Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 590

[Current level]: Platinum lower level

[Race]: Xinu Zerg

[Talent]: 1. Strengthen Corrosion (Epic)

[Skills]: 1. Bone-turning Acid (Epic) 2. Self-destruction (Epic)

This is a small bug about thirty centimeters in length, like a caterpillar covered with a carapace.

It curled up into a ball, flew out of the void, and headed towards the skeletal creature.


At the moment of approaching the skeletal creature, the newly emerged dissolving worm exploded directly, and the dark green liquid was sprayed everywhere.

In Su Bai’s eyes, white smoke came out of the skeleton creature that was stained with the dark green liquid, and the bones turned black at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Then, there was a crackling sound, and the bones broke directly.

Although this dissolving worm is only low-level platinum and has poor talent skills, but because of this, the number is terrifying.

With a rough sweep, at least 5,000 dissolving worms flew out, dealing a major blow to the skeletal creatures.

And just after the explosion, a new dissolving worm appeared again.

Su Bai had a feeling that the Sinu Zerg had a perfect way to deal with skeletal creatures.

Perhaps, they have encountered such an enemy. bitter.

Chapter 410 Mastermind

Although the appearance of the dissolving worms has dealt a blow to the skeletal creatures, as long as the burial ground is still there, the skeletal creatures will continue to appear.

But it has to be said that the effect caused by the lower-level dissolving insects of platinum is extremely strong.

At least the electromagnetic worms have a chance to breathe and can continue to bombard the Beastmaster’s position.

Every time a supersonic metal shell hit the fortifications, a cloud of cremation erupted.

If the construction material of this fortification is not hard enough, and the plasma worm film is installed on the outside, under such a degree of bombardment, I am afraid it will be damaged long ago.

And without the bunker, facing these tens of thousands of electromagnetic worms, even a diamond-level beastmaster can’t stand it.

The siege beetles are still advancing unswervingly towards the position. As long as the distance is shortened to a certain extent, they will release an explosive collision, which must be a devastating blow to the fortifications.

Although there are also large-scale skills such as the release of quicksand traps by pets, the siege beetle has terrain adaptation skills and just steps on the quicksand to advance.

Even if the speed is reduced, it is still unstoppable.

Su Bai couldn’t help but secretly amazed.

This is still just a diamond intermediate-level bug. If there are more advanced, 833 or even star-level Zerg, it will be terrifying.

Plus, it’s really too many.

Su Bai was shocked.

How did the Xinu Zerg reproduce, and why are there so many.

As soon as the diamond-level siege beetle appeared, there were nearly 10,000, spreading all over the ground, making people’s scalp tingle when they saw it.


The sound of wings flapping sounded, and a black cloud approached rapidly.

【Name】: Four-winged Scythe

[Current level]: Diamond Intermediate

[Race]: Xinu Zerg

[Talent]: 1. Divine Speed ​​(Epic) 2. Ignore Defense (Legend) 3. Son of the Wind God (Legend)

[Skills]: 1. Phantom Dance (Epic) 2. Gale Slash (Epic) 3. Blade Flurry (Legend) 4. Void Carapace (Myth)

New Zerg!

And it’s a type that specializes in aerial combat.

This four-winged sickle worm is actually an enlarged version of the praying mantis. The two pairs of wings are constantly waving and the speed is as fast as lightning.

A pair of sharp arthropods flickered with cold light, and while waving, a few meters of high wind slashed out.

Although the number of four-winged sickle worms is not large, only more than a thousand, but the federal beastmasters have fewer beastmasters with flying-type pets, only more than 30 people.

In other words, everyone has to face at least forty or fifty four-winged sickle worms.

In addition, these four-winged sickle worms are extremely fast, and once they appeared, they caused great panic.

There are wind blades flying everywhere in the sky.

And once they enter the attack range of the four-winged sickle worms, they will frantically swing their forelimbs and release their blades.

The defensive power of the flying pet itself is very low. These four-winged sickle worms also have the talent to ignore defense. Once they are hit, the bones and tendons will be broken.

There were even pets with insufficient speed that were directly split in half.

Afterwards, the beastmaster was also hit by a gust of wind, and blood splattered in the sky.

Facing the newly appeared four-winged sickle worm, Su Bai gave an order, and the Dark Flame Phoenix fluttered its wings and rushed over.

The dark flame phoenix’s move of not retreating but advancing obviously angered the opponent. Coupled with its previous excellent performance, the four-winged sickle worm immediately gave up other beastmasters and concentrated to launch an attack.

On the ground, Zhao Daiqin gritted his teeth. She naturally knew that Su Bai’s actions were to cover other beast masters, and she couldn’t help but admire her.

Even if she dares to face more than a thousand four-winged sickle worms alone, there is a question mark.

The beastmaster who was driving the flying pet was excited with tears in his eyes.

This young man is too loyal.

Even disregarding his own safety, he forcibly attracted the four-winged sickle worms.

Such a move is compelling.

“You can’t waste the kindness of Brother Su Bai to kill all these bugs!”

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