Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 516

“The Naga people here have been defeated, and it should not be a climate in a short time. It’s nothing to worry about.”

Speaking of business, Roderick also regained his composure. After thinking for a while, he nodded in agreement, “Your Excellency is right.”

“Buck’s death in battle is absolutely unexpected for the Naga tribe.” Roderick analyzed, “Plus Momo, who was killed earlier.”

“There is a huge gap in the top battle strength of the Naga clan. Although our clan cannot counterattack, as long as we shrink our troops, maintaining the stability of the overall front is not a problem.”

“And now that the Sea God has responded, our clan can increase the sacrifices, and strive to restore the Sea God’s full power as soon as possible, and re-seal the evil beast.”

“For this Sea God Festival, our clan has stored a lot of ferocious beast materials, so we can definitely be one step ahead of the Naga clan and summon the Sea God.”

“While there is still power left in the seabed seal, and with the assistance of the gods of the sea, one can even obtain a hundred years of stability.”

When Roderick spoke, there was hope in his eyes.

In the final analysis, the root cause of their battle with the Naga tribe was the underwater evil beast.

After all, they were collectively called the sea clan at the beginning, and then they were the elves clan.

are of the same race.

As long as the evil beast is sealed, the Naga will return to the deep sea.

Peace will return to this sea.

But Su Bai was not optimistic.

The evil beasts have been active again for three thousand years, and the Sea God Festival has followed for three thousand years. It is obviously impossible to say that the Naga people have no means of coping.

You can’t expect to blow up the mermaid every time.

Moreover, the mermaid knows how to store materials in advance to deal with the Sea God Festival, and the Naga must also know.

It’s just that those resources are used as strategic reserves, and they will definitely not be used if they are not used.

But now that the Naga tribe has killed two star-level powerhouses one after another, it is impossible to break through the mermaid defense line in a short period of time.

Also unable to log in to the Federation.

If the situation continues, the Naga will inevitably use their reserves to complete the Sea God Festival.

According to the information Su Bai has learned, the Sea God Festival is a double-edged sword for the Naga people, and the initiative must be in their hands.

After all, the ultimate purpose of the Sea God Festival is to summon the Sea God.

That is the boss of the Naga clan, the mortal enemy of the underwater evil beast.

If the power of the evil beast has not recovered, the Sea God will appear, and the fun will be great.

I’m afraid that I won’t even think about activities in the next hundred years.

Therefore, the Naga need to defeat the mermaid to ensure that the Sea God Festival will not be completed ahead of schedule.

As for when to complete, the timing must be in the hands of the Naga.

After all, if the Sea God is not dead, the seal on the seabed will not be lifted, and the evil beast will not be able to gain true freedom.

Therefore, the Naga people are very uncomfortable. It is necessary to complete the Sea God Festival, but it cannot be done too early.

Thinking of this, Su Bai’s heart moved, and he asked, “Does the Naga tribe have any means of weakening the seal…?”

Roderick reacted, “What do you mean, the Naga are worried that when our clan completes the Sea God Festival and summons the Sea God, the power of the seabed seal is still there, so will they take other measures?”

Su Bai nodded, “That’s right.”

“The sea **** can strengthen his power through the sea **** sacrifice, but there is no reason why the evil beast can’t.”

Roderick frowned, “What you said is not unreasonable, but my family has no relevant records about this.”

“There is no record?” Su Bai was very surprised and asked, “I heard that your top powerhouses usually maintain seals on the seabed. Are their safety guaranteed?”

Hearing this, Roderick showed a proud look, “Three teams are in charge of taking care of the seal, and the commander of each team is a star-level powerhouse of our clan.”

“They won’t leave the bottom of the sea until our clan is completely defeated.”

Su Bai was speechless.

It was obviously the one who was beaten up, but listening to Roderick’s words made me proud.

But then again, there are three star-level powerhouses guarding the seal.

No wonder the mermaid can’t beat the Naga.

Such a strong top combat power is limited.

But in this way, the seal should not have to worry about it.

Can the Naga people transfer the commanders of other war zones back, and then focus on attacking the sealed zone?

It doesn’t make much sense to do this until the mermaid defense line is penetrated.

On the contrary, he will suffer counterattacks from three Xingyao powerhouses, causing huge casualties on his own.

However, that is normal.

Roderick didn’t care, and his expression was very relaxed, “Your Excellency Su Bai, don’t worry, the seal guards are the elite of our clan, and there must be no accident.”

Hearing this, Su Bai’s heart froze immediately.

Good guy, do you think the mermaid is not miserable enough, so you just plant the flag at will.

But Su Bai couldn’t say anything.

Coupled with the fact that the latest information from other war zones has not been sent, Su Bai simply stayed here for a while, waiting for the further movements of the Naga tribe.

Then deal with it.

It’s been two days like this.

There is unfortunate news.

The Naga Clan mobilized five Xingyao-level powerhouses to attack the seal guards, killing two Xingyao-level powerhouses from the Mermaid clan, and the last Xingyao-level was seriously injured and fled.

But the Naga tribe was not feeling well either. Two people died and one was seriously injured. There were only two people at the Xingyao level who could fight.

In addition, there are thousands of diamond grades, and more than 50,000 platinum grades.

Huge scale.

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