There are already a large number of beastmasters who have exchanged them for war pets, breaking through the rank boundary and being promoted to the diamond rank.

After the beastmaster who led the team completed the handover, he brought exciting news.

They are just the first batch.

At this time, in the Nine Star City, there are still tens of thousands of diamond-level beastmasters waiting to be teleported.

Tens of thousands!

Su Bai was shocked.

Good guy, is the Federation taking off from the same place?

Diamond-level beastmasters either don’t appear, or they appear in units of 10,000.

This is outrageous.

Before everyone calmed down, the teleportation slate began to emit light again.

Hundreds of beastmasters who arrived first hurried to the side, and then, hundreds more arrived.

Such pomp has plunged the city into a sea of ​​joy.

With these new forces, even if the Zerg attacks again, there is no need to worry.

It’s just that these beastmasters have just been promoted, and their combat power has not completely kept up, so they still need some time to adjust.

For example, in the follow-up attack on the Zerg base, they are not suitable to participate.

The fighting intensity is too high.

The most important thing is that the Zerg are not fierce beasts and cannot be contracted. Otherwise, if these tens of thousands of newly promoted diamonds are at the diamond level, the idle pet slots will be used.

Rush over to contract a diamond-level Zerg, and directly take the backbone of the Zerg base to a small half.

Now, they need to practice in this upper space, find a suitable beast to contract, and supplement their combat power.

Of course, there are also confident beastmasters who took the initiative to ask Ying after hearing that they were going to attack the Zerg base.

For such a warrior, the Uncertain Guard will naturally not refuse.

Amid the noise, it was time to attack the Zerg base.

In the end, more than 5,000 beastmasters signed up, ready to go to the Aita War Zone together to avenge the previous victims.

Among them, many people came here on purpose from other places.

Although most of them are of the diamond level, there are also hundreds of star-level beastmasters who have arrived and are ready to join the battle.

Combined with two hundred indefinite guards, the number of Xingyao-level beastmasters in this operation will reach three hundred, which is very powerful.

When facing foreign enemies, the federal beastmasters are very united.

Headed by three hundred star-level beastmasters, nearly six thousand attacking troops are ready, driving their own pets, and set off towards the Aita theater.

Before departure, everyone had already held a combat meeting to determine the combat plan.

Attacking a Zerg base of this size is naturally impossible to disperse in a hurry and fight for each other.

That’s definitely a dead end.

Once separated and surrounded by Zerg, even if it is as strong as an indefinite guard, it may die.

After all, it is speculated that there are at least a thousand star-level Zerg there.

Frontal hard attack is the next move.

Only by dividing and outflanking, roaming and fighting, and giving full play to the advantages of the small number of people, can we gradually erode this huge Zerg army and obtain the final victory.

According to the basic layout of the Zerg.

The outermost is the platinum-level combat unit, which is the largest in number.

These platinum-level Zerg will be handed over to those diamond-level beastmasters to solve.

The Xingyao-level indeterminate guards retain their strength, and will only take action unless the Zerg sends the Xingyao-level.

When the platinum-level Zerg is almost consumed, the battle will enter the next stage.

At this time, the Zerg’s diamond-level combat units also began to be dispatched, and at the same time, there were also star-level individuals. If one was not careful, casualties would occur, and it was necessary to take every step.

That is, at this stage, the Uncertain Guard will join the battle.

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