Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 584

Recovering his thoughts, Su Bai looked at the beam of light in front of him and began to be on guard.

According to past practice, the Void Zerg will appear within ten minutes after the treasure chest is dropped.


As if there was the sound of a broken mirror, around the beam of light, the void shattered, and countless blood-red lights lit up.

Immediately afterwards, in the sound of Ka Ka Ka, countless giant bugs emerged.

In an instant, at least thousands of giant insects appeared from the void and charged straight towards the beam of light.

This is only a small part, and the number of red dots in the void is not small.

【Name】: Acid Spit

[Current Level]: Platinum Intermediate

[Race]: Xinu Zerg

[Talent]: 1. Corrosion Enhancement (Epic) 2. Fast Movement (Epic)

[Skills]: 1. High Pressure Acid Bomb (Epic) 2. Armor Break (Epic) 3. Void Carapace (Myth)

This is obviously just the vanguard, even so, it has the strength of platinum intermediate.

As for the gold level, you can’t see it at all.

In addition, the race column appears again in the attribute panel, and it is not the Void Zerg, but the Sinu Zerg.

This made Su Bai a little concerned.

Are there different species within the Zerg?

But the situation at this time did not allow him to continue to investigate the reason.

After the acid spitters appeared, they discovered Su Bai and others for the first time.

In this operation, in addition to the team led by Zhao Daiqin, there were more than ten other teams, with a total of nearly 200.

Coupled with their respective pets, such a huge team will naturally not escape the detection of these insects on the opposite side.

Puff puff.

After the stomach of the acid sprayer squirmed for a while, a dark green liquid was sprayed out, condensed into a sphere, and attacked the crowd.

Platinum intermediate-level enemies, the beastmasters present did not pay attention to them, and after dodging attacks at will, they commanded their pets to release their skills.

Su Bai was determined to test the strength of these Hino Zerg races, urging the Dark Flame Phoenix to step forward and throw down the World Extinguishing Explosive Flame.

・・・・ Asking for flowers・・・

Boom boom boom.

In the violent explosion, nearly a thousand acid spouts were blown to ashes.

It was just a skill that almost broke the charging Zerg formation in two.

Zhao Daiqin was stunned.

The range and power of this skill are too large.

Originally, Si Jingcheng wanted to call Su Bai back, but when he saw the situation, he immediately swallowed the words.

What else is there to say.

Although these vanguard troops are only platinum intermediates, it is very difficult to kill nearly a thousand with one skill.

The key point is the Zerg’s skill, the Void Carapace.

It can greatly reduce the damage of element attributes. Only space skills can cause full damage, which is very difficult to deal with.


“Could it be that Dark Flame Phoenix’s skills also come with space damage?”

Si Jingcheng muttered to himself, a little unsure.

Zhao Daiqin next to him shook his head, “According to the commander, the Dark Flame Phoenix is ​​a standard fire-type beast.”


Si Jingcheng was speechless, but soon showed a relieved smile.

“That’s right, he is someone Yu Bingtong has high hopes for. It’s not surprising that he behaves like this.”

Zhao Daiqin pointed to the void in the distance, “A new bug is here.”

Everyone quickly looked.

Although there were a large number of acid spouts, at least 50,000 rushed out, but in front of the Dark Flame Phoenix, they didn’t hold on for five minutes, and they all died.

But Su Bai understood that this was just an appetizer.

After the acid spitters, new zerg emerged.

They are all huge worms with a body length of more than 30 meters.

【Name】: Electromagnetic Worm

[Current level]: Platinum top

[Race]: Xinu Zerg

[Talent]: 1. Precision Strike (Epic) 2. Electromagnetic Acceleration (Legendary)

[Skills]: 1. Armor Break (Epic) 2. Metal Condensation (Epic) 3. Void Carapace (Myth)


The arm-thick metal cannonball broke through the speed of sound and attacked the Dark Flame Phoenix.

Su Bai avoided the attack and was a little stunned.

Isn’t the technology tree of this sino zerg a little crooked?

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