Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 522

Um? ? ?

Su Bai was stunned.

Listen to Hibel, mermaids and they are not a race?


Isn’t mermaid short for the beautiful mermaid family?

As if seeing through Su Bai’s thoughts, Yu Bingtong silently rolled his eyes, covered his forehead and said, “Mermaids have nothing to do with mermaids.”

“No, you can’t say that either.”

“There is a relationship, but it’s not the kind of relationship you think.”

These words almost made Su Bai faint.

Sibel explained, “When we were still elves, there was a legend of mermaids.”

“It is said that in the process of transforming the elves into the sea clan, they received the help of mermaids, so our appearance is basically similar to them.”

“As for the Naga tribe, due to the corruption of evil beasts, their appearance has changed greatly and they have become hideous and evil.”

Su Bai couldn’t help but ask, “So, have you seen mermaids?”

“According to what you said, they look very similar to you, so how to distinguish them?”

Sibel pointed to his legs and said, “The mermaid can only maintain the shape of a fish tail and cannot walk.”

Yu Bingtong said in a low voice, “The biggest role of the Sea God Pearl in the mermaid city is to find mermaids.”

This was obviously a secret that Sibel didn’t know, and surprise appeared on her face.

Su Bai asked, “What does a mermaid do?”

Siebel shook his head and said that he didn’t know because there were too few records.

Su Bai decisively shifted his gaze to Yu Bingtong.

Yu Bingtong said, “If it is used as the core of the array, the effect can be greatly improved, almost doubling it directly.”

This data shocked Su Bai.

It’s kind of outrageous.

It shouldn’t be called a mermaid, it should be called an amplifier.

“What do you mean, the Naga are looking for mermaids, ready to cooperate with the magic circle they are building to break the seabed seal in one fell swoop, so that the evil beast can be freed?”

Su Bai frowned.

If that’s the case, things get a little trickier.

After all, in terms of territory, the Naga’s activity area is several times that of the mermaid.

In theory, the odds of finding a mermaid are higher.

Su Bai was very emotional.

The plan really can’t keep up with the changes.

It’s outrageous that a mermaid is not a mermaid.

Su Bai asked, “When you appeared here, did you find the trace of the mermaid?”

Yu Bingtong showed an unfathomable expression and said decisively, “No.”

Depend on.

Su Bai almost jumped up in anger.

Nothing you say is true.

Siebel blinked, feeling that the way the two spoke was very similar.

Especially this ability to open your eyes and talk nonsense is simply carved out of a mold.

“Stop joking.” Yu Bingtong put away his sly smile and said sternly, “I’m here to tell you that they sent three star-level beastmasters.”

Su Bai was speechless.

Good guy, the last time I sent someone was at the diamond level, and it jumped to the star level, and three at a time.


Yu Bingtong’s tone changed, then looked at Su Bai.

Su Bai sighed helplessly and put on a look of anticipation.

Yu Bingtong then continued, “We also have three Xingyao grades, and we are playing hide-and-seek with them.”

“So, their star-level beastmasters didn’t come?” Su Bai said regretfully, “I still want to fight them.”

“If you ask for this, it’s not impossible.” Yu Bingtong said sternly, “I’ll send them a signal to let them go back.”

Su Bai hurriedly waved his hand, “I just said casually, the five star rank over the trench is enough to give me a headache, so don’t let those beast masters get involved.”

The words of the conversation between the two were heard by Sibel.

But from the look on her face, it was already down.

Siebel is doubting life.

How come from the mouths of these two people, the Xingyao-level beastmaster just likes no money, and six of them pop up.

How strong is the federation?

Then why did they suffer heavy losses every time they were beaten at the Sea God Festival?

Siebel couldn’t understand.

She knew that the beastmaster was actually more powerful than the sea clan due to the number of pets.

Whether it is a mermaid or a Naga, or a tidal giant.

At the same level, it is basically impossible to beat the beastmaster.

More people are more powerful, and this principle is basically applicable everywhere.

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