Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 605

The firestorm continued to rise, covering the four-armed warrior.

But when the scorching flames dissipated, the effect was not ideal, and they could not be killed directly. They could only burn through their carapaces, revealing the flesh and blood inside.

These four-armed warriors are so strong!

This is Su Bai’s idea.

He thought it must be a tough fight.

And the fifteen star-level beast masters are also sighing.

This newcomer is so strong!

With the strength of the diamond level, it can cause a lot of damage to these Xingyao advanced Zerg, which is really terrifying.

The four-armed warrior who was attacked roared angrily, raised all four arms at the same time, and then slapped the weapon on the ground.


The earth shattered, and the surging energy came out from the ground, shattering the Balrog’s split body.

Even if they are elemental creatures without a real body, they still can’t stop such manic energy.

With just one skill, several splinter bodies were eliminated.

As expected of a senior star!

But Su Bai didn’t care too much.

Because let alone a split body, even the flame demon body has a very low defense. It is a typical high attack and low defense.

It is very difficult to defend against Xingyao’s advanced attacks.

For such a large and powerful enemy, there are better options.


The icon of divine grace rushed over, flicked his nose and swept a four-armed warrior, and then chased after him and stomped.

crackle crackle.

After the explosion, the four-armed warrior could no longer see the original appearance, only a puddle of meat was left.

“Ding, kill Xingyao’s senior four-armed warrior, activate the blood enemy, and get a total of 2100 experience points.”

Hearing this prompt, Su Bai immediately became excited.

Man, that’s a lot of experience.

There is a saying that the hands are fast, the hands are slow, and Su Bai didn’t care to greet the indefinite guards, so he rushed to the four-armed warrior with his pet.

He wants experience points to himself.

Nearly a hundred four-armed warriors, if they are all in the bag, they will get 200,000 experience directly.

Isn’t this much faster than killing a diamond-level Zerg?

With this thought in mind, Su Bai urged Dark Flame Phoenix again and again.

Quick, don’t miss any of them.

Such a move caused many star-ranked beastmasters to look at each other in dismay.

This newcomer is too reckless, the opposite is the star level!

And it’s Xingyao senior.

Even if it was them, they had to weigh it, and even call for help.

After all, there are nearly a hundred of them on the opposite side, and if they die, they will only have forty star dazzling pets.

That’s not even counting the level difference.

The difference in combat power between Xingyao’s lower level and Xingyao’s advanced level is huge.

What’s more, the difference between the diamond level and the star level is like cloud mud.

Then, under the shocked gazes of the indefinite guards, the Dark Flame Phoenix unleashed a world-annihilating explosion, directly killing the three-headed and four-armed warrior.

“¨ˇding, kill Xingyao’s senior four-armed warrior, activate the blood enemy, and gain a total of 2100 experience points.”

“Ding, kill Xingyao’s senior four-armed warrior, activate the blood enemy, and get a total of 2100 experience points.”

“Ding, kill Xingyao’s senior four-armed warrior, activate the blood enemy, and get a total of 2100 experience points.”

Three consecutive system prompts sounded, and Su Bai was so happy that he could hardly find Bei.

I didn’t see it at all. On the city wall in the distance, the Uncertain Guard opened his mouth wide and his eyes were dull.

Did they read it right? Diamond-level chasing Xingyao-level kills, or Xingyao-level senior?

Seeing the tangled expression of the Uncertain Guard, Si Jingcheng stepped forward and said with a smile, “Masters, please calm down, it’s nothing to worry about on this kid.”

Boom boom boom.

The explosion continued.

In the blaze of fire, the number of four-armed warriors decreased rapidly.

The indefinite guards pondered over and over again, and felt that the current situation was still unacceptable.


Gui Wenshi suddenly said, “Do you remember, that was the case with the Great Commander back then, killing the Zerg by leaps and bounds was as easy as chopping melons and vegetables.”

When it came to the great commander, everyone became active, and there was a lot of discussion.

Then come to a conclusion.

This young man has an unlimited future. .

Chapter 419 Repel the Zerg

Su Bai’s performance greatly inspired all the beastmasters present.

Even the fifteen new Xingyao-level Indeterminate Guards couldn’t help swaying, and felt more and more that this young man was tall and majestic.

So strong and convincing.

The federation has been able to prosper and develop under the surround of powerful enemies, relying on the respect for the strong.

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