Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 600

At this time, the city wall has entered the range of the electromagnetic worm.

call out…

The sharp sound of breaking through the air sounded, and countless metal cannonballs attacked the city wall with a scorching wake.

Just for a moment, the gravel flew around.

Even if the beastmasters present are all diamond-level, they still have to dodge in the face of this kind of attack.

The normal diamond level has only completed three rounds of evolution, and the frontal resistance cannot stop the metal cannonballs after electromagnetic acceleration.

If it is hit, it will definitely be torn apart.

Fortunately, the size of humans is really small, and most of the metal cannonballs hit the city wall.

However, if you are beaten like this, something will happen sooner or later.

A large number of beastmasters summoned their pets, or flew straight away, or ran fast on the ground, charging towards the Zerg army in the distance.

Su Bai wanted to test the flame demon’s combat power, but in the face of such a Zerg army, the flame demon alone was not enough.

With a wave of his hand, Death Ice Wing and Abyss Queen appeared beside Dark Flame Phoenix.

The rest of the pets also played.

Although Zhao Daiqin and others had seen the icon of divine grace and the mysterious tortoise with a negative picture, the others had not seen it and exclaimed on the spot.

Holy crap, it’s so big!


The icons of charism chirped and ran to and fro on the battlefield.

With its size, you don’t even need to choose a direction, just rush.

Anyway, if you step down, the siege beetle will be crushed.

As for the acid spewers, the aftermath of the shock can kill them.

In the corner of the battlefield, a flame-burning Balrog appeared, raising his hand to be a flame storm, killing a large number of acid spouts.

Afterwards, the inflammation of the tarsus triggers and explodes continuously, causing secondary damage.

Hu Hu Hu.

Flames erupted all around the Balrog.

When the fifth flame storm was released, the Balrog’s body trembled for a moment, spewing out a mass of fire.

The raging fire fell to the ground, grew long against the wind, and soon became a new flame demon, continuing to release the flame storm.

One in two, two in four…

In just a few minutes, the number of Flame Demons exceeded fifty!

・・・・ Asking for flowers・・・

Su Bai was dumbfounded.

Holy crap, this is too violent.


Plasma struck from the void, directly shattering the three Balrogs.

But these are all splits, no matter how much he loses, Su Bai doesn’t feel distressed.

What’s more, with the current number of Balrogs, it is easy to replenish the lost Balrogs.

Hu Hu Hu.

Another twenty Balrogs appeared.

Even because they killed too hard, the surrounding acid spouts were dead, and if they wanted to continue their attack, they could only charge back.

On the city wall, Zhao Daiqin was startled and said incredulously, “I remember that the Flame Demon wasn’t so powerful?”

Si Jingcheng was also puzzled, pinched his chin and thought for a moment, then said somewhat uncertainly, “Indeed, I’ve seen the Balrog a few times, it’s not so exaggerated.”

“Why is this?”

The two of them just felt full of doubts, but they couldn’t understand it.


But it is certain that this Balrog alone is enough to resist the army of tens of thousands of Zerg races.

They, not even Su Bai, knew that this flame demon had been nourished by the World Tree while contracting, and had already strengthened his talent skills.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to have such terrifying combat power.

Boom boom boom.

The performance of the Balrog was targeted by the Zerg, and countless plasma cannonballs flew, constantly destroying the split body.

Su Bai saw that the Flame Demon was going to be beaten back to the bare commander, so he quickly called out the Batian Shattering Tiger and slapped towards the surrounding void.


The Plasma Bug appeared and fell to the ground.

The Balrog, who had been suffocating for a long time, immediately directed the remaining split bodies to rush up, raising his hand and it was a flame storm, which continued to burn.


When the first plasma worm exploded, the sacrificial explosion began.

The energy of the plasma worm itself, coupled with the inflammation of the tarsal bones, this explosion scene can be seen hundreds of miles away.

Searing waves of air rushed towards the city walls.

Even if all those present were diamond-level beastmasters, they felt sweating profusely.

This fire element is too abundant!

In this environment, the dark flame phoenix made a cheerful chirping.

With the help of the fire element produced by the Balrog, the power of the World Extinguishing Explosion has increased by three points.

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