Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 513

You have lost all the glory of the elves!

It’s just that Buck would not say such words.

It does nothing but make the opponent laugh.

Could he still hope to make the enemy laugh to death?

Buck was actually ready to retreat.

But powerless.

His speed was reduced by more than half, and he couldn’t escape the attack of the Negative Figure Mysterious Turtles at all.

Even defense is difficult.

Roderick’s expression in the distance kept changing, and he finally sighed, “With such an ally, I don’t know if it’s our luck or misfortune.”

Sibel didn’t think too much about it, he said with a smile, “No need to worry, Lord Prince, Lord Su Bai is still very good at talking.”

“I hope so.”

Roderick shrugged, stopped talking about the subject, and continued to command the battle.

He could see that the human beastmaster would only attack the diamond-ranked Naga, and would not even look at the platinum-ranked ones.

The only response was to throw the skeletal dragon in the corner and let it press forward with the skeletal creature.

Roderick just found out.

I don’t know when, in this icy deep sea, there are already thousands of skeletal creatures moving.

And they’re all diamonds!

Although their status is free level, but there is no matching talent skill, but even so, it is not something that the platinum level Naga can resist.

Roderick made an immediate decision.

Such a strong person cannot be an enemy!

The Naga can’t stand the attacks of these skeletal creatures, and their mermaid can’t stand it!

The diamond-level powerhouse may be able to win easily, but the number is there, and it is not destined to become the main force.

Can only be used as a sharp knife unit.

The real battle against the enemy relies on a large number of gold and platinum-level warriors.

But on a certain level, the victory or defeat between the strong can directly determine the direction of a battle.

Like now.

The commander-in-chief of the Naga tribe, Xingyao’s lower-level Buck was beaten to the point of being unable to fight back, and the other diamond-level powerhouses were also continuously killed.

The most intuitive consequence is that the diamond-level powerhouses of the mermaid tribe can free up their hands and cooperate with platinum-level warriors to encircle and suppress the Naga tribe.

However, Su Bai didn’t care about Roderick’s thoughts, he had already gone crazy.

Different from the troops that raided the imperial city before, the Naga troops brought by Buck had many diamonds.

It only took five minutes, and the experience points gained exceeded one million.

Although it takes millions of experience points to level up now, there are still many diamond-level Naga tribes around, so it is not a problem to level up at least one level.

It had only been five minutes since the start of the war, but Buck was still half footed into the grave.

He has been hit three times. Time has elapsed, and he was alternately used death shock and Samsara Kill by Samsara Eman, plus the attack of the Negative Picture Mysterious Turtle.

Buck’s life was like a candle in the wind.


The countercurrent Tianjiao completed the condensation of the passage of time again, and the energy ball with a little starlight flew towards Buck.

Although he felt the breath of death, Buck no longer had the strength to dodge.

Buck’s state at this time was extremely miserable.

The torso is shriveled, and the muscles that were originally burly and sturdy have completely atrophied.

And the scales are sparse, losing its due defense effect.

Even the huge trident disappeared, Buck couldn’t hold such a weapon…

If his eyes were still rolling, Roderick would have thought it was a corpse.

Roderick’s scalp went numb.

What kind of attributes is that Flood Dragon? The skills are too weird.

“Why does it feel like Buck is dying of old age,” Siebel muttered.

As if lightning flashed across, Roderick immediately knew the mystery.

Time system!

It turned out to be a time-based beast!

Roderick was completely convinced, and he couldn’t raise any other thoughts at all.

In his trepidation, the new passage of time had hit Buck.

As if the water had come naturally, Buck’s eyes lost their lustre and fell toward the endless deep sea, without the breath of life.

“Ding, kill Xingyao’s lower-level Naga tribe, the blood enemy is activated, and a total of 1500 experience points are obtained.”

Su Bai turned a deaf ear, and continued to hunt down and kill the Naga diamond-level.

He has to speed up.

At the moment of Buck’s death, the Naga had collapsed and were fleeing frantically.

Especially those diamond-level powerhouses, one is faster than the other.

And this is not land, you can run in all directions, up, down, left, and right.

Even the speed of the dark flame phoenix cannot kill all the Naga clan.

After chasing for a moment, Su Bai stopped chasing.

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