Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 572

Su Bai ordered the pet to slow down the offensive, and said, “Actually, there is no deadly enmity between us, but Whitehead attacked first.”

“Now, I ask you a question, and according to the answer, I will choose a different response.”

Although Su Bai’s tone was very rude, Sea God could only listen.

The advantage is in the opponent’s hands, and only he has the final say.

Su Bai said slowly, “If you both return to your original posture, what are you going to do?”

The question immediately made heads other than Whitehead ponder.

Especially the red head, with yearning on his face, said, “I want to go to other worlds to see, I can feel that the outside world is very vast.”

The green head thought for a while, “I’m going to the Naga tribe to be their king.”

This answer not only caught Su Bai by surprise, but also surprised several other heads.

“Canary Reeves, why do you have such a strange idea?”

“Are you sleepy?”

The green-headed Connor Reeves said angrily, “I just want to live a life where someone delivers food to my door, can’t I?”

Su Bai was shocked, this is still a house dragon.

Whitehead saw that the situation was not good, why did this kid say a few words, and his brother was ready to disarm and surrender?

As the culprit who started this battle, the result is probably not very good. Only by killing this beastmaster can it survive.

Thinking of this, Whitehead activated the energy of death, stimulating the consciousness of the other four heads.

Ow ooh.

The other heads twitched wildly, screaming in pain from their mouths.

In order to vent the pain, the other consciousness again frantically releases skills, diverting attention through the flow of energy.

Seeing this situation, Su Bai was angry, and it was Whitehead again.

It was it who launched the attack first, and now it is it who is the one to disrupt the situation.

Su Bai could see that, if he didn’t kill this guy, he would have no peace.

Yu Bingtong said softly beside him, “Let’s do it.”

Su Bai nodded and gave orders to Dark Flame Phoenix.

Vulcan explosions flew out one after another and continued to attack the connection between Whitehead and his body.

Whitehead had already sensed Su Bai’s intentions, and naturally dodged again and again.

But it has forgotten that due to the awakening of other wills, its control over the body has been reduced to the extreme.

It’s just a fixed target.


The black head was broken with a neck that was dozens of meters long, and it was floating in the sea.

As soon as Whitehead left, the other four heads gradually came to their senses, with unspeakable emotions on their faces.

Emotionally, they were born from the wreckage of the World Tree at the same time, and they are brothers who should advance and retreat together.

But the present is not what it used to be, and now there is only one other idea of ​​consciousness, which is to reshape the body.

And there is only one way, with the help of the power of the World Tree.

Now that the World Tree is in the hands of this beastmaster, and since he can’t beat the opponent, cooperation is the only option.

The hope of rebuilding the body can only be given to him.

Other than that, there is no other way.

However, they had no chance to reach an agreement with Su Bai under the obstruction of Whitehead.

Now that Whitehead had left, there was no reason for them and Su Bai to continue fighting.

Su Bai had stopped the Dark Flame Phoenix from attacking as early as the moment he broke the black head. At this moment, he was looking at Whitehead with a playful expression on his face, “¨ˇ If you have any other tricks, use them.”

Whitehead was very stiff, his eyes closed, and he didn’t say a word.

Su Bai wasn’t angry either, turned to look at the Sea God who only had four heads left, and asked, “I’ll kill this guy, you guys have no opinion.”

Hearing this question, Whitehead quietly opened his eyes a little.

Then, it found in horror that several other heads were nodding.

Red Head sighed, “No sacrifice, no gain, I’ll miss the Whitehead Brothers’ Phi.”

The green-headed Conner Reeves also sighed, “Recalling the past, the days of getting along with the Whitehead brothers seem to be close at hand.”

“Yeah yeah.”

The other two heads are attached together.

Whitehead was so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood.

Damn, do you still have human nature, no, dragon nature, just sold me like this?

Seeing that the other party had reached a consensus, Su Bai was not polite, and ordered the skeletal ice dragon to go forward to swallow Whitehead in one bite, and then take it back to the pet space.

“Ding, devour the death dragon Whitehead, the bone ice dragon begins to evolve, and the estimated completion time is twelve hours.”

Hearing the system beep, Su Bai smiled and looked at Sea God.

“Everyone, let’s study how to help you reshape your body.”.

Chapter three hundred and ninety-ninth reshape the body

Seeing that the head of the Sea God was knocked off and swallowed by the skeletal ice dragon, the mermaid troops were a little uneasy.

What does this mean.

Poseidon was killed?

Fortunately, the remaining four heads are still conscious, which is a little consolation for the mermaid race.

Although he lost his head, the Sea God was still there.

And they also knew just now that the Sea God has a different consciousness.

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