Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 517

In Roderick’s temporary palace, everyone stood in front of a huge map to discuss countermeasures.

Su Bai did not expect that the flag Roderick planted would be effective so quickly.

Sure enough, you can’t fly the flag at will, it’s easy to get into trouble.

As the commander of this place, Roderick spoke first, “¨ˇAccording to reliable information, a large number of beastmasters have appeared in the Naga troops, and they are setting up a battle formation.”

“Although I don’t know how the magic circle works, I can be sure that it is not good news.”

“It’s very likely to be related to the seal.”

“At this time when the Sea God has not yet appeared, if the Naga Clan really unlocks the seal, it will be a devastating blow to our Clan!”

The generals at all levels below nodded one after another.

At this time, Sibel stood up and said, “The Naga tribe has a beastmaster, and so do we.”

Everyone turned their attention to Su Bai.

Su Bai stood up, coughed, and said, “I’ll go see Ba.”

Roderick walked a few steps, grabbed Su Bai’s hands, and said emotionally, “Your kindness, we will never forget it!”

Su Bai pulled his hand back and said casually, “Take people’s money to eliminate disasters for others. Since I have received Heloise’s reward, I will solve this matter.”

“I’ll go ahead.”

“Everyone, there will be an appointment later.”

After finishing speaking, Su Bai walked out of the bubble, followed by Sibel.

Su Bai guessed that the beastmasters who appeared in the Naga tribe were mostly those people. .

Chapter three hundred and sixty-four tidal giants

It is not surprising that there are beastmasters in the Naga tribe.

Su Bai had heard Yu Bingtong mention before that among the alien races around the federation, the earliest federation beastmasters set up a large number of hidden stakes.

Of course, they also have corresponding arrangements.

From the initial recovery of spiritual energy to the present, in the past two hundred years, a large number of senior beastmasters have emerged, some of them sacrificed, and some of their whereabouts are unknown.

Others are on secret missions and are active in foreign races.

Su Bai had a hunch that this operation is likely to encounter friendly forces.

Under the guidance of the humanoid navigator Sibel, Su Bai headed towards the core area of ​​the seal, the Mirar Trench.

“The Mirar Trench is tens of thousands of meters deep, and the bottom layer is sealed with evil beasts.”

Sibel turned into a ruthless explanation machine, constantly providing Su Bai with all kinds of information.

“About 10,000 meters above the trench, there is a wide seabed reef with a family of tidal giants living on it. They are actually the first line of defense to guard the seal.”

“Further up, it’s our clan’s guards.”

A new race appeared, but Su Bai was not surprised at all.

The world is so big that it doesn’t matter.

Su Bai thought for a moment and said, 807, “Since your guards have all been defeated, then the tidal giants should be similar.”

“How strong are they?”

Siebel looked puzzled and said with some unease, “It is said that the king of the tidal giants has the advanced strength of Xingyao.”

“Adult tidal giants are generally above the diamond level. If the bloodline concentration is sufficient, they can even break through to the star level.”

Hearing this, Su Bai was also puzzled.

When the Naga tribe defeated the mermaid seal guard troops, they made huge sacrifices.

With only two Starlight Grades, they should be unable to beat the tidal giants.

After all, according to what Heloise said, the queen of the Naga tribe is only an intermediate star.

Could it be that…

Su Bai’s heart moved.

Heloise once said that the strongest of the Naga clan is the top of Xingyao.

Did he make a move?

If so, it seems understandable that the tidal giants were blown up.

But there are also new questions.

If the top star of the Naga tribe made a move, the seal guards of the mermaid tribe should be defeated faster. How could they kill two people and seriously injure one under the siege of five star stars?

Su Bai only felt a heavy fog.

After telling the confusion to Sibel, Sibel also had a thoughtful look.

Although she is Heloise’s confidant, she is not a royal family after all, and the information she has access to is limited, so she can’t see through the current situation.

In the end, Su Bai came to a conclusion.

“Don’t think too much, the car must have a way to the front of the mountain. Let’s go to the Mirar Trench first.”

Siebel nodded in agreement, “Your Excellency is right.”

Speechless all the way.

When approaching the Mirar Trench, even if the destination was still hundreds of miles away, Su Bai could smell the blood.

Siebel showed a sad expression, with tears in his eyes, “I heard the clan’s mourning.”

Su Bai also heard it.

As he continued to move forward, the looming mourning became more and more obvious.

When a bottomless ocean trench appeared in the extreme distance, Su Bai saw a large number of Naga people.

On the reefs on both sides of the trench, a large number of four-armed giants are dragging the corpses of the beasts and throwing them into the trench.

【Name】: Tide Giant

[Current Level]: Diamond Advanced

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